The New Zealand Radio Car Association (NZRCA), was founded in order to establish a national body to help in the organisation of radio control car racing in New Zealand.
NZRCA is comprised entirely of affiliated member clubs from all over New Zealand.

NZRCA has an international affiliations with the regional RC car racing body called the Far East Model Car Association (FEMCA). FEMCA is one of the four blocks that makes up the International Federation of Model Automobile Racing (IFMAR). IFMAR is the world stage of Radio Control Car Racing.

Below is an introduction to the 9 Executive members that make up the representing committee for the NZRCA.

President – Murray Macdonald

18-02-2015 10-55-02 a-m- Murray Macdonald has been involved with RC car racing for over 30 years but only raced them (poorly) for the past 7 or 8. He has owned a business importing RC cars and products. He has sponsored many drivers and helped with the formation of many clubs in that time.Murray has raced most of the EP classes and tried IC. He has been on the executive for nearly 20 years in the role of Secretary, Area Steward, Treasurer and President. Why does he do it?  They have wheels. He has raced real circuit cars, slot cars now RC cars. He enjoys what he is doing most of the time but the real reason is he has over the years made some real friends and has really enjoyed time spent with them in many different countries.


Secretary – Scott Kendall 

Scott Kendall has been racing RC Cars since 1988 when he was given his first car as a birthday present.  Over the past 30 years, he has raced almost all forms the sport offers – with the one exception being 1/8th I.C On-Road. Scott has held a large number of titles from all areas he has raced.  Scott first joined the NZRCA Executive in 2002 as the Zone 2 Area Steward.  From 2006 to 2008 he was the NZRCA Secretary and then went on to be the NZRCA President in 2009/2010. After a break from the Executive he is now once again the Secretary. As well as the NZRCA Executive, Scott has been the Secretary and President of the Manawatu Radio Control Car Club where he is a life member, and also the current Club President of Little Forest Raceway in New Plymouth. Scott is on the executive committee because he believes in helping the sport grow by thinking of the majority rather than the minority. Scott was selected and competed at the 2017 1/10th EP Off-Road World Champs in Xieman, China. Scott currently races 1/10th EP and 1/8th I.C Off-Road and 1/10th EP Off-Road Indoors. He races locally and at all Major Events around the Country. Scott has lead the organisation, track build and Running of the NZRCA 1/10 EP Off-Road National Champs for the past two years on a purpose built indoor dirt track in Hawera. Scott’s main interest is event running and 1/10th EP Off-Road racing.

Treasurer – Richard Price


Richard Price has been Involved in RC Car Racing Since 1984.  He started North Shore RC Car Club on his father’s farm with the help of the local hobby shop back in the mid 80’s and was involved with the North Shore RC Car until he moved to On-Road at North Harbour Stadium. His main involvement was track maintenance having built several Off-Road tracks and the first North Harbour On-Road track.
Richards main class is EP Off-Road. Richard has served on the NZRCA Executive for several years during the 90’s and is going into his second year of Treasurer this year.
Richard said the reason he is involved at the level he is,  is to try to bring some sanity into the organisation of the sport.


Licence Secretary – Amy Joblin

amyAmy Joblin has been racing for 28 years and races 1/10th Electric On-Road, she has completed at a massive amount of local club meetings as well as major events around the country.
Amy has been on the executive for over 10 years and has lost count of the actual number.
Amy has always been the Licence Secretary and does all the behind the scenes work that goes into making sure members have licences and are fully legal races.
Amy has been involved in RC Car Racing most of her life so felt she wanted to do what she could to help grow the sport in New Zealand.


Publicity Officer – Amber Kendall

Amber Kendall has been involved in RC Car racing for since 2009. She races Both 1/10th and 1/8th Off-Road Locally and at most major events around the country. Amber has been on the executive for 4 year in the role of Publicity Officer. Amber started out taking photos at local club days and soon became known to have a camera in hand at major events all over the country. In 2014 Amber was approached by executive members of the NZRCA in regards to applying her interest in photography, videography and graphic Design in the Role of Publicity Officer. Amber attending in support at the 2017 1/10th EP Off-Road World Champs in Xieman, China where she learnt a lot about publicity, event running and social Media use.
Amber has Raced 1/10th EP On-Road, 1/10th EP Off-Road, 1/8th IC & EP Off-Road and 1/10th EP Indoors.


EP Off-Road Technical Officer – Luke Prattley

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IC On-Road Technical Officer – Shane Merrall

s-merrallShane Merrall started racing RC back in 1997. He raced 1/10th IC 2wd.  In 2007 he got into 1/8th. He has been the President at CRCCC Since 2016 and is still the current President.


IC Off-Road Technical Officer – Shane O’Connor

Shane O’Connor has been racing at his local club, Counties Radio Control Car Club, in Pukekohe, Auckland since the start of 2001. His focus is mainly on Off-Road RC racing. This is his second year on the NZRCA Committee having been actively involved in the Counties Committee for the last 6 years and owning his own RC Business supporting racers around the country. Shane hopes to bring a wealth of knowledge from racing here and overseas to assisting the IC Off-Road scene in NZ and growing the sport to the best of his abilities. In 2016 he represented New Zealand at the 1/8 Off-Road World Championships in Las Vegas, USA, in 2017 he represented NZ at the 2017 1/10th EP Off-Road World Champs in Xieman, China and in 2018 has been selected to represent NZ at the 1/8th IC Off-Road World Champs in Perth, Australia. In his position on the NZRCA executive he overlooks rules relating to IC Off-Road racing and any other queries that may come up when rules need clarification or amending. He is the point of call with anything regarding to IC Off-Road racing.


EP On-Road Technical Officer – Glen Nilsen

Glen 2Glen Nilsen has been racing at his local club, Capital Model Racers, in Lower Hutt, Wellington since the start of 2009. His focus is mainly on Electric On-Road racing.
In 2012 he saw an opportunity to be involved in the NZRCA executive. He believed he could be a beneficial addition to a team of people that have a real passion for RC and are constantly looking at the best interests and progression of the sport in our country. At the AGM in 2012 he was elected to the position of Electric Technical officer. His role changed to On-Road Electric Technical officer at the next AGM in 2013 and has stood ever since.
In his position on the NZRCA executive he overlooks rules relating to electric on-road racing and any other queries that may come up when rules need clarification or amending. He is the point of call with anything regarding to On-Road electric racing.

Health and Safety Officer – Matt Banks

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In his position on the NZRCA executive he overlooks Health and Safety and liaises with member clubs to insure they comply within NZ Laws. Matt put his hand up for the new role because of his extensive knowledge and practice for Health and Safety within the work industry.