IFMAR Dates 2017

Posted By on Jan 24, 2017

IFMAR Dates 2017

Dear All

Below are the dates for the 2017 IFMAR events,

IC 8th Group C France 8 ~ 17 September

EP 10th Buggy China Xiamen 11 ~ 18 November (See NOTE below)

IC Large Scale Touring Argentina Buenos Aries 25 Nov ~ 2 Dec / 8th GT 4 ~ 8 Dec

See for stage reports and updates.

Xiamen 1/10th EP Buggy will be run by the same proven team as the 2016 ISTC in Beijing with Max Lim in charge, so we know they will do a brilliant job with the support of CMAC and the local government.

NOTE: We are expecting high interest for this event so please help by having your entry numbers prepared early.

FEMCA starts with 42 places in each category 2wd & 4wd. Each country is guaranteed 2 entries to start, extras are allocated only if and when they become available.

April 1st will be the initial cut-off date, when all nil returns and un-applied for spaces from FEMCA countries will be re allocated within the FEMCA members.

Then the process is we must wait for the other blocs to advise IFMAR of their request and IFMAR release places to blocs with drivers on standby, but those figures may not be available until August.

We will try for an early indication from the other blocs if it is at all possible, so please be prepared.

We are waiting to confirm dates for some FEMCA events, the only confirmed date at this time is the 8th Buggy Perth Australia.

Entries are expected to be high and will be directly with the organizer.

FEMCA IC Buggy Australia Perth 4~8th October

FEMCA IC 8th Group C & 10th Touring TBA

FEMCA EP ISTC + Support Classes TBA

We hope you all have a great year and enjoy your racing.

Kind Regards

Trevor J Reid


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Hi there,

As you may already be aware, at the 2016 NZRCA AGM held on Saturday 1st October, our member clubs voted in favour of a 1 make 1 model 21.5T motor for the Stock Touring and F1 classes.  The NZRCA Executive were charged with the responsibility of selecting which motor would be implemented as the Spec motor.  

This email has been sent out tonight to as many NZ suppliers as I could think of, however, if you know of anyone who might like to submit a motor for tender, please feel free to pass on the attached form to them.  This form will also be uploaded on the NZRCA website shortly.   

Tenders close at 3pm on 16th November and must be submitted on the attached form.  

Once tenders are closed, the NZRCA Exec will be meeting to go through the tenders received with the intention of short listing and then finally selecting the chosen spec motor.  

If you have any questions in regards to the tender process, or the attached form, please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Glen Nilsen ( or Murray Macdonald (


Kind regards

Scott Kendall
NZRCA Secretary


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