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Waikato Championship
7th-8th November 2020

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Event information


Spectators are welcome and are free.


7th-8th November 2020


Doors Open at 6.30am 

Registration and Scrutineering from 7am

Practice from 7:15am

Drivers Briefing 10:10am

Race 1 10:30am SHARP


Doors open 7am

No Practice

Drivers Briefing 8:30am

Race 1.  8:50am SHARP

The timetable is Firm, and not subject to change. Entries will be capped at 150 cars for the Waikato Champs excluding Pro-Invitational class. 

Event Information

Every Entrant will recieve 1 entry into the prize draw at the conclusion of the event.  There are no additional tickets available for purchase at any time.

To claim your prize you must be present at prize giving. Without exception, there will be no accepting of prizes on behalf of any other competitor.

Please advise if you require a transponder for this event.


Contact Information

Please contact one of the committee members below.

Jayson Stringer, Wayne Shanks, or Shaun Gregory

(Facebook message or phone.)

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:
Hamilton Radio Control Car Club
Account Number: 02-0454-0038740-000
Please use First and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.


Open Practice will commence once track is set up and you have completed registration and passed scrutineering.


There will be 3 Qualifying rounds to be held on Saturday only. Round 1 will be done on a seeded heat basis, with grid positions done by marble draw prior to the event. Starting grids for consecutive rounds will be based on your finishing position of the race prior.

Your single fastest race time will determine your grid position for the finals.

We will endevour to do a livestream of all Q1 grids in the week leading up to the event.  Date and time is to be confirmed.


You will start each of your 3 finals from the grid position as determind by your qualifying result. (e.g. if your qualify on P3 for the finals, you will start all 3 final rounds from P3).




Scrutineering is compulsory. Cars will be randomly checked over the duration of the event for motor conformity, weight, blinky mode, and battery voltage.

All cars must conform to NZRCA indoor offroad regulations.

Please ensure that all cars are checked by the entrant during the event for any sharp edges or loose screws that may cause damage to the track surface.


Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held immediately after track pack up.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race. Juniors (12 and under) race is to be marshalled by Parents and volunteers.

A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.

Under no circumstances will a junior entrant be permited to marshall a race at any time during this event.


All local and Club members must bring your own table and chairs. This is to allow visitors to have tables available.

Toliets and catering are available on site.


Kitchen will be open, timetable to be advised. 

Other info

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd 10.5 Buggy

2wd 17.5 Buggy

2wd 10.5 Truck

2wd 17.5 Truck

4wd 17.5 Buggy

4wd 8.5 Buggy


Ross Martin Hobbystation
Kayne Stringer TLR, ORCA, Savox, Arrowmax, Graupner
Joe Daniels RC Banter, Yokomo NZ, Frankton Model Shop
Troy Mckinlay
Rory Smith
Jared Sorensen EZRC, RC BANTER
Stefan Fourie
William Hargreaves Yokomo NZ, Team Zombie NZ, Virtuoso Racing
Mark Gregory Schumacher
Ollie Gregory
Joseph Gregory
Rudie Du Preez
Richard Adams
Ian Rickerby
Jeremy Cassells
Zac Rickerby Dad
Bernard Cristobal Team Snowdon, Outlaw Rc, RC Banter
Matt scoble Frankton Models, Yokomo NZ, ORCA
Graeme McDougal
Bryan Jordan
Aiden Gregory Yokomo New Zealand, Hobbywing New Zealand, RCIS Race Cars In Sheds
Shane Gollop TLR, Orca, Gens ace, Savox, Arrowmax, Graupner
Brandon Hodge
Jeremy Wood RC Banter. ACE RC
David Ward Schumacher
Shane Gunn RC Banter. Ace RC
Shane O'Connor Outlaw RC, JConcepts, HB Racing
Wayne Shanks
Dwayne Fletcher
Scott Brownhill HOT R/C - TLR - ORCA - GENS ACE - ARROWMAX
Luke Prattley Mainland RC
glen clarke RC Banter
James Vercoe
Jeff Birse KYOSHO
Ben Hansen
phil sandford Hobby Station - Team Associated
Kyle George Outlaw RC Developments
Mike Russell
Ross Webster
Gael Bueno Ware
Nathan Healey
Jason Redwood Sworkz,Reds RC
Nathan Toia Frankton Model Shop/YOKOMO
Logan Toia Frankton Model Shop/YOKOMO
Dylan Toia Frankton Model Shop/YOKOMO
craig snowdon Team Snowdon Racing
Ashton Witte Hobbystation, Associated, Hobbywing, OMG
Gavin Dawson Kyosho Enrichpower Scalextric AMT
Kasey Dawson Kyosho Enrichpower Scalextric AMT
Alex Cordes TKNZ
Dean Evans
Hayden Moorhouse
Bob Coleman
Anthony Mara Yokomo NZ. Team Zombie
kelvin yong
Jayden Jamieson Tekno RC, Sloth Graphix, H.O.T Ltd, Endpoint RC, Tworks, RCParts
Chris Cordes Kyosho NZ
Matt Wilmot
Taylor Wilmot
Chris Ware
Jayden Chitty Outlaw Rc Hb racing Virtuoso Racing Jconcepts P1
Mike King
Malcolm Jamieson Tekno RC, Sloth Graphix, H.O.T Ltd, Endpoint RC, Tworks, RCParts

Entries by class

2wd 10.5 Buggy (34)

Ross Martin4003706
Joe Daniels6089528
Jared Sorensen2248968
Stefan Fourie2987694
William Hargreaves7371523
Mark Gregory0
Jon Cunard6711527
Jeremy Cassells3032291
Zac Rickerby1328274
Matt scoble123456789
Jeremy Wood7254163
David Ward6004865
Shane O'Connor 8121251
Dwayne Fletcher 3876204
Luke Prattley0
glen clarke8823108
James Vercoe 7447494
Kyle George4085645
Gael Bueno Ware2273942
Nathan Healey3451012
Nathan Toia2305643
Logan Toia2305643
Ashton Witte2379379
Gavin Dawson9469218
Kasey Dawson3596914
Alex Cordes9424414
Anthony Mara3435701
Matt Wilmot2295127
Taylor Wilmot7213693
Chris Ware4256230
Jayden Chitty5093833
Mike King0
Malcolm Jamieson111111111111111

2wd 17.5 Buggy (26)

Kayne Stringer4040366
Troy Mckinlay 3350040
Rory Smith6276236
Ollie Gregory7760101
Joseph Gregory4729720
Rudie Du Preez5427839
Richard Adams 8101005
Bernard Cristobal7810290
Graeme McDougal 6716204
Bryan Jordan9960875
Aiden Gregory3261058
Shane Gollop2465241
Brandon Hodge7173747
Wayne Shanks5179476
Jeff Birse7531836
Ben Hansen8013111
Mike Russell2359213
Ross Webster4711233
Jason Redwood0
Dylan Toia7661720
craig snowdon6387714
Dean Evans 1926434
Hayden Moorhouse 5372919
Bob Coleman6576327
kelvin yong8213794
Chris Cordes5361117

2wd 10.5 Truck (10)

Joe Daniels8799886
Jon Cunard6711527
Jeremy Wood4827142
Shane Gunn6907736
James Vercoe 1000421
phil sandford3583846
Ashton Witte0000000
Bob Coleman3542418
kelvin yong5584808
Mike King0

2wd 17.5 Truck (8)

Kayne Stringer4872532
Rory Smith9564047
Stefan Fourie7808636
Bryan Jordan7247784
Brandon Hodge7010717
Wayne Shanks7309616
Mike Russell5682461
Dylan Toia1234567

4wd 17.5 Buggy (18)

Kayne Stringer4649269
Troy Mckinlay 9772655
Rory Smith4206078
Stefan Fourie7972478
Rudie Du Preez3997588
Richard Adams 5095663
Bernard Cristobal3147907
Graeme McDougal 5028445
Aiden Gregory4397687
Shane Gollop2452961
Jeff Birse2970405
Ben Hansen5240025
Mike Russell2803211
Ross Webster9019538
Jason Redwood0
Dylan Toia6630457
Dean Evans 8914472
Hayden Moorhouse 5372919

4wd 8.5 Buggy (36)

Ross Martin6720896
Joe Daniels5691859
Jared Sorensen7925004
William Hargreaves8609505
Mark Gregory9966616
Jon Cunard6711527
Ian Rickerby7938930
Jeremy Cassells7004006
Zac Rickerby7861502
Matt scoble123456789
Jeremy Wood4064161
David Ward6004865
Shane Gunn5751256
Shane O'Connor 9336467
Dwayne Fletcher 4013308
Scott Brownhill3755468
Luke Prattley0
glen clarke1129005
James Vercoe 7447494
phil sandford8195813
Kyle George5351337
Gael Bueno Ware8404353
Nathan Healey5890951
Nathan Toia88456516
Logan Toia6630457
Ashton Witte5245649
Gavin Dawson3489230
Kasey Dawson5287782
Alex Cordes4989721
Anthony Mara5146735
Jayden Jamieson111111111111111
Matt Wilmot2256763
Taylor Wilmot3915784
Jayden Chitty9571709
Mike King0

Juniors (0)

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