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September off-road

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Entries close at 11:59pm 25th September, 2020

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Event information


Christchurch Kennel Centre

701 Mcleans island Road



4.30PM - Doors Open
Track Setup
6.30PM - Drivers Briefing
7PM - Racing Starts

Event Information

We are excited to be able to run this event more or less normally with Covid-19 restrictions being increased to 100 people,  however the key things to remember are:

1. If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick, we ask you to stay away.

 2. Follow directions from your committee members at all times to ensure we are complying with venue, NZRCA and general government rules / guidelines.

4. Entry will be via NZRCA event portal (link TBC) and payment will need to be made online prior to the event. We will not take cash payment on the night.

5. Whilst socialising is an important part of the sport, please keep social distancing front of mind as much as possible.

Classes as normal:

-2WD Buggy
-4WD Buggy
-SCT / Stadium truck
-Novice if enough entrants

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the new club bank account:
Account Number: 03-0767 0067438-00.

Please use Initial and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd Buggy

4wd Buggy

2wd Sct

2wd Stadium Truck


Michael Burt
Ross Martin Hobbystation, Sloth Graphix
jon Cunard MAINLAND RC
cristiano Cunard
Daniel Webber
malcolm lester
Alan Cook
Damian Perriton The Otherman ltd
Grant McEwan McEwan Racing
Hayley McEwan McEwan Racing
Dave Klaver
Noah Klaver
Jack Klaver
Jason Kelly
Luke Prattley Mainland RC, Yokomo NZ, LRP
Daniel Thompson
Adam Harvey Fantom clothing and mainland rc
Sheldon Blyth The wife
Nelson Soper Wife
mike maskill
Clay Sutton
Dean Wong
Chris Sloane
James Berryman
Steven Alexander
Rodney Van Steenis

Entries by class

2wd Buggy (18)

Michael Burt1188270
Ross Martin4003706
jon Cunard6711527
Daniel Webber7855064
malcolm lester7742434
Alan Cook3215714
Damian Perriton 7967940
Grant McEwan7319567
Jason Kelly7398487
Luke Prattley
Daniel Thompson6288860
Adam Harvey 9228658
mike maskill7241613
Dean Wong5310321
Chris Sloane6422496
James Berryman
Steven Alexander2909293
Rodney Van Steenis 0000

4wd Buggy (11)

Ross Martin6720896
jon Cunard6711527
malcolm lester7261937
Dave Klaver2931337
Noah Klaver2533027
Luke Prattley
Daniel Thompson5946611
Adam Harvey 8642726
mike maskill7241613
Clay Sutton8439966
Steven Alexander2553134

2wd Sct (4)

Damian Perriton 0000000
Dave Klaver2212436
Sheldon Blyth9387970
Clay Sutton2573163

2wd Stadium Truck (1)

Alan Cook3215714

Novice (5)

cristiano Cunard6711527
Hayley McEwan7282498
Jack Klaver4578059
Nelson Soper
James Berryman

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