New Zealand's latest Radio Controlled Car raceway is the only Kiwi RC Car track specifically designed and dedicated to vintage 1/10th offroad RC Cars of the 80's and 90's. Most Saturdays you will find members spending just as much time bragging about their cars as racing them. As we only run silver can motors it is easy for anyone to get involved in the sport without breaking the bank and a great way to learn how to drive.


Track is location just outside of Parakai, north of Auckland. 


We race most Saturdays, some practice days and some points race days, so just keep an eye our facebook page.  

GKR Raceway

240 South Head Road,


Old school 1/10th dirt track, hard packed surface with medium to low traction. 

11 Turns and takes on average 25 seconds a laptop.  Goose Bumps seem to be a tire of course.

There are corners like the Lemon Tree which leads on to the straight, and Daytona which has a 20  degree banking, and cobblestone corner and the bowling ball corner where we have a actual bowling ball at the apex. 

There is a proper stand that can handle 8 drivers comfortably with drink and snack holders builtin. Nothing spared. 

There is electricity onsite for charging. 

On race days we charge each driver $10 just to cover some of the costs.

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