The Whangarei RC Car Club has been established in Whangarei since the late 90s and has been meeting every fortnight since, This clubs focus is based on fun and the enjoyment of racing against friends and family. The Whangarei RC Car Club caters for beginners up to experts, so which ever skill level you are, you are most welcome to come and join in the fun.

The Whangarei RC Car Club is a 1/10 On-Road electric club and meets every fortnight (Sunday) Currently the most popular class is Tamiya GT, based on Tamiya's successful TT tub style chassis, this class is affordable and the most fun.

This club also races NZRCA Spec classes such as F1, Stock Touring and other classes such as Open Touring and Tamiya Trucks.


Kensington Ave
Whangarei Netball Center


The Whangarei RC Car Club is currently racing at the Whangarei Netball Center, Outdoor on Asphalt

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