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Indoor round 3

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Our COVID-19 Plan

"Only 6 Cars heats and finals"

Due to social distancing there will be only 6 people on the driver stand

Physical distancing, sometimes known as “social distancing”, is about keeping a safe distance from others. Physical distancing means remaining one metre away from other people. This is important to help protect us from COVID-19, which spreads via droplets from coughing and sneezing.
Staying one metre away from others is an effective measure.

Hand wash station is available onsite

Hand sanitzer will need to be use when going on and off drivers stand and on and off track to marshall.

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12pm- Gates Open

12.30pm - Track Set up
2.45pm - Drivers Briefing
 3pm -  Qual 1 starts

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Event Information

If you require a Club Transponder please put a 0 in the transponder field.

Contact Information

Drifters Please contact Jimi for your payment information

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:
Hamilton Radio Control Car Club
Account Number: 02-0454-0038740-000
Please use First and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.


Open Practice from once track is set up and you are checked in.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race. Juniors/Allcomers race is marshalled by Parents and volunteers.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


Kitchen will be open from 3.00pm-6.30pm approximately


Please check Facebook for Cancellations.

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd 10.5 Buggy

2wd 17.5 Buggy

2wd 10.5 Truck

2wd 17.5 Truck

4wd 17.5 Buggy

4wd 8.5 Buggy



Chris Lea
Rowan Lea
Aiden Gregory Yokomo New Zealand, RCIS Race Cars In Sheds, Hobbywing New Zealand
Bob Coleman
Shaun Gregory Aiden Gregory
Braedon Clark Wife
Jared Sorensen RC BANTER
William Hargreaves Yokomo NZ, Team Zombie NZ, Virtuoso Racing
Martin Kmeto my wife
Simon Roberts
Wayne Shanks
Graeme McDougal
Glen Clarke Rc Banter
Mike Peck Bluerock Racing
Alanah Scotney Bluerock Racing
Stephen Joblin
Joe Daniels RC Banter, Yokomo NZ, Frankton Model Shop
Dwayne Fletcher
Nathan Healey My Bank :(
Jeff Birse
Kayne Stringer TLR, ORCA, Savox, Arrowmax, Graupner
Lawrence Nepe mum and dad
Billy Emery the bank
Tony Kerkhof
Daniel Curran
Jeremy Cassells

Entries by class

2wd 10.5 Buggy (8)

Jared Sorensen2248968
William Hargreaves7371523
Simon Roberts0
Glen Clarke8823108
Stephen Joblin1454734
Joe Daniels6089528
Nathan Healey3451012
Jeremy Cassells3032291

2wd 17.5 Buggy (12)

Chris Lea2
Rowan Lea4
Aiden Gregory3261058
Bob Coleman6576327
Shaun Gregory123
Braedon Clark8128660
Wayne Shanks5179476
Graeme McDougal6716204
Mike Peck1025235
Jeff Birse7531836
Kayne Stringer5602737
Daniel Curran 1

2wd 10.5 Truck (2)

Bob Coleman3542418
Braedon Clark1409436

2wd 17.5 Truck (5)

Chris Lea3
Wayne Shanks7309616
Mike Peck4234234
Kayne Stringer4872532
Tony Kerkhof7335247

4wd 17.5 Buggy (9)

Aiden Gregory4397687
Bob Coleman8091252
Braedon Clark8632696
Martin Kmeto0
Simon Roberts0
Graeme McDougal5028445
Jeff Birse2970485
Kayne Stringer4649269
Lawrence Nepe6449761

4wd 8.5 Buggy (8)

Jared Sorensen7925004
William Hargreaves8609505
Glen Clarke1129005
Joe Daniels5691859
Dwayne Fletcher4013308
Nathan Healey7890951
Billy Emery3912765
Jeremy Cassells7004006

Allcomers (6)

Rowan Lea5
Simon Roberts0
Alanah Scotney3960076
Lawrence Nepe6449761
Billy Emery3912765
Daniel Curran 1

Drift (0)

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