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Summer Series 4

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Our COVID-19 Plan

1. Registration to be done online for drivers.
2. We are allowed a group size of up to 100 now. This means we can run a normal style meet.
3. All surfaces to be wiped down prior to the meeting
4. Only 7 drivers will be permitted on the drivers stand and will stand 1 metre apart.  The drivers stand will be extended to allow for this number.
5. Traffic through the pit area will be one way only.  This will be marked by arrows.
6. One door to the track will be entry only, one will be exit only.
7 Sanitiser will be placed at the entry to track you must use this before entry.
8. Santiser will be placed at each marshalling station.  You must use this before and after marshalling.
9. Drivers are encourgaed to pre-pay to reduce contact.  If paying on the day please have the exact amount.
10. If you are not registered online by the midnight Friday prior to the meeting then you will not be allowed to race.
11. We would like all members to please follow the rules. You may not like it but these are challenging times and the committee needs your cooperation.

Event information


Action Indoor Sports Waitakere

133 Central Park Drive




2:00 pm Track setup commences

3:00 pm Car registration and payments open

3:30 pm Track is open for practice

4:15 pm Drivers briefing

4:30 pm Racing begins

9:00 pm Finish and track packup

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change.

Event Information

We are optimistic that come race day the limit of 10 person maximum groups will have been increased.  This will allow us to operate essentially as normal but will require racers to stick to their allocated group and not to intermingle.

If we are limited to a group size we will organise racers into groups and you will race between yourselves.  We will attempt to organise these so you are able to race your chosen classes, but this will be a bet effort only.  No guarantees!

Also we are excited to annouce there will be spot prizes to registered races!  These are kindly donated by our sponsors so please support local retailers.

Payment Instructions

Account Number: 01-0495-0368666-00
Please use Initial and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.  Please do not pay via online after Friday before the event.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


We are planning on having a BBQ operating around dinner time.  Please have cash on hand for this.

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd 1/10th Open Buggy

4wd 1/10th Open Buggy

Tamiya TT02B 1/10th Buggy

Vintage 1/10th Buggy

All Comers


Stu Macferson
Gael Bueno Ware Dad
Chris Ware
Jordan Brock
Rob Davies
Ezri Brock Jordan Brock
Rudie Du preez
Max Best
Ryan Alegado
Ross Webster
Shane O'Connor Outlaw RC, JConcepts, HB Racing
Stefan Fourie
Rick Bone
Mal Seymour
Dan Bone A.P.I.
Derrick Yao
Matt Wimot Matt Wimot
Taylor Wilmot Matt Wimot
Adam Butler HobbyCity
Chris Cordes TKNZ
Alex Cordes TKNZ
Stuart Foster
Cooper Foster
Gavin Dawson Kyosho Enrichpower
Kasey Dawson Kyosho Enrichpower
Duane Jerard
Nixon Jersrd
Ashton Witte Hobbystation, Associated Electrics, Hobbywing, OMG, Giant Power
Vince Gee Schumacher

Entries by class

2wd 1/10th Open Buggy (17)

Stu Macferson2898599
Gael Bueno Ware2273942
Chris Ware4256230
Jordan Brock
Rudie Du preez 5427839
Ross Webster4711233
Shane O'Connor 1111111
Stefan Fourie2987694
Mal Seymour3445543
Matt Wimot2295127
Taylor Wilmot7213693
Alex Cordes9424414
Stuart Foster8779597
Gavin Dawson 9469218
Kasey Dawson 3596914
Duane Jerard9413104
Ashton Witte2379379

4wd 1/10th Open Buggy (16)

Stu Macferson2898599
Gael Bueno Ware8404353
Rob Davies6373371
Rudie Du preez 3997588
Max Best
JOHN WEIR4421356
Ross Webster9019540
Shane O'Connor 1111111
Stefan Fourie7972478
Matt Wimot2256763
Taylor Wilmot3915784
Adam Butler7933835
Alex Cordes4989721
Kasey Dawson 5287782
Duane Jerard9596155
Ashton Witte5245649

Tamiya TT02B 1/10th Buggy (6)

Rob Davies6373371
Rick Bone
Derrick Yao2050659
Adam Butler9163888
Chris Cordes5361117
Vince Gee9389522

Vintage 1/10th Buggy (8)

Chris Ware3067733
JOHN WEIR2024463
Rick Bone
Dan Bone4999577
Chris Cordes2059170
Gavin Dawson 4676862
Vince Gee3513759

All Comers (9)

Rob Davies2617303
Ryan Alegado
Stefan Fourie7808636
Rick Bone
Mal Seymour3445543
Dan Bone1296348
Derrick Yao3947413
Stuart Foster8779597

Juniors (3)

Ezri Brock
Cooper Foster8779597
Nixon Jersrd7576722

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