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Julian Hardy
31 May 2020

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Covid Safery Plan: Wash your hands - Social Distancing- Contact Tracing. 

Wash your hands

The RIR Toilet is equipped with hot&cold water tap with soap and hand towels provided. Signage is on the toilet regarding hand washing recommendations.

Hand sanitiser is at the entry point of the drivers stand and also in the timing hut. 

Social Distancing. 

Signs are erected on the drivers stand. These are spaced at 1.2m to allow for drivers body width. This allows us to have 9 drivers on the stand. An additional platform will be added to allow a 10th driver to required distances. 

Drivers must wait at the Innerwell Lane end of the drivers stand and wait beside the cones. These are also spaced at 1.2m. The previous race will then exit the stand towards the timing stand, and once everyone is down, the next heat can walk onto the stand and go to their stand position. 

Pit area.

The pit area is large enough to have 8 vehicles on the timinghut end and 12 vehicles on the back straight. Each car has a 3m width so drivers in a bubble can share a ezup in the 3m zone, to a maximum of 4 people. Cars will also be parked in a staggered manner, to create more distancing. A second row of cars can also be added to allow another 12 vehicles in the pit area. These will also be staggered, but leave sufficent room to drive through.

Signage will be posted around the facility to remind people of the social distancing requirements.

Contract Tracing

Entries for the event shall be done through this portal which meets the requirements of the MOH for contract tracing.

Spectators or family members that are at the event will be required to sign in at the timing shed on arrival or use the Government QR code app to ensure we have met these requirements.



Event information


21 Raukawa Road, RD10


Leave Palmerston North via Napier Road, Heading towards Ashhurst.

Raukawa Road is on your right Approximately 8km from the 100kph sign.

You will see a RC styled Road sign on your left, go past this another 50m and turn left onto Innerwell Lane. In another 50 metres you will see the Raukawa International Sign, turn left into drive and then quick right out to the track. 


There is ample onsite parking. We recommend you park on the track perimeter, with the row closest to the track being no closer than 3m for pedestrian movements. 

Power is available on site, there are 3 access points. 1 is beside the timing shed, the next is behind Mt Raukawa and the third is on the workshop 


Spectators entry is free and encouraged. Under Covid 19 requirements, all spectators will be required to scan the Government QR code on arrival. Specatators can also drive into the park, and go through to the second paddock to park. Please be careful of cars racing and read instructions on safe times to drive past so getting hit by racing cars is minimised


31 May 2020


Gates and track open at 7.30am

Any late registrations are required to be in by 8.15 at the latest. Track closes at 8.45am. Heats will be posted.

8.50 Welcome

9.05 Juniors first race

As the weekend is Queens birthday weekend, should the weather be inclement, we will move the race day to Monday.

Event Information

Welcome to Raukawa International Raceway, - the best International rc track in Ashhurst. We pride ourselves on making sure you and your team have a great day racing. With our workshop and store on site, we will do our very best to ensure that once you start racing, you will be able to finish your day with us.

We run our own unique designed race formats, and as winter closes, we will run 3 rounds instead of our normal 4.  Should our entry numbers be greater than 10 per heat, you will need to marble draw your heat at the end of the drivers welcome. Race 1 is a marble draw. Race 2 start is reverse of finish order of Race 1. In the case of more than 1 heat, all results are merged and heats arranged in fastest to slowest in grids of 10. Race 3 is points earned from R1&R2 combined, with the lowest point scorer on pole, and numerically back. Again in classes with multiple heats, point, lowest to 10th in heat 1 and so on. 

Entry Details

We close online entry on Saturday 30th May. It is appreciated by the organiser if you can enter well before this,but understand the sometime life just isnt that easy. We do accept entry on the day, but be aware that your late entry can cause the entire event to run late.

Classes Offered

We offer the following classes on all our race days. 

Juniors, 17.5T Buggy (2&4wd combined), Truck Open (SCT, ST and 4WD SCT and 4WD ST), Modified Buggy, Juniors 2 (a second race in the round for juniors with a single car) Novice Buggy, 1:8 E-Buggy.

Control Tyres

In all classes we recommend JConcept Goosebumps. (except 1:8) We have stocks of tires on site.

It is not a requirement, and we are aware that othe tires do work better in some circumstances, but this is our preference and will the tire we use in the 2021 NZRCA National Championship

Contact Information

Julian Hardy

0274 434343

Payment Instructions

Race fees are fixed at $20 Adult, $20 family, $10 Junior regardless of number of classes you enter.

Once you have entered, you may pay your entry fee in the following ways:

To our bank account.  RIR 01-0755-0265226-01 Name as reference please.

EFTPOS on site (subject to arrving prior to event)



Practise is available to all drivers from when gates open to 8.45am.


Facility Rules:

RIR is a smokefree facility. Smoking and vaping must be done on the driveway beside the stock pens.

Covered shoes must be worn when at the facility. The track is in a paddock, there maybe hazards in the ground.

Please takeway all rubbish please.

We are a member club of the NZRCA. As such the technical and sporting rules that are set for our sport are respected. As this is a club meeting and our race formats and classes are unique to RIR, these are used as a guideline only, and we encourage you to ask questions if you are concerned - we are here to help and encourage participation at all levels. 

Lap Timing

Lap timing is done via AMB using protocol 4.4 which allows the use of non-AMB units such as MRT to be read. 


Marshalling is a requirement of all drivers to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. 

You must marshal the race after your race. Finish your race and put your car back in your pit area and return to the track immediately to a marked marshal point. 

All efforts will be made to not have back to back races but sometimes this is unable to be achieved. 

We appreciate parents marshalling the Junior races.

No junior is to marshall the 1:8 EBuggy races for safety reasons.


Mowen grass pit area, 240V Power, air compressor. Bring your own tables, chairs, ezups. Ezups must be pegged - this is the Manawatu afterall.


No food or drink is on site. Ashhurst village is approx 5 minutes up the road, and has fast food, cafe and diaries to meet your requirements.

All rubbish brought to the track needs to be picked up and taken away. A single rubbish bin will be behind the drivers stand.


For this meeting, if the weather is bad, we will postpone to Monday 1st June 2020 - Queens Birthday Weekend.

We will advise on our facebook page any updates.

Should this also be wet, the event will be cancelled.

Alternative Venue


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Name Sponsors Paid

O - Juniors

O - 17.5Buggy

O - Trucks Open

O - Modified Buggy

O - Juniors2

O - Novice

O - E-Buggy

O - Vintage 540

Julian Hardy PR Racing, WCS, RIR,
Aaron Taylor The farm
Paul McKay
Brayden Taylor
brendon hodge mum and dad
bella hodge mum and dad
Shaun Price
Rusty Smith Smith HQ
Jett Smith Smith HQ
Tiwai Bellis
Danny Hoeta Nana and sister
Glenn Coles
Corban Coles
Aiden Ryan Pitcrew design
Andrew McKeeman Lucas Oil NZ
Duane Barber YokomoNZ/Fantom/Hobbywing
Jason Harkness
Michael Harkness
Jake Mckenzie
Brett Hyslop ASB
Georgia Hyslop Mum and dad
Travis Hyslop Mum and dad
Benjamin Watson
Paul Rea Caffeine
Alex Bennett Pit viper
Zack Currie Pit Vipers
Frankie Lynch
Daniel Lynch
Brett Gunnell Pitcrewdesign
Brett Gunnell Pitcrewdesign
Brett Gunnell
Flynn Venter
Steve Oyston Top Shelf RC
Brydon Broadley
Luke Broadley

Entries by class

O - Juniors (11)

Brayden Taylor 9047803
bella hodge2541740
Jett Smith6196068
Danny Hoeta
Corban Coles9573858
Jake Mckenzie5760710
Georgia Hyslop
Travis Hyslop
Frankie Lynch
Flynn Venter7721870
Luke Broadley4774893

O - 17.5Buggy (15)

Julian Hardy
Tiwai Bellis7039058
Glenn Coles9573858
Aiden Ryan6945806
Andrew McKeeman4673308
Duane Barber8321235
Jason Harkness3202811
Brett Hyslop
Benjamin Watson 3171105
Paul Rea3335587
Brett Gunnell 7312734
Brett Gunnell 7312734
Flynn Venter7721870
Steve Oyston6009562
Brydon Broadley5932221

O - Trucks Open (12)

Aaron Taylor 2700438
Paul McKay
brendon hodge7046098
Shaun Price
Rusty Smith8118077
Andrew McKeeman8385811
Duane Barber7121648
Jason Harkness3202811
Brett Hyslop
Paul Rea8056162
Alex Bennett5443764
Daniel Lynch

O - Modified Buggy (7)

Julian Hardy
Aaron Taylor 2700438
brendon hodge5007563
Duane Barber2541620
Brett Hyslop
Zack Currie 4406783
Steve Oyston9608488

O - Juniors2 (4)

Jett Smith6196068
Corban Coles9573856
Jake Mckenzie5760710
Frankie Lynch

O - Novice (9)

Brayden Taylor 9047803
bella hodge5757514
Aiden Ryan6945806
Michael Harkness7268835
Georgia Hyslop
Travis Hyslop
Daniel Lynch
Brett Gunnell 7312734
Luke Broadley4005283

O - E-Buggy (4)

Julian Hardy
Alex Bennett7839453
Zack Currie 6058497
Brydon Broadley

O - Vintage 540 (6)

Paul McKay
Glenn Coles8463407
Jason Harkness3202811
Michael Harkness7268835
Benjamin Watson 6788688
Alex Bennett7803846

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