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1/10 Indoor off-road round 5 7/08/20

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Dont attend if you are feeling unwell

Event information


Porirua Kennel club

11 Prosser Street




6pm Doors open Set up begins

6:30pm Practice

6:50pm Drivers breifing

7pm Racing

Timetable is a guide start time may be delayed depending on numbers attending and to set up

Online registration must be completed to race

Event Information

3x 5min qulifiers

3x 5min finals

bring your own tables and extension cords for charging

Payment Instructions

Please make payment to

Capital Model Racers


intial and surname as refrance

indoors in paticulars

cash on the night (not recomended)

Race Director

Neil White

Time Keeper

Neil White

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Name Sponsors Paid

1/10 2wd electric

1/10 4wd electric

1/10 or smaller open electric

scotty nankivell Tasman Edits
Jordan Keene
Bruce Wilton
Steve Oyston
Mike Nelson Havoc Cam
Dustin Brattle Top shelf, Dzinesigns
Neil White
Dave Edhouse TopShelf-RC Ltd
Brian Luey
Riley Derwin
Julian Hardy PR New Zealand, WCS, RIR
Steve Bale
Cameron Black
Adam Wratt Topshelf rc
Matthew Banks

Entries by class

1/10 2wd electric (13)

scotty nankivell9228838
Bruce Wilton7124458
Steve Oyston6114251
Mike Nelson6741600
Dustin Brattle2923089
Neil White1577560
Dave Edhouse9361166
Brian Luey 4284307
Julian Hardy2548187
Steve Bale5200708
Cameron Black
Adam Wratt23196684
Matthew Banks5020792

1/10 4wd electric (7)

scotty nankivell9228838
Mike Nelson5410090
Neil White2118464
Dave Edhouse3127351
Riley Derwin9172951
Steve Bale2841418
Matthew Banks9672329

1/10 or smaller open electric (5)

Jordan Keene7658084
Bruce Wilton1740351
Julian Hardy3041234
Steve Bale5200708
Adam Wratt4125114

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