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NZ SuperTruck 2 Hour Endurance Race
Sunday 2 August 2020

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Our COVID-19 Plan

We will have a Covid QR code at the entry. We would appreciate if you can all download the Government app and take a snap of this on the way in for event records.

Event information


148 Park Road


Palmerston North


Venue is on Park Road. Look for the YMCA sign and Carpark. This is towards the Fitzherbert Avenue end of Park Road, pas the main stone entrance and Lido pools. 


Heaps of onsite parking


Free to spectate, come and see the greatest spectacle on offer for free in Palmerston North. Plenty of great people and kids having fun, feel free to be a part of it all.


Sunday 2 August 2020


Doors open at 10.

Track setup 10-10:20

10:10 Teams to form up and drive through the timing system for pre start check.

10:20 Race briefing

10:30 Rolling start of NZ first SuperTruck Endurance Race

12:30 NZ SuperTruck Endurance Ends

12:40 Prizegiving

12:50 Regular race meeting continues

3.50 Racing ends and track pack up for 4PM exit.



Event Information

Sunday August 2 will mark a very special day in NZ RC Racing history, the first NZ SuperTruck Endurance Meeting. 

Tamiya SuperTrucks have been a worldwide success story, with the large bodies allowing builders to create remarkable racing replicas worldwide. 

Event Rules:

SuperTrucks are to be Tamiya TT-01E units, or either MAN or BuggyRa bodies. No other bodies are permitted unless Tamiya releases an additional body prior to the race start. No additional wings are allowed to be fitted.

Tires have to be kit tires with no inserts. Kit ESC (or HW1060), Torque Tuned Motor and kit gearing only(18/61), kit shocks and springs only, no alloy parts allowed (we understand that other clubs have allowed genuine tamiya alloy parts- you must hand in a list of each truck and list if any of these parts are fitted please - no penalty will be applied, we just want to have it listed prior so it is clear to all competitors) 

Only Modifications allowed are - Bearings (no ceramic), Tamiya TGS 2" rear hubs, MAN Bodies may have a brace fitted (max 2), Front foam may be substituted with similar size for added body protection, rear wheels may have reinforcement rings added, Lights may be fitted.

Teams are made up of maximum 3 drivers and minimum 2 trucks and a maximum of 3 trucks. No individual driver may exceed 45 minutes total race time and further each driver is to have a minimum of 4 individual race times of no more than 11 minutes and 15 seconds. If a driver completes more than 1 of his minimum stints in a row, they must enter the pit lane and stop, then step off the stand, turn around and step back up, while a team member lifts the truck to the other side of the pit barrier to continue. 

We will have 2 trophies on offer for this event. 1 is for A rated teams of drivers and the other is for teams of mixed driver ability (B grade - can have no more than 2 A rated drivers). This way we can have serious and fun altogether all vying for a result.

All trucks must be fitted with a transponder, this maybe the same transponder, but we would recommend at least one per truck for best results.

There will be a Pitting area, where drivers must drive in, stop and a team member lifts the truck over a barrier so they can start the next session. In the case of a truck being driven by 2 drivers, the first driver enters the pits and stops, they step down from the stand and the new driver steps up, at which time the pit crew will have lifted the truck over the barrier and the driver may commence.

Teams must have a marshall on track at all time. We think that you should have a driver, marshall and pit to cover the event. Additional pit members are allowed to assist in battery charging and changing or repairs, but must not take an active role in the race as a driver, marshall or pit crew at change over. A full range of parts will be on site, so if a break occurs, you will be able to repair and continue racing. If a break occurs, the new/replacement truck must be started at the pit exit on the track, and no where else on the track.  Marshall spots will be allocated to teams for the duration of the race to ensure this is adhered to. 

Batteries are free in capacity, but HV Lipo may only be charged to 8.4V maximum.

Maximum of 16 Teams eligble to start the race. If you are from out of town and want to be part of a team, get in touch and let us know if you are A or B grade and we will try and find you a team to join.

Please enter with your Team Name on this site and then  email though your transponder numbers ( so we can set the event up on LiveTime. 

A full range of parts will be on site, so if a break occurs, you will be able to repair and continue racing. 

Entry Details



Classes Offered

NZ SuperTrucks

Control Tyres

Tamiya Super Truck Kit tires with no inserts

Contact Information

Questions? If you have a genuine concern, please feel free to contact us, but please lets give this a go first before we start making changes. This is a benelalant dictarship but we have had open disussions with our racers to get to create these rules. We just ask - No keyboard warriors - just call us - we can sort it. 

Call 0274 434343 Julian

Payment Instructions

Entry fee is $75 per team. This also give each driver entry to the normal racing after this race.

We will have EFTPOS on site and accept cash on the day.

No payments to account please - pay on the day then we are able to track easily. All the hard work is done, bring your wallet.....


This will be a brand new track for all drivers as both previous RIR rounds would have been run in the opposite direction and this will be the first time any have run this way.


Rolling start 2x2 rows with A seeded teams at the front  starting position by marble draw and B seeded teams behind starting position by marble drawn.

Race Director

Self Policing!!!!

Time Keeper

Julian Hardy plus assorted members

Prize Giving

10 minutes after the event. 

Lap Timing

AMB timing using LiveTime RC broadcast live.


Power and toilets on site. Bring a table, be thoughtful of sapce as it is a limited sized area for us all to fit. 

Please bring a lipo charge bag, or a metal tin to charge in.

Fire extinguisher on site.


No Food, BYO.

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Name Sponsors Paid

NZ Super Truck 2 Hour Endurance Race

I - Novice Buggy

Ben Chadwick
Old farts Racing team Quick Installz and COLOUR IT UP decorating
Sonic Racing Redbull* Argus Fire
Bundy Racing
Lyall Brown
Warren Coles
Michael Harkness
Jason Harkness
Paul Rea
Louis Nijman

Entries by class

NZ Super Truck 2 Hour Endurance Race (11)

Team MAN1234566
Ben Chadwick 8407800
Old farts Racing team
Sonic Racing
Bundy Racing
Lyall Brown2367667
Warren Coles9424810
Michael Harkness7268835
Jason Harkness3202811
Paul Rea3335587
Louis Nijman

I - Novice Buggy (1)

Michael Harkness7268835

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