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1/5 Race Day
13- September 2020

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Entries close at 11:59pm 12th September, 2020

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Our COVID-19 Plan

if you feel unwell please stay home

Please pay entry fees on-line

The Venue is big enough, practice Social Distancing while in Venue



Event information



Whataroa Road



13- September 2020

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control.  Please refer to group chat and clubs FAcebook page for final announcements

Event Information

730am Gates Open and Working Bee

915am Drivers Briefing

number of Classes drivers are allowed to race are subject to number of heats and marshalling requirements.

930am Racing Starts

Further covid-19 compliance/ safety procedures will be discussed in Drivers’ Briefing.

Payment Instructions

Please make payment to


Use name as reference


Drivers must marshal the race following their own. 
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race. 

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Name Sponsors Paid

1/5th 2wd

1/5th 4wd Buggy

1/5th 4wd Truck

1/5th Electric

Kane bowness hirepool
Steve wood
Jeff Bankart Beanngone & Hirepool
Kevin Foote Hobby Hangar
Richard Wells
John Wells WELLS INC 2020
Peter Omundsen
Jason Blick
Ross Leonard
Jason Blick
Brendan Abbot Abbott

Entries by class

1/5th 2wd (4)

Kane bowness7764016
Peter Omundsen5878500
Jason Blick7378925
Jason Blick7378925

1/5th 4wd Buggy (2)

John Wells 1
Ross Leonard0

1/5th 4wd Truck (6)

Kane bowness8923283
Steve wood000
Jeff Bankart6131857
Kevin Foote6774629
Richard Wells896589509
Brendan Abbot Abbott0

1/5th Electric (0)

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