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Winter Round 4
23 august 2020

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Event information


39 double days road kaiapoi


23 august 2020

Gates open 8:30am

Racing starts 10:00am

Payment Instructions

please pay into club account before the 21st of August 2020

or cash on the day 




Lap Timing


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Name Club Sponsors Paid


Club Class



Jacob Cullen-Walker c J&k stickers
Michael Burt crccc
Dyllan Forsey c
Logan Walls c nz camera
Kieran Waugh n Bromley shed prep, cobra race chassis, Gillespie finance, mcbirdlover aviaries, thian motor prep, Bromley shed prep, Camperkez race team
Craig Thomson n
Colin Hansen c
Simon McQuarters a Bromley Prep Shed, Uncle Gazza’s Spray n Shine, Gillespie Finance
Ryan Gillespie c Cobra Race Chassis, Cheers4spares, Mcbirdlover Averies, Gillespie Parts & Finance
Mathew Leckie c Kaiapoi itm
Daniel Leckie c Kaiapoi Itm
Paul Armstrong c
Hope Armstrong c
Braydon Lennon a
Garry Lennon a
James Thian a Simons try before you buy, Wheeler toe surgery, Ryan the loan shark
Jordan Gillespie n Jaygeenickle racing, nix rc spares, Cookietime soldering
Lindsay McQuillan n
Gary O'Hanlon gm Wurth real steel rc cook brothers building
Sam Virga c
Alister Kelly c Mum
Kurt Cullen-Walker c J&k stickers
Steve Walls c NZ Camera
Ashton Walls c NZ Camera
Jason Kelly crccc
Dan Wheeler c Cobra race chassis, mcbirdlover averies, gillespie finance, bromley prep shed, pak n save onehunga
Joshua Hansen c

Entries by class

Superstocks (17)

Michael Burt8361519
Kieran Waugh8968004
Colin Hansen3564839
Simon McQuarters8493083
Ryan Gillespie2218671
Paul Armstrong2643810
Hope Armstrong6200390
Braydon Lennon4463379
Garry Lennon6395402
James Thian6825310
Jordan Gillespie3557146
Gary O'Hanlon8690897
Sam Virga1478199
Alister Kelly9663010
Jason Kelly3366347
Dan Wheeler5757192
Joshua Hansen3285282

Club Class (5)

Michael Burt8361519
Colin Hansen7514955
Jordan Gillespie
Dan Wheeler
Joshua Hansen3713448

Stockcars (11)

Jacob Cullen-Walker4957529
Dyllan Forsey7420560
Logan Walls1032366
Craig Thomson
Mathew Leckie9317410
Daniel Leckie
Lindsay McQuillan8769763
Alister Kelly4969548
Kurt Cullen-Walker3822513
Steve Walls
Ashton Walls

Streetstocks (13)

Jacob Cullen-Walker9541114
Logan Walls2148147
Kieran Waugh4326665
Mathew Leckie9616613
Daniel Leckie
Braydon Lennon6705691
Garry Lennon5989143
James Thian9952443
Jordan Gillespie2601591
Lindsay McQuillan
Sam Virga2984176
Kurt Cullen-Walker8199364
Steve Walls3464480

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