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1/8 NZRCA Nationals
11th - 14th March

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Event information


Riverlands Drive




Located about 5 kilometres from Blenheim and only 500 metres from the Montana Winery our track is located at the Riverlands Truck Stop.


Parking will be limited at the Event. No unofficial Vehicles will be allowed to be parked in the event facility.

There is Parking outside the fence boundary & in the RIverlands Roadhouse Car park


11th - 14th March


13:30pm Drivers Briefing

13:45-22:0: P1,P2 Controlled Practice.

Practice 3 consectuive laps used for Seeding (Under Lights)


9:00am – 9.30am: Gates open

10:15am Drivers Briefing

10:30am- 10:00pm Qualifying 1-3



Q3,4, eBuggy Mains & Truggy Mains

09:00-09:30am Gates Open

10:15am Driver Briefing

10:30 - 16:00 Qualifying 4 & 5

Truggy Finals & eBuggy Finals 1 & 2

5pm 1/4 Finals and eBuggy 1

7pm 1/2 Finals and eBuggy 2

9pm 60 Minute Amain under lights


Nitro Buggy finals, 40+, Junior

Gates open 07:00am

Drivers Briefing 08:15am

08:30 1/8 Buggy Finals

09:30 eBuggy Final 3

10:30 1/4 Buggy Finals

11:30 Junior Final

12:10 1/2 Buggy semis

13:30 LCQ

13:45 40+

14:00 60 Minute Buggy Amain

15:10 Prize Giving

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Entry Details

Entries Close Monday 1st March

Classes Offered

1/8 Nitro Buggy

1/8 Nitro Truggy

1/8 eBuggy

Contact Information

Blenheim Club - Bevan Burney 021 274 2040

Event Queries - Mark Johnston 021 496 606

Payment Instructions

$65 for first class, $55 for each extra class

Last Name and Initial

Race Director

Jerry Davis

Time Keeper

On the look out


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at

Prize Giving

We are aiming to have Prize Giving following completion of the Sunday Buggy Amain on Sunday Afternoon. 

We aim to have enough time for Auckland drivers to catch the last plane out of Blenheim on Sunday afternoon.

Lap Timing

RC4 Transponders and above are the only options.

AMBrc Transponders and MRT Transponders do not work


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


There will be limited pitting facilities. 

Please email the event organiser to request assistance. As per other events in New Zealand it will be the responsibility of the racers to arrange tents, tables and chairs.

Blenheim club does have a supply of Tents, tables and chairs and these will be issued to those who require them on a first entered, first paid system.

There will be plenty of power available to plug in to.

There is accommodation available for 16 drivers who are flying to the event - these will be reserved on a first entered, paid & requested basis:

Spot 1 - Senoir Toia
Spot 2 - Junior Toia
Spot 3 - Pang Pang
Spot 4 - James Fleet
Spot 5 - Matt Wilmot
Spot 6 - Shane Tax
Spot 7 - Evan Retard1
Spot 8 - Jonopro Thompson
Spot 9 - Kyle George
Spot 10 - Extreme 1
Spot 11 - Extreme 2
Spot 12 - Extreme 3
Spot 13 - 2004 Buggy NZ #1 
Spot 14 - Roger Van 20years of Nats in a row Dorsten
Spot 15 - Ross Webster
Spot 16


The track is located on the site of a Large truckstop. Riverlands Roadhouse offers modern motel units, a fully licensed Café open 7 days a week, and powered and non-powered camper van sites. 


There is limited accommodation available. We recommend staying on-site. Everything you need is there.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

GP buggy

Nitro Truggy

EP buggy

Kenley Brown mrccc One Seven RC, Xray, FX Engines, Fantom Racing, Power HD, Kustom Print & Signs
Zac Reid wanganui EZRC
Logan Toia hrccc Frankton Model Shop/ Yokomo NZ, HB Racing NZ ,Jconcepts ,Outlaw RC, Hobbywing, Savox, Gens Ace
Nathan Toia hrccc Frankton Model Shop/ Yokomo NZ
Graeme McDougal hrccc
Pang Pang warccc SPC
James Fleet airccc
Shane O'Connor counties Outlaw RC, HB Racing, Sanwa, JConcepts, XTR, OS Speed
Jeremy Cassells counties
Matt Wilmot counties Virtuoso Racing
Evan Crighton counties
Mark Johnston nrccc, JQRacing, PICCO, NITROLUX, VP Pro
Jayden Chitty counties Reds Rc Sworkz Reds Tpro 6MIK Silverback Virtuoso Racing
Ross Webster counties
Roger van Dorsten counties Outlaw RC
Alan Looi warccc Rcparts,SPC
Bevan Burney brccc
Jackson Lovelady harewood optimum rc, HB, JC,Fullspectrum Group
Scott Taylor boprccc
Sean McCurrie harewood
Jayden Jamieson brccc Tekno RC, Endpoint RC, H.O.T Ltd, Tworks, Sloth Graphix
Nash Phillips brccc, RC Parts, Neil White

Entries by class

GP buggy (22)

Kenley Brown7949787
Zac Reid000000
Logan Toia8333679
Nathan Toia6630457
Graeme McDougal6716204
Pang Pang5283316
James Fleet5105313
Shane O'Connor3228084
Jeremy Cassells3855990
Matt Wilmot7433274
Evan Crighton7571647
Mark Johnston7370082
Jayden Chitty7639600
Ross Webster1589909
Roger van Dorsten9990596
Alan Looi2049511
Bevan Burney4736398
Jackson Lovelady4281395
Scott Taylor3097117
Sean McCurrie1414534
Jayden Jamieson4061799
Nash Phillips8116487

Nitro Truggy (12)

Zac Reid000000
Logan Toia7483758
Pang Pang2115025
Shane O'Connor9336467
Jeremy Cassells7004006
Mark Johnston8405282
Roger van Dorsten5831856
Alan Looi8985601
Bevan Burney7931705
Jackson Lovelady696967
Jayden Jamieson3453890
Nash Phillips11111

EP buggy (16)

Kenley Brown7776826
Zac Reid000000
Logan Toia3148799
Pang Pang8012381
Shane O'Connor3384673
Matt Wilmot2536760
Evan Crighton9078064
Mark Johnston9483214
Jayden Chitty9571709
Ross Webster4572511
Alan Looi4400525
Bevan Burney4479960
Jackson Lovelady8585905
Scott Taylor8443750
Sean McCurrie2135194
Jayden Jamieson9011099

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