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Wrccc October club day

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Event information


Airport Road

Wanganui Airport



Payment Instructions

Race fees $20 per person (can run as many class's and still only $20)
under 16 free with paying adult

pay cash on the day (bring correct change please)

Club membership fees need to be paid before the event if this is not your first race day in Wanganui  (NZRCA members from other clubs do not need to join at this point)

working bee 9am to 9:30am (locals only required)
registration closes 9:30am (out of towers can register any time during the day)
driver briefing 9:45am
racing starts 10am

8th buggy electric
8th nitro buggy
8th nitro & electric truggy combined
1/10 electric open

Minimum 3 entries per class for class to run

3x 7min quals for each class ( top 3 consecutive laps count)
2x 5min quals for 1/10 electric open
3x 5min finals 1/10 electric open
3x 10 min e buggy finals
25 min finals for nitro class's

This may change on the day depending on numbers etc 
will aim for 4:30 Finnish 


Track localed at: Airport road wanganui, just before airport on your left

Kids under 15 need an adult to Marshall with them, no kids to marshall the jumps. First aid kit and fire extinguisher located by race director. Club members are required to let public know of risks if they are going on the track to help. Look before you marshel, there is a risk of cars hitting you while your on the track, so look whats coming and only go on the track if you can do it in a safey. 

See you all there

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Name Sponsors Paid

1/8 Open Electric

Open Truggy

Ic Buggy

1/10 Open Electric

Zac Reid EZRC
Stephen Leahy Ezrc
Evan Lewis Soar Seiki, EZRC
Jason Clark (JC)
Liam Whelan
Neil White
Brendan Pollock
Jimmy Greenlees The War Office
Barry Hibberd
Nathan Tinnion
Cameron Taylor OneSevenRC, SmithTech, AKL/RC, OnlyFans
Kenley Brown One Seven RC, TLR, Fantom, FX Engines
Jamie Van de Laar JQRacing
si omer cracked ink / ezrc
James Barton James racing, ezrc, aka, ebay.
Caleb Mence

Entries by class

1/8 Open Electric (15)

Zac Reid000000
Stephen Leahy9859813
Evan Lewis 5070222
Jason Clark (JC)
Liam Whelan
Neil White
Brendan Pollock4101517
Jimmy Greenlees6615094
Sam HANDLEY000000
Nathan Tinnion8206425
Jamie Van de Laar9362726
si omer
James Barton 3645446
Caleb Mence

Open Truggy (3)

Stephen Leahy6916165
Liam Whelan
si omer

Ic Buggy (9)

Zac Reid00000
Evan Lewis 7787471
Neil White
Brendan Pollock6853242
Sam HANDLEY000000
Barry Hibberd9953879
Cameron Taylor4841226
Kenley Brown000000000
Jamie Van de Laar2064300

1/10 Open Electric (6)

Jason Clark (JC)
Brendan Pollock8183782
Jimmy Greenlees2741050
Nathan Tinnion6008905
Kenley Brown000000000
James Barton 3645446

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