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South Island 1/10 Indoor Off-road Champs
23rd - 25th July 2021

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Entries close at 11:59pm 17th July, 2021

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Event information


701 Mcleans Island Road

Mcleans Island

Christchurch 8051


Spectators are free and encouraged!



23rd - 25th July 2021


12:00: Doors Open for setup
17:00 - Track Open For Practice. Format To Be Confirmed
-4x Rounds of TT-01 Supertruck to be run throughout the night, on the hour
22:00 approx Track Closed


07:30 - Doors Open
08:30 - Drivers Briefing
09:00 - TT-01 Supertruck Round 5
09:10 - Controlled Practice 1 for Seeding
11:00 - Qualifying Round 1
13:00 - Qualifying Round 2 
15:00 - Qualifying Round 3
On Completion - TT-01 Supertruck Round 6


07:00 - Doors Open
08:00 - Drivers Briefing
08:30 - TT-01 Supertruck Round 7
08:40 - Qualifying Round 4
10:30 - Finals Round 1
12:30 - Finals Round 2
14:30 - Finals Round 3
On Completion - TT-01 Supertruck Finale'
Prizegiving on completion

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Rounds may be added or removed depending on Numbers and entries. TT-01 Supertruck may be removed from any/all days if required. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Event Information

After a couple of great years running our 2 day championship event it would be rude not to do it again!

This time, 2.5 Days! That's right. You asked for it, we're doing it, Friday night practice rounds!

Save these dates in your diary for more thrills, spills, jumps and tight racing!

The date has been pushed forward a couple of weeks which should allow those traveling to Hamilton and Invercargill a bit of a rest in between!

Payment Instructions

Please make all Payments to the following bank account:
03-0767 0067438-00

Please use Initial and Surname, and "SI CHAMPS" as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.


2 Rounds open practice in heats

1 Round controlled practice, fastest 3 consecutive laps used for seeding


4 Rounds Qualifying, fastest single run counted


3x Finals for all competitors


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at


Scrutineering to be carried out before each race. Drivers to ensure they are scrutineered in time for their race start

Prize Giving

To be held on completion of finals

Lap Timing

Timing via Mylaps and Livetime


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


there are a number of pit tables available for travellers. Please let us know if yo urequire these so we can ensure enough are available.

Locals are asked to provide their own tables for this meeting.


To be confirmed

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

2wd Buggy

4wd Buggy

2wd Sct

2wd Stadium Truck

Under 16

Tamiya TT-01 Supertruck

David Beck irccc Beck Industries Limited
Bernard Cristobal tirccc Team Snowdon, RC Banter, Outlaw Rc
Damian Perriton circcc
Brett Hyslop mrccc
Georgia Hyslop mrccc
Travis Hyslop mrccc
Ross Martin crccc Hobbystation, Sloth Graphix
Julian Hardy mrccc PR Racing NZ, We Cut Shapes
Luke Prattley crccc Mainland RC, LRP, Schumacher NZ, SRT
Max Gebhardt circcc 3wayRC
Cameron Taylor a OneSeven RC, RIR, Xray, Fantom, Hudy, PowerHD, Arrowmax, RocketSloth RC
Alan Cook crccc
Kenley Brown mrccc One Seven RC, Xray, Fantom Racing, AVID, PowerHD
Johnathan Trowbridge circcc
Cristiano Cunnard circcc
Ian Rickerby circcc Hobbystation
Zac Rickerby circcc Hobbystation, Dad
Chris Harris orccc
Zac Reid wanganui EZRC
Regan Carter irccc

Entries by class

2wd Buggy (15)

David Beck4762045
Bernard Cristobal7810290
Brett Hyslop1122
Ross Martin4003706
Julian Hardy2548187
Luke Prattley1905285
Max Gebhardt9082746
Cameron Taylor00000000
Alan Cook3215714
Kenley Brown000000
Jon Cunnard6711527
Johnathan Trowbridge2133108
Ian Rickerby7938930
Zac Reid0000
Regan Carter1823757

4wd Buggy (14)

David Beck3511121
Bernard Cristobal3147907
Ross Martin6720896
Luke Prattley7469052
Max Gebhardt8720309
Cameron Taylor00000000
Alan Cook9783617
Kenley Brown000000
Jon Cunnard6711527
Johnathan Trowbridge2994316
Ian Rickerby3702201
Zac Rickerby7861502
Zac Reid0000
Regan Carter4511369

2wd Sct (6)

Bernard Cristobal8624187
Damian Perriton7689021
Cameron Taylor00000000
Kenley Brown000000
Zac Rickerby1328274
Chris Harris7353624

2wd Stadium Truck (4)

Brett Hyslop1212
Julian Hardy6875695
Luke Prattley1011138
Cameron Taylor00000000

Under 16 (3)

Georgia Hyslop2211
Travis Hyslop2233
Cristiano Cunnard6711527

Tamiya TT-01 Supertruck (6)

Georgia Hyslop1235
Travis Hyslop3322
Julian Hardy1234567
Luke Prattley1905285
Kenley Brown000000
Johnathan Trowbridge0

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