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On Road January

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Event information


707 Sylvan Road




Netball Courts at the back of the carpark


Parking in the pit area beside the track


All Spectators are welcome



08:30 - Gates Open, Setup

09:00 - Open Practice

09:30 - Driver's Briefing

10:00 - Qualifying/Racing

Payment Instructions

Race fees are $10 per driver for club members and any other NZRCA affiliated club members.

Non Members: $15

First time racers: FREE


Fees are payable in cash at driver's briefing on the day.


Open practice prior to driver's briefing


1 rounds


2-3 rounds, depending on time


All classes will run to current NZRCA rules 

Stock Touring to use the ex-NZRCA spec Red's 21.5t motor

Lap Timing

MyLaps RC4 - Older firmware still allows older and off-brand transponders.


Please marshal the race following your own


Power provided

Please bring your own pit table and shelter


Watch our Facebook page for any updates or cancellations

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Name Sponsors Paid

TT-02 Spec


Formula One

Stock Touring

Super Stock Touring

Modified Touring

Pro 12

Michael Palmer
Wayne Moody TT02 Club
adam o'sullivan
James Paton
Tom Neale
Graham Neale
James Dale
Sonny Pearce
Dalton Barber YokomoNZ/Fantom/FranktonModelShop
Drew Barber YokomoNZ/Fantom/FranktonModelShop
Duane Barber YokomoNZ/Fantom/FranktonModelShop
Pieter Botha
Neville Bishop Team Zombie NZ
Anthony Mara Yokomo NZ - Team Zombie
Philip Bateman
Blair Jones
Oliver Roberts

Entries by class

TT-02 Spec (8)

Michael Palmer4881422
Wayne Moody2095178
adam o'sullivan0
James Paton5624021
Tom Neale6737191
Graham Neale8488528
James Dale6775662
Blair Jones9175684

Mini (11)

Michael Palmer9095112
adam o'sullivan0
James Paton8277825
Tom Neale6737191
Graham Neale8488528
James Dale8003514
Sonny Pearce5405935
Neville Bishop4848324
Philip Bateman4825202
Blair Jones6475559
Oliver Roberts9035779

Formula One (7)

Michael Palmer5474802
Sonny Pearce6044605
Dalton Barber2541620
Drew Barber8321235
Duane Barber7293411
Philip Bateman6153565
Oliver Roberts9035779

Stock Touring (8)

Tom Neale9108987
Graham Neale7379768
Sonny Pearce1121476
Pieter Botha2574099
Anthony Mara9283086
Philip Bateman1625304
Blair Jones5206351
Oliver Roberts9035779

Super Stock Touring (6)

Dalton Barber4154599
Drew Barber3645477
Duane Barber2541620
Pieter Botha4179854
Neville Bishop4337434
Anthony Mara7648217

Modified Touring (2)

Pieter Botha6564525
Neville Bishop6497980

Pro 12 (0)

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