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2021 Bindon 200
20th June 2021

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Entries close at 11:59pm 18th June, 2021

Before you get started, there are some things to get ready.

Only one person can enter the details for each team, let's call that person the 'Team Captain'

The Team Captain will be the only person that can edit the team details.

If you are the Team Captain, you will need to get a few things ready first. You'll need a Team name, driver details including phone & email addresses of each driver, transponder numbers, and race numbers.

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Entry Fees:

GT Touring $10



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Our COVID-19 Plan

If you are sick, stay home. Please follow all Goverment guidelines in regards to alert levels.

Event information


3 Walton Street

Central Whangarei


Free to spectate just please be aware of the cars and do not enter the track at any time.


20th June 2021


Track setup: 9am

Qualifing/Practice: 10am

Race Start: 12pm

Race Finish/ Pack up after 3:30 pm

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change depending on weather, entry numbers and other factors at the discretion of Race control

Event Information

Welcome to the 5th Annual running of the Bindon 200

Located at the Bindon Auto Electrical car park on Walton st, Central Whangarei

Qualifing will be underway at 10am for 20 minutes and grid positions are determined by single fastest lap. This can also be used as practice time.

Between Qualifing and Racing there will be a break to repair or adjust cars before racing starts at 12pm

At 12pm Racing will begin and run through the whole 200 minutes of race time

Racing should wrap up at approximatley 3.30pm

Eligible cars for this race are GT Spec cars (Tamiya TT02 HBRC Rules). WRCCC does include M-chassis and other brands of similar cost and specifications such as kyosho fazer, Hsp and others. Please contact D Smith if you have any questions or refer to the GT Spec rules on the WRCCC Facebook page.

Teams this year are limited to two per team although you can have a team of one, but not three.

Entry fee per team is $10 (Team not Member)

There will be no rain date for this event. Drivers have shelter but the track will get wet so we recommend waterproof electronics or methods to waterproof existing electronics.

Entry Details

Entry is open untill the 18th of June. Minimum entry of two teams for event to go ahead.

Classes Offered

GT Spec

Control Tyres

Tyres are open but resticted to standard TC diamter of aproximatly 65mm and m-chassis restricted to 60mm

Contact Information

D Smith

Facebook PM or phone 0279424577

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:




Please use your initial and surmane as a reference so we can ensure your payment has been received


Open untill race start.


One 20 minute session, grid will be sorted by single fastest lap


One single 200 minute final

Race Director

Kevin MacMurray

Time Keeper

D Smith


Rules can be found on the WRCCC (Whangarei RC Car Club) Facebook page


A team member is to marshall whille the other races


Dry pit area with power and toilets is supplied but please bring your own pit gear (Tables, chairs, ect)


The race is central Whangarei and food outlets are not far away


No rain date, The race will go ahead regardless so waterproofing your RC car is recommended 

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Event Entry List >


Name Transponder
Bad Time Racing Sport6098555
Ashton Williams
Henry van der Haas (C)
Dargaville GYSOT3146299
Geoffrey Walker (C)
Ben Walker
Rhys Willemen (C)
Roger Holmes
Shake and bake 4179259
Philip Bateman (C)
Neville Bishop
Team NFG1912336
SPONSORS : Wanting Some Urgently
Daniel Yorke (C)
Steve Gray
Fred Great
Blah Blah (C)


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