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2021 Wanganui club champs
12th to the 14th November

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Entries close at 11:59pm 9th October, 2021

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Event information


Airport road Wanganui


12th to the 14th November


pratice and seeding


quals and lower finals


Remaining finals and prize giving 

Event Information

If the event is canceled a week before the start date, any payments will be refunded, if the event is canceled later than that due to covid or weather refunds will not be given as the club will have had to spend the money on the event

Payment Instructions

Price is $60 for the first class & $40 per additional class f16 and under

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

Account name: wanganui radio control car club
Account Number: 38-9019-0785080-00

Please use Initial and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

Ic Buggy

IC Truggy

1/8 Electric

Zac Reid wanganui EZRC
Mark Johnston nrccc, Mayako, Picco, Ultimate, Nitrolux
Stephen Leahy wanganui Ezrc
Barry Hibberd wanganui
Kent Perry nrccc RCPARTS.CO.NZ, Team Xray, FX Engines, Nitrolux
Simon Omer wanganui CRACKED INK/EZRC
Scott Taylor boprccc Hobby Station
Zac Paulin nrccc Lord savour Jesus christ
Aaron Allen boprccc ASA Grafix
Cameron Rea boprccc
Jayden Grainger counties Outlaw RC
Hayden Moorhouse counties
Bernard Cristobal tirccc Team Snowdon OutlawRC HB Racing
Sam Handley wanganui DAD
Cameron Handley wanganui EZRC
aaron phillips counties Outlaw rc pfr perfomance
Jackson Lovelady harewood My bank
Phil Sandford harewood Hobby Station - Team Associated - OMG - Reedy
Jason Clark wanganui Rendered
Jimmy Rodley counties none

Entries by class

Ic Buggy (16)

Zac Reid000
Mark Johnston7370082
Barry Hibberd9953879
Kent Perry7955043
Scott Taylor123456789
Zac Paulin6417702
Jayden Jamieson4061799
Aaron Allen777
Cameron Rea6682450
Jayden Grainger2341092
Hayden Moorhouse5372919
Sam Handley000000
aaron phillips5014383
Jackson Lovelady6969
Phil Sandford1477652
Jimmy Rodley3249722

IC Truggy (13)

Zac Reid000
Mark Johnston8014702
Stephen Leahy6916165
Barry Hibberd3842797
Simon Omer5591274
Zac Paulin2311425
Cameron Rea9552779
Jayden Grainger8450720
Bernard Cristobal6603093
aaron phillips9105607
Jackson Lovelady69
Phil Sandford3583846
Jimmy Rodley7763409

1/8 Electric (13)

Zac Reid000
Stephen Leahy9859813
Simon Omer7897761
Scott Taylor123456789
Jayden Jamieson9011099
Aaron Allen777
Hayden Moorhouse1079221
Bernard Cristobal5581206
Sam Handley00000000
Cameron Handley000000000
Jackson Lovelady696969
Phil Sandford3067156
Jason Clark000

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