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NZRCA On-road Nationals 2021
5th, 6th, and 7th November 2021

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Entries close at 11:59pm 29th October, 2021

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Please do not come to the track if you are feeling unwell.

The event will proceed during Level One and Level Two periods. We will have a plan in place to allow us to continue safely should the Wellington region be in Level Two at the time of the event.

Event information


Page Grove (Up the hill at the end of the cul-de-sac follow the road to the left)


Lower Hutt


Parking is available onsite. Please do not park within the coned-off areas.


5th, 6th, and 7th November 2021


Friday is for controlled practice and seeding.

8am Gates Open

9:30am Drivers Briefing

10am Controlled practice begins

Three rounds of controlled practice


Saturday is for Qualifying.

8am Gates Open

9:30am Drivers Briefing

10am Qualification begins

Three rounds of qualifying


Sunday is for Finals.

8am Gates Open

9:30am Drivers Briefing

10am Racing begins

Three rounds of Finals

The timetable is indicative only and is subject to change dependant on numbers and weather. There is no indoor alternative venue available for this event, nor is there a rain day. Demonstration classes may be dropped if the timetable is affected by adverse weather.

Classes Offered

Formula 1

Stock Touring

Super Stock Touring

Modified Touring



TT01 Truck

Control Tyres

M-Chassis will use Ride 60mm SC36m Pre-Glued (part# 26300).

TT01 Trucks will use the tyres supplied with the kits (part #51589).

No other classes will use control tyres.

Contact Information

Please direct all enquiries to Matthew Banks - 021 388 813.

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following account;

Capital Model Racers
Account Number: 06-0582-0055967-00
You must use your surname and "Nationals" as reference so we can ensure your payment hase been received.


The track will be available for open practice on Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th of November. The following timetable will apply:

10am Gates Open

3pm Gates Close

Race Director

Matthew Banks

Time Keeper

Rex Wessels


Please see the NZRCA 2021 Rulebook for details of the all classes - NZRCA Rules

TT02 spec class rules - TT02 spec rules (MS Word)

TT01 Trucks spec class rules - TT01 Trucks spec rules (MS Word)


Scruitineering of cars will take place before all Qualifying and Final races. All cars must be scruitineered before drivers access the drivers stand - no exceptions. 

Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held at the track approximately fifteen minutes after the Finals have completed.


You must marshall the race after yours or find someone to marshall for you. The first race of the day will be marshalled by the drivers from the last race of the round. A driver may arrange a competent substitute and is to notify the Race Director of this arrangement.


Power will be available onsite. Please bring your own tables, chairs, tents etc. if possible - limited facilities will be available for those that are travelling to the event.


Hot food and drink options are expected to be available onsite (to be confirmed).

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

Formula 1

Stock Touring

Super Stock Touring

Modified Touring


TT02 Demo Class

TT01 Truck Demo Class

Gael Bueno Ware airccc Team Zombie NZ, Yokomo NZ/Frankton Model Shop, Bluebird Servos NZ
Luke Prattley crccc Mainland RC, SChumacher NZ, SRT, LRP
Warren Coles cmr
Neil White cmr
David Beck irccc Beck Industries Limited
James Fraser cmr Team Fraser Racing
Ryan Fraser cmr Team Fraser Racing
Carter Pepperell cmr
Grant Pepperell cmr
Regan Carter irccc
Kenley Brown mrccc One Seven RC, Xray NZ, Fantom Racing, PowerHD, Ride, Mon-Tech
Matthew Banks cmr
Caylan Banks cmr
Rex Wessels cmr
Drew Barber hbrccc YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/FantomRacing
Duane Barber hbrccc YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/FantomRacing
Hamish Stratmore cmr
Daniel Burrows trccc INFINITY
Steve Oyston cmr Top-Shelf RC Team Trinity.

Entries by class

Formula 1 (6)

Luke Prattley1
Warren Coles1
Kenley Brown000000
Drew Barber7121648
Duane Barber2541620
Steve Oyston6176028

Stock Touring (9)

Gael Bueno Ware8957132
Luke Prattley1
Warren Coles1
James Fraser111
Ryan Fraser12345
Grant Pepperell5542960
Regan Carter4511369
Duane Barber6049297
Hamish Stratmore8300805

Super Stock Touring (9)

Gael Bueno Ware3759941
Neil White1
David Beck3511121
James Fraser666
Regan Carter1823757
Kenley Brown0000000
Drew Barber3645477
Hamish Stratmore6513996
Daniel Burrows12345678

Modified Touring (5)

Neil White1
David Beck4762045
Drew Barber6267551
Daniel Burrows12345678
Luke Duthie9342154

M-Chassis (5)

James Fraser999
Carter Pepperell4725465
Grant Pepperell5588944
Caylan Banks3116224
Steve Oyston6114251

TT02 Demo Class (4)

Ryan Fraser67890
Carter Pepperell4725465
Grant Pepperell5588944
Rex Wessels3116224

TT01 Truck Demo Class (4)

Luke Prattley1
Warren Coles1
Matthew Banks3116224
Caylan Banks3116224

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