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2022 NZRCA 1/10th Electric Off-Road Nationals
10-13th March

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Entries close at 11:59pm 4th March, 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Wash your hands - Social Distancing - Contact Tracing. 

Scan in using the Covid Tracer App

We ask that you scan in each day using the NZ Covid Tracer App

Social Distancing and Vaccine Pass

As at the time of writing under the traffic light system the Taranaki region is at orange level. We regard this event and RC racing as an outdoor community sport. As such we will likely run this event with the requirement of presenting your vaccine pass. This may be revised if the alert level or public health recomendations change.

Feeling Unwell

We ask that if you do feel unwell, please do not attend the event as risk your fellow racers and public. 

Contract Tracing

Spectators or family members that are at the event will be required to sign in. Covid QR codes will be displayed on the entry to the facility.

Event information


Clemow Road


New Plymouth



Make your way down Clemow road. TRCCC is located just near the end on the right side. 


There is parking available on site. No cars are to be parked in the designated pit area. We will have a drop off point for you to leave your gear before parking your vehicles in the designated parking area. A full map of the parking will be issued closer to the event on the event facebook page.

The main pit area is grass and we recommend a EZUP or similar to pit under. Please bring pegs/ropes to hold the EZUP should the wind come up. The club has a limited number of EZUP shades and tables that should be used in the first instance that can cater for approximately 20 racers. We will have an area for those who work out of trailers also put aside. 

Please advise us if you have a large trailer so we can plan out area out for maximum usage.


10-13th March


Thursday is an organised practice day. We will release details of how this will run once we have entry numbers confirmed. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair amount of track time and that the track is kept in the best condition possible for the weekend.

0800 Gates Open

0900 Racing begins

1700 Track Closes


0700 Gates Open

0830 Drivers Briefing

0900 2 rounds of Controlled Practice followed by 2 rounds of qualifying start

1800 Track Closes


0700 Gates Open

0830 Drivers Briefing

0900 2 rounds of Qualifying followed by 1 round Mains

1800 Track Closes


0700 Gates Open

0830 Final Drivers Briefing.

0910 Mains Racing begins day

1400 Prizegiving 

1430 Track reopen 

This timetable is only preliminary and will be finalised based on entry numbers. Should unforseen circumstances out of our control require a change, we will do this to ensure we can complete the event. Should the event be shortened or need to be shortened, we will use Race Directors discretionary rules to attempt to run all A finals over lower finals to confirm a result. 

If a total washout occurs, we reserve the right to use Monday as the option day, but our preference is to NOT use this option.

Event Information

Entering the event is deemed a contract between you the competitor and us the organiser. As such we have done the best we can to meet the expectations of the NZRCA and you the competitor and that we will run the event unless conditions of force majure occur. As such if you wish to apply for a refund, we will only accept a formal withdraw via email at least 3 days prior to the event for this to occur.

Once you enter the event, please make payment to the bank account listed, with details within 3 days so we can track this. 

Entries will not be accepted after the closing date. 

Classes Offered

This the NZRCA National event and all classes available to run are offered. As per NZRCA Rule G1.7, a minimum of 5 entries is required for a class to run.  Any class with less than 5 entries will be removed from the event schedule.  

Control Tyres

Under B15.1 - For all NZRCA National Events, one control tire per 1/10th Scale Class is to be nominated by the host club. Tires for 1/8th Scale Classes shall be open.

As such we have nominated the following control tires for driven wheels. Note you may use used tires out of the packet but they must comply to B15.6. Competitors are to source and supply their own tires. We have a number of NZ distributors who can supply these and some have indicated they will have them available for sale at the event.

  • Control tires are to be in near new condition with no tampering or alterations allowed. This will be at the race director’s discretion. Rule B15.6
  • Inserts are to be as supplied with tires or nominated by the host club. Rule B15.3
  • The supplied insert maybe modified, but this is limited to cutting the insert to make it narrower. All other modifications are prohibited.
  • Tires of the first 3 cars maybe cut off to ensure this rule is complied with in accordance with Rule B15.4

2WD Buggy - Rear Control Tire - Front Tire is open

Rear - JConcepts Sprinter 3133-02

4WD Buggy - Full Control Tire

Front - JConcepts Sprinter 3135-02
Rear - JConcepts Sprinter 3133-02

2WD Stadium Truck - Rear Control Tire - Front tire is open

Rear - JConcepts Sprinter 3115-02

2WD Short Course Truck - Rear Control Tire - Front Tire is open

Rear - JConcepts Sprinter 3128-02

4WD Short Course Truck - Full Control Tire

Rear - JConcepts Sprinter 3128-02

Front - JConcepts Sprinter 3128-02

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

Taranaki Radio Control Car Club

TSB Bank

Account Number: 15-3944-0103035-00

Please fill in the 'Particulars' with you Surname and the 'Reference' with as 'NZ Nats' such as J.Smith NZ Nats so we can ensure your payment has been recieved.

Race Director

Selwyn Duthie

Time Keeper

Craig Burrows


Toilets will be available


Food will be available

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Event Entry List >


Name Club Sponsors Paid

1/10th 2WD Stock Buggy

1/10th 2WD Mod Buggy

1/10th 4WD Stock Buggy

1/10th 4WD Mod Buggy

1/10th 2WD Stock Truck

1/10th 2WD Mod Truck

2WD Short Course

4WD Short Course

Luke Prattley crccc Mainland RC, Schumacher NZ, LRP, SRT
Julian Hardy mrccc PR Racing NZ, WCS
Kenley Brown hblss One Seven RC, Xray NZ, Fantom Racing, Nathobuilds, Avid RC, PowerHD
Chris Gormanly mrccc Maclan racing.
Shane O'Connor counties Outlaw RC, HB Racing, Yokomo, Sanwa, JConcepts, XTR
Brendon Pollock boprccc Jrp, maclan, rcss, mod
Flynn Venter mrccc Mum, Dad, HSP Plumbing, All the old fullas at RIR
James Paton hbrccc JRP
Donovan paton hbrccc JRP
Craig Pullar airccc Maungi RC MainlandRC Schumacher

Entries by class

1/10th 2WD Stock Buggy (9)

Luke Prattley1
Julian Hardy2548187
Kenley Brown000000
Chris Gormanly8463407
Shane O'Connor8444805
Brendon Pollock8183782
Flynn Venter1234567
James Paton4706704
Craig Pullar4144451

1/10th 2WD Mod Buggy (6)

Julian Hardy1234567
Kenley Brown0000000
Shane O'Connor9336467
Brendon Pollock4247610
Luke Duthie6881947
Craig Pullar4028882

1/10th 4WD Stock Buggy (5)

Luke Prattley1
Kenley Brown0000000
Shane O'Connor8830602
Brendon Pollock8632541
Donovan paton8277825

1/10th 4WD Mod Buggy (5)

Julian Hardy6875695
Kenley Brown00000000
Chris Gormanly8185805
Shane O'Connor7788560
Luke Duthie8658529

1/10th 2WD Stock Truck (3)

Luke Prattley1
Julian Hardy1234567
Craig Pullar5846380

1/10th 2WD Mod Truck (0)

2WD Short Course (5)

Luke Prattley1
Julian Hardy1234567
Flynn Venter7654321
James Paton5674021
Donovan paton8879578

4WD Short Course (0)

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Entry Form >

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