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2022 Manawatu Championship Meeting
12 & 13 February 2022

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Entries close at 11:59pm 8th February, 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Covid Safety Plan:  Vaccination Certificate - Wash your hands - Social Distancing- Contact Tracing. 

Vaccination Certificate

As of December 2, 2021 a new Traffic light system is taking effect for the whole of New Zealand. For RIR to continue to operate in the manner we currently do, ALL PATRONS of the facility will be required to hold a current Vaccination Certificate. You will need to scan the QR code at the timing shed and provide a copy of the certificate. 

Wash your hands

The RIR Toilet is equipped with cold water tap with soap and hand towels provided. Signage is on the toilet regarding hand washing recommendations.

Hand sanitiser is at the entry point of the drivers stand and also in the timing hut. 

Pit area.

The pit area is large enough to have vehicles around the perimeter. Power is available all around the pitting area via extention cables and multiboxes.

Contract Tracing

All Patrons of RIR will be required to scan in at the multiple QR code signs around the facility or signing in at RIR race trailer with Julian. This is a requirement of the business to operate in New Zealand. 

Event information


21 Raukawa Road


Palmerston North


Leave Palmerston North via Napier Road, Heading towards Ashhurst.

Raukawa Road is on your right Approximately 8km from the 100kph sign.

You will see a RC styled Road sign on your left, go past this another 50m and turn left onto Innerwell Lane. In another 50 metres you will see the Raukawa International Sign, turn left into drive and then quick right out to the track. 


There is ample onsite parking. We recommend you park on the track perimeter, with the row closest to the track being no closer than 3m for pedestrian movements. We will have signs out for this.

Power is available on site, there are 3 access points. 1 is beside the timing shed, the next is behind Mt Raukawa and the third is on the workshop.

If you wish to stay the night, please be self contained. 


We welcome spectators and ask that you drive into the property and park in the paddock behind the pit paddock. Please do not park on Innerwell Lane. This will be signposted.


12 & 13 February 2022


Saturday will be the first 2 heats to determine the Manawatu Champion drivers. 

Gate will be open at 0700.

Track will open at the same time. 

Free practise until 1000.

1010 Drivers welcome and briefing, concourse, photo shoot

1030 Racing starts

1630 Racing for day one finishes.

BBQ Tea on site included in the entry price, old videos.

After tea, the Kyosho Mini Z Grand Prix will take place in the workshop. 



Sunday will be the final 2 heats to determine the Manawatu Champion drivers. 

Gate will be open at 0700.

Track will open at the same time. 

Free practise until 0830.

0900 Briefing

0910 Racing starts

1500 Racing finishes.

1515 Prizegiving 

We cant control the weather and we will do our upmost to ensure we go racing. If the weather/other factors force changes to the available racing time, the race organiser will make a call as to how the outcome will be determined.

If a wash out, we will move dates to run the event at some stage in 2022. Please contact Julian to sort refunds etc. 


Event Information

The best day(s) of racing here at RIR. We state its the hardest title in NZ to win and we are not kidding!! The format is well proven and requires 4 consistant races to get the title. Nothing is guaranteed. 

We also have a Lunchbox/Grasshopper/Wheelie class and will extend this to cover off Frog, Subaru Brat, Blackfoot, Monster Beetle and any other derivitive. Not a race as such, but a chance to get these true vintage cars out. Superchamps etc are also included.  Modern DT02 may enter with these cars. We also run 4WD SCT, please enter the 2wd ST class and we will sort you out on the day. The same goes with the Scorpion class, enter Pre89 2WD, we will split you into the seperate class prior to the event. 

This is the first time we have tried this format, we have plenty of time to allow swopping of electronics, just drop us a kind note and we will note and allow this to happen.

Entry Details

Entries open once these regs are published. 

Classes Offered

Vintage Classes:

Pre89 2WD, Pre89 4WD, Pre96 2WD, Pre96 4WD, Pre96 Modified 2&4WD, Scorpion Cup, Stadium Truck. All classes except Modified are Silver can 540 as per NZRCA vintage rules.  Seperate non title Stunt class for all wheelie, big foot cars and trucks.

Modern Classes:

2WD Stock, 4WD Stock, Modified 2&4WD, Stadium Truck Stock, 4WD SCT, E-Buggy, Juniors, Novice Stock Buggy.


First 2 heats of each class.


Final 2 heats of each class.

Control Tyres

Scorpion Cup cars

Are to use the kit size wheels (1.7") in any compound from Kyosho.

All other cars are free to run any wheel size or tire. 

Contact Information

We use facebook for all our event and club information. If you need to get in touch prior to this or about anything else email or call 0274 434343. Cheers!!! Julian

Face book link.

Payment Instructions

Race fees are

$20 first class, $10 every additional class to a maximum of $80

$100 family - upto and including 2 adults and 2 juniors.

$20 Junior regardless of number of classes you enter.

Once you have entered, you must pay your entry fee within 3 days of entry and to the following bank account please. 

Direct to our account Raukawa International Raceway ANZ, PN. 01-0755-0265226-50

Name as reference please and whether adult, family or junior.



Track will be open on Friday, and we will also be running a round of Dirt Oval Racing on the Citrus Bowl, so if you want to see what the fuss is all about, bring your cars as they are and have a crack on the left, left, left, left deal. 


No qualifying here, straight into racing!!  

Race 1. Marble Draw

Race 2. Reverse Finish order Race 1

Race 3. Reverse Finish order Race 2

Race 4. Points. Lowest points on pole, fastest time will determine tie. Basically, if you are on pole, and win the last race, you are the Manawatu Champion. 

Time Keeper

Andrea Pickering


We use the NZRCA rules for class/vehicle/technical requirements. 

Scales will be on site and comptitors will do a Self policing weigh in to ensure minimum weights are respected. 

The racing formats are RIR and as outlined above.

This is a 2 day club meeting, trophies are on offer, but if you really want one badly, we know the guy who makes them and he can probably sort one for you if you need then that badly.

Facility Rules:

RIR is a smokefree facility. Smoking and vaping must be done on the driveway beside the stock pens.

Covered shoes must be worn when at the facility. The track is in a paddock, there maybe hazards in the ground.

Please takeway all rubbish please.

We are a member club of the NZRCA. As such the technical and sporting rules that are set for our sport are respected. As this is a club meeting and our race formats and classes are unique to RIR, these are used as a guideline only, and we encourage you to ask questions if you are concerned - we are here to help and encourage participation at all levels. 


We will do random checks, weights, tires, dimensions through out the weekend.

Prize Giving

Prizegiving will be held at the end of the last days racing. 

Lap Timing

AMB Lap scoring with 4.4 allowing most AMB transponders as well as MRT.


Marshalling is a requirement of all drivers to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. 

You must marshal the race after your race. A table will be at the left hand end of the drivers stand. Once you have finished your race, collect your car and put it on the table, then head out to marshal. If you are doubling up, we will have a small gap to allow you to swop over. 

Once that race has finished you may then check the race results which will be posted on the shed and collect your car. 

You may no longer go back to your pit area immediately after your race. 

All efforts will be made to not have back to back races but sometimes this is unable to be achieved. 

We appreciate parents marshalling the Junior races.

No Junior is to marshall the 1:8 E-Buggy races for safety reasons.

We encourage lots of volunteer marshalling on Saturday as we know there will be a lot of cross entries in the classes.


Mowen grass pit area, 240V Power, air compressor. Bring your own tables, chairs, ezups. Ezups must be pegged - this is the Manawatu afterall.

Bring a chair, it will be a long few days but a great deal of fun.


P&B Snacks will be operating on site. They have Sausages, cold drinks, hot chips available. 


There is a Air BNB across the road from the entry point to the track. If you come early, then the track will be available on saturday if you require. 

12 The Lane Air BNB

There is no shoartage of quality accomodation in Palmerston North, only 8 minutes drive. 


No provision for bad weather has been allowed. We will advise you of plans during the day and make changes as required to make the event work. 

Alternative Venue

If it really goes pear shaped, we will revert to the Mini Z inside. 

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

Pre89 2WD 27T Silver Can & Scorpion Cup

Pre89 4WD 27T Silver Can

Pre96 2WD 27T Silver Can

Pre96 4WD 27T Silver Can

Pre96 Truck 27T Silver Can

4WD Modified Modern

2WD Modified Modern

Pre96 Modified 2wd&4WD

4WD Stock 17.5T

2WD Stadium Truck 17.5T & 4WD SCT

2WD Short Course Truck

Novice Buggy Stock/17.5T


2WD Stock 17.5T Buggy

1:8 E-Buggy

Julian Hardy mrccc PR Racing NZ
Clinton Williams circcc
Kenley Brown mrccc One Seven RC, Xray NZ, Fantom Racing, Avid, PowerHD, NathoBuilds
Brett Hyslop mrccc
Georgia Hyslop mrccc
Travis Hyslop mrccc
Lee Odlin mrccc
Chevy Coburn mrccc
Danny Hoeta mrccc Lani
Flynn Venter mrccc Mum, Dad, HSP Plumbing, All the old fullas at RIR
Edan Meyer mrccc
Jake McKenzie mrccc
Alex Bennett mrccc
Chris Gormanly mrccc Maclan racing. AE . Xray .
Andrew Mckeeman mrccc
Glenn Coles mrccc

Entries by class

Pre89 2WD 27T Silver Can & Scorpion Cup (3)

Julian Hardy2548187
Clinton Williams4832696
Lee Odlin8478180

Pre89 4WD 27T Silver Can (2)

Clinton Williams8900107
Glenn Coles1822499

Pre96 2WD 27T Silver Can (3)

Julian Hardy6875695
Clinton Williams4832696
Chris Gormanly2836420

Pre96 4WD 27T Silver Can (3)

Clinton Williams8900107
Chris Gormanly2836420
Glenn Coles3890655

Pre96 Truck 27T Silver Can (2)

Julian Hardy2548187
Danny Hoeta551347

4WD Modified Modern (5)

Julian Hardy6875695
Kenley Brown
Georgia Hyslop9876
Chris Gormanly8185805
Glenn Coles4859921

2WD Modified Modern (1)

Chris Gormanly8463407

Pre96 Modified 2wd&4WD (0)

4WD Stock 17.5T (7)

Kenley Brown
Brett Hyslop1234
Georgia Hyslop1234
Lee Odlin7064012
Edan Meyer3924247
Andrew Mckeeman4673308
Glenn Coles7713458

2WD Stadium Truck 17.5T & 4WD SCT (2)

Brett Hyslop5678
Alex Bennett000

2WD Short Course Truck (5)

Chevy Coburn2111385
Flynn Venter1234567
Edan Meyer3924247
Jake McKenzie5760710
Andrew Mckeeman8385811

Novice Buggy Stock/17.5T (5)

Travis Hyslop1234
Chevy Coburn2111385
Danny Hoeta551347
Edan Meyer3924247
Jake McKenzie5760710

Juniors (3)

Travis Hyslop1234
Chevy Coburn2111385
Danny Hoeta551347

2WD Stock 17.5T Buggy (6)

Julian Hardy2548187
Kenley Brown
Brett Hyslop2468
Lee Odlin2389788
Flynn Venter7654321
Jake McKenzie5760710

1:8 E-Buggy (3)

Brett Hyslop1357
Lee Odlin4769325
Alex Bennett000

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