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Mainland RC | OneSeven RC 2022 NZRCA EP On Road Nationals
21-23 January 2022

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Entries close at 11:59pm 14th January, 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Please do not come to the track if you are feeling unwell.

The event will proceed during Level One and Level Two periods. We will have a plan in place to allow us to continue safely should the Auckland region be in Level Two at the time of the event.

Event information


Westlake Girls High School Covered Courts

2 Wairau Road




Plenty of secure onsite parking.


21-23 January 2022


8am - Track Build.

10am - Registration, Scruitneering.

1130am - Drivers Briefing.

12pm - Open Practice, 10 minute sessions per class, this maybe further refined, depending on entrants.


8am - Gates Open.

830am - Drivers Briefing.

9am - Round 1 Heads Up Racing.

630pm - Racing finishes.


8am Gates Open.

830am Drivers Briefing.

9am Remaining rounds of Heads up Tacing Commences.

3pm- Racing completed, Pack down of track.

430pm Trophies Presentations.


Due to the Auckland Marathon on Sunday, the track can be accessed from Wairau Road , and not from Smales Farm entrance.


The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control.

Event Information

For 2022 NHRCCC is Hosting the NZRCA EP on road national champs, 

We have opted to utilise heads up points ( Round Robin) racing rather than the traditional 3-5 rounds of qulifying , and three rounds of finals.

Depending on entries we will have a maximum of 8 rounds of racing for the 6 classes.

How this will look as an example.

40 Entries for "A" class. That is split into 4 heats of 10.

Driver A In round 1 starts heat 1 from P1, but in round 2 Driver A could start P10 heat 4

Each round the drivers should be racing someone different atleast once (if there are more than 3 heats per class).

The winner is determind by points. Points per heat are 

1 point 1st place

2 point 2nd place

3 point 3rd place

4 point for 4th place etc

There are a maximum of 2 dropped rounds per class, and for tie breaks, single fast race time will determine the final result.


Heats and Grids.

A maximum of 10 cars per heat.

Grids will be side by side rows messuring 1.5 meteres from the front of the proceeding car to the front of  following cars grid position.

Entry Details

Entries close Friday 14th January 2022 5 PM

Payment is also due by 5pm 14/01/2022

There will be no late entries.

Classes Offered

Tile Time | Formula 1.

Lightyear RC | Touring Modified.

Fantom Racing | 13.5 Touring.

Schumacher RC | 21.5 Touring.

Zombie RC | FWD Touring (Demo Class)

Bad Time Racing | Tamiya GT (Demo Class)

Control Tyres

This is a control tyre event. Competitors first set is included with the cost of  the class entry.

NHRCCC has selected Rush to be the control tyre supplier for this event.

Tyre spec and class quantites are as follows.

Tamiya GT & FWD,

RU-0866 VR3 24X SEVEN SPOKE WHEEL, 1 set for the entire meeting.

21.5 Touring,

RU-0860 VR3 24X DISH RIM, 1 set for the entire meeting.

13.5 Touring,

RU-0861 VR3 28X DISH RIM, 2 sets for the entire meeting.

Mod Touring,

RU-0862 VR3 32X DISH RIM, 2 sets for the entire meeting.


Classes allowed to use 2 sets, additional sets will be available for payment and collection once the event has started.

Tyres are allocated to each drivers race number for the weekend, and are marked for easy identifcation by scruitneering.

Tyres must be handed back at the end of each days racing.

During practice drivers a free to use what evert brand of tyre they choose.

(it is the competitors responsibility to ensure the tyre bead is glued. If a wheel is damaged, due to accident, a replacement wheel shall be made avaialble for purchase for a cost of $10.00 per wheel.)


Formula1 is exempt from control tryres for this event.

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

North Harbour Radio Control Car Club



Please use initial and Surname as the reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.


Practice is avalible  from aproximatley Midday Friday until 5pm Only.

Race Director

Darryl Maslin

Time Keeper

Darryl Maslin


Rules are per NZRCA with the exception of the two following demostration classes.

(These classes are eligble for trophies, but they are not eligible as a national title.)


1. Chassis, Only Tamiya TT02 Chassis to be used, No Drift Spec or S Versions allowed.
2. Motor, only kit motors can be used (TAM54358 Torque Tuned), Competitors are to supply their own motors. No Modifications are allowed to the plugs on the motor.
3. ESC TBLE-02S or TBLE-04S can be used. No modifications to Motor plus or switches, Battery plug can be changed to terminal / bullet style connectors.
4. Gearing, Tamiya 70T spur with a Maximum of 25 Pinion (no high-speed gear sets)
5. Body Shells, any commercially available 1/10 narrow Scale GT Style body shell can be used. No Touring Car Body Shells can be used.
6. Wings, only wings that come with the body shell set maybe used.
7. Batteries, only 7.4V Standard size Lipo packs maybe used, no shorties or LCG packs are allowed.
8. Wheels and Tyres, Rims must be of Spoke design, Tyres can be spec as per rule A17
9. Optional Parts ·
➢ Bearings (standard only, no ceramic etc)
➢ 50-55MM Alloy Oil filled shocks (Springs are optional)
➢ Alloy Motor Mount (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
➢ Alloy Wheels Hex 5MM (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
➢ Alloy Centre Drive Shaft (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
➢ Tamiya Hi Torque Servo Saver.
➢ Front UJ (Single Joint Only) (Tamiya or Aftermarket)
➢ Alloy Steering (No Adjustable Turn Buckles (Tamiya or Aftermarket)


Fwd Touring Rules.
1. Chassis – As Per NZRCA Rule A11 With the exception the Kit must a be a commercially available FWD Touring Car Kit or Conversion Chassis.
2. Dimensions – As Per NZRCA Rule A18 with the exception to minimum weight of 1250 Grams Ready to run (Body Shell, Transponder, Battery)
3. Body Shell – As Per NZRCA Rule A12 & A13 with the exception that only Commercially Available FWD or Internationally approved FWD Bodies must be used. Wings that are included with the shell must be used.
4. Motor – Roar Approved 21.5T Brushless Motor or NZRCA 21.5 Control Motor.
5. ESC – As Per NZRCA Rule A7.4
6. Tyres and Wheels, Tyres are open to brand but must be a 24 mm Wide slick Tyre on a Spoked Rim, No dish rims to be used. Inserts are open also. Unless the class is running a control tyre event.


Scrutineering is prior to your heat.


Prize Giving



Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


Please bring tables and chairs, plus power cables and power boards.


For racers flying in please advise us, so we can ensure you have pit table and chairs for you.


The venue is locked and secure, so pit tables , chairs and power cables can be left set up. 


As Westlake Girls School is within Smales Farm Presinct, there are plenty for places to get food and refershments over the weekend.

Mister Barista, will be onsite over the weekend for Coffee's and Hot Chocolates.


Other Places for food are below.


BP Connect



Countdown Super Market

Pack N Save Super Market





Our Facility is almost all weather, with plenty of shade available.

No alternative venue is required should it rain.


Due to ongoing possible Covid 19 Level Restrictions, NHRCCC reserves the right to Postpone or Cancel this event should it be deemed nessecersary.

Should the event be postponed Entires will be held until the next race date, should an entry not be able to attend the new date, a refund shall be given.


Event Cancellation, Entry fees will be refunded.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

Tamiya GT

Formula 1

Touring FWD

Touring Stock 21.5

Touring Stock 13.5

Touring Modified

Robin Upton nhrccc Gracegate
Craig Pullar wrccc
Daniel Yorke wrccc 3racing, Rush, Gens Ace, Savox, Hobbywing
Gael Bueno Ware airccc Team Zombie NZ/Yokomo NZ/Frankton Model Shop
Chris Ware airccc

Entries by class

Tamiya GT (0)

Formula 1 (1)

Robin Upton9774624

Touring FWD (3)

Craig Pullar4144451
Daniel Yorke 3899174
Chris Ware3067733

Touring Stock 21.5 (3)

Robin Upton1419302
Daniel Yorke 1912336
Gael Bueno Ware8957132

Touring Stock 13.5 (2)

Craig Pullar5846380
Gael Bueno Ware3759941

Touring Modified (0)

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