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Name Sponsors Paid
Daniel Gidall Crccc
Michael Burt
Don Collins
Anthony McGregor
Ashton Deans
Caleb Deans
john Sargeant
Patrick Dench
Laurie Page
Darel Weavers Digital Decal
Graham Weavers
Kane Saunders Drones at work, SB Brothers
Peter Cox
Craig Lamb
Kevin Dench
Sam Hepenstal
alan cook
Lee Thomas GTRC
Barry Brown
Ewen Lang Me
Rc ing Racoon
Brendon Kirk
Dean Wong
Damon Moffitt-Wong
Hayden Tasker hayden tasker contracting
David Canning Team Ubsold HARCOURTS
Johnathan Trowbridge
Jason Pannett
Rodney Van steenis Real steel Rc
Maddison Whall
Luke Prattley Mainland RC, Schumacher NZ, LRP, SRT
Steven Whall
Trent Williams Mainland RC


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