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Off Road June

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Our COVID-19 Plan

If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and get a test.

Event information


24 Karamu Road North



Hawke's Bay Showgrounds, Karamu Road gate.


8-8:30 - Gates Open, Setup, Cleanup

~09:00 - Open Practice

~09:30 - Driver's Briefing

~10:00 - Qualifying/Racing

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Payment Instructions

Race fees are $10 per driver for club members.
Non Members: $20

Fees are payable in cash at driver's briefing on the day.
Pay online by THURSDAY MIDNIGHT! Payable to account number 03-1753-0347564-00 using your FIRST INITIAL(S) and LAST NAME with home club as a reference


Open practice prior to driver's briefing


1 rounds


2-3 rounds, depending on time


All classes will run to current NZRCA rules 

Lap Timing

MyLaps RC4 - Older firmware still allows older and off-brand transponders.


Please marshal the race following your own

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd Buggy

4wd Stock Buggy

4wd Modified Buggy

Short Course Truck

4wd Short Course Truck

Stadium Truck

1:8 Buggy

1:8 Truggy

Kenley Brown One Seven RC, XRAY, Fantom Racing, 1UP Racing, Nathobuilds, RC Speed Secrets, HUDY
Wayne Moody Paid
James Paton
Donovan Paton
Lance Sutherland Sutherland Automotive, gas n gear,
Doran Simon
Sonny Pearce
Pieter Botha
Dewald Botha
Logan Scanlan Team Associated, Gizzy Hobbies
Perry Field
Mason Field
Shaun O’Connor Gizzy hobbies
chris brooking
Mike Cronwright Gizzy Hobbies
Chris Gormanly Maclan racing.
Jacob Gormanly His father. Maclan racing.
Daniel Contreras-Rojas Gizzy Hobbies, InfinityIT
Matthew Spackman Gizzy Hobbies
Drew Barber YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/Fantom/OneSevenRC
Duane Barber YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/Fantom
James Dale
Dylan Saywell
Brett Hyslop
Nick Scanlan Gizzy Hobbies
Julian Hardy PR Racing NZ, We Cut Shapes
Brad Hewson

Entries by class

2wd Buggy (15)

Kenley Brown000000
James Paton5674021
Donovan Paton8277825
Doran Simon8280743
Sonny Pearce5405935
Perry Field9210966
Shaun O’Connor1040526
chris brooking8200713
Matthew Spackman9441280
Drew Barber3645477
Duane Barber7293411
Dylan Saywell 4065749
Brett Hyslop1234
Julian Hardy2548187
Brad Hewson5480466

4wd Stock Buggy (12)

Kenley Brown000000
Wayne Moody4509690
Donovan Paton8277825
Lance Sutherland2132905
Doran Simon9573858
Sonny Pearce1121476
Dewald Botha2950074
Mason Field4730261
Mike Cronwright5985989
Chris Gormanly8463407
Jacob Gormanly2836420
Brad Hewson5480466

4wd Modified Buggy (16)

Kenley Brown000000
Wayne Moody2095178
Lance Sutherland8460113
Pieter Botha2843983
Logan Scanlan7978381
Perry Field6206037
Shaun O’Connor4616718
Mike Cronwright8890833
Chris Gormanly8185805
Jacob Gormanly7614499
Daniel Contreras-Rojas4346957
Matthew Spackman7589784
Drew Barber6267551
Duane Barber3753099
Brett Hyslop5678
Nick Scanlan6329097

Short Course Truck (10)

James Paton4706704
Donovan Paton8879578
Doran Simon8975163
Sonny Pearce6044605
Shaun O’Connor1812953
chris brooking8200713
Matthew Spackman9553656
Drew Barber6049297
James Dale8321771
Dylan Saywell 7588836

4wd Short Course Truck (8)

Lance Sutherland7603053
Logan Scanlan3490955
Mike Cronwright7207258
Daniel Contreras-Rojas9192818
Matthew Spackman7133016
Nick Scanlan3323110
Julian Hardy1235457
Brad Hewson5480466

Stadium Truck (3)

James Paton5674021
Mason Field7351658
James Dale6272884

1:8 Buggy (3)

Pieter Botha2432662
Brett Hyslop98767
Julian Hardy0124567

1:8 Truggy (1)

Dewald Botha4188908

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