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2022 NHRCCC Championship RD6
Sunday 5th June 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

We are following all advice of the Government in the new Traffic Light System.

Under Orange Light the following is required

Face mask.

Social Distancing.

All entries are made online via NZRCA website.

All payments to made online into NHRCCC bank account, see details below.


No on the day entries will be taken.


Please allow for a little longer to check in on the day.

Event information


Westlake Girls High School Covered Courts

2 Wairau Road




Plenty of parking right beside the venue (Smales Farm side).


Sunday 5th June 2022


08:30 - Track setup

09:15 - Track open for Practise (at completion of track setup)

09:50 - Drivers Briefing

10:00 - Racing commences

12:30 (approx) - Lunch Break (30-45 mins)



Event Information

Race 1 Seeded from you current points score.
Race 2 & 3 Overall finishing position from the previous race.
Points awareded to the overall finishing position of that class.

Race Duration,

All Touring Car Classes and Formula1 will have 3 x 5minute + final Lap race duration

Tamiya GT will have 3 x 12 Lap Races (This could be lengthened if a track design has a short lap time)

Clubmans will have 3 x 10 Lap Races (Same applies if a track design has a short lap time)

All races will be single file grid position standing starts, and the first lap across the loop will be discarded.


Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

North Harbour Radio Control Car Club



Please use initial and Surname as the reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.

Payments need to be made by 5pm the Friday before the event.


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at

Touring FWD and Tamiya GT rules can be found at or on our Facebook Page.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own. The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race, with the exception of Stars of Tomorrow which is marshalled by parents/caregivers.

If you cannot marshal your race for whatever reason then you must organise a suitable substitute and let the Race Director know.


You must bring all your own neccesary pit equipment including tables, chairs, power leads etc.

Toilets are just outside the court area in the building with the deck, opposite the track.


No food sold on site, however there are food outlets nearby.

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Name Sponsors Paid


Touring Stock 21.5

Touring Stock 13.5

Touring Modified

Touring Fwd

Tamiya Gt

Formula 1

Daniel Yorke Schumacher, Rush, Gens Ace, Savox, Hobbywing
Neville Bishop Team Zombie NZ
Simon Noton Awesomatix Hobbywing Zombie
Hugo Noton
warwick jaine
Darryl Maslin pyroMEDIA | Fantom Racing | 1UP
Chris Neru
Gael Bueno Ware Team Zombie NZ/Yokomo NZ/Frankton Model Shop
Chris Ware
Daniel Walker
Stephen Roys
Robin Upton Gracegate
Jesse-Lee Upton Gracegate
Stu Macferson
Alex Beck
Anthony Mara Team Zombie NZ / Yokomo NZ / Frankton Model Shop
James Anderson ACS
Pierre du Plessis Handy Bro Services
Colin Storey Team Tekin, Maungi Rc's, Infinity, Rush
Flynn Nam
Eddie Fowke
Simon Jorgensen Maungi RCs
Rommel Lopez
Alan Looi
Duane Barber YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/Fantom
Timothy Vaughan
Patrick Vaughan
kelvin yong
Hylton Tiedt Paris racing
Barry Vujcich Short arms deep pockets racing
Murray Watson
Ryan Powney
Darryn Nagle Dazza Racing
Lachlan Nagle Dazza Racing
Paul Helg
Andy Chui
Stephen Li Speedi Models
Rebecca Marris
Trevor Thompson Gracegate
Shane Miller
Jason Helg
Tamiya San hobby station
Kristian Deianov
Craig Pullar Maungi RC Mainland RC
Jamie Holmes Awesomatix Zombie Hobbywing
Vince Gee
Garth England Girth builder
Michael van der Haas

Entries by class

Clubmans (11)

Hugo Noton8471085
Chris Neru4230224
Daniel Walker0
Jesse-Lee Upton9774624
Flynn Nam1692764
Ryan Powney5694014
Rebecca Marris3539341
Trevor Thompson 1
Shane Miller9744224
Kasey Dawson3596914
Garth England123456

Touring Stock 21.5 (30)

Daniel Yorke1912336
Neville Bishop3435701
Simon Noton8099835
Hugo Noton8471085
warwick jaine7699793
Gael Bueno Ware 8957132
Chris Ware9323594
Stephen Roys1621165
Robin Upton1419302
Stu Macferson2895899
Alex Beck9213421
Anthony Mara9283086
James Anderson9249266
Eddie Fowke6241119
Rommel Lopez2154789
Timothy Vaughan3799542
Patrick Vaughan2452095
Hylton Tiedt2110124
Barry Vujcich6446054
Darryn Nagle6664011
Lachlan Nagle1878913
Paul Helg 6250622
Andy Chui5592774
Stephen Li4558284
Jason Helg8757376
Tamiya San2524695
Kristian Deianov0
Jamie Holmes8559167
Vince Gee2436441
Gavin Dawson3849230

Touring Stock 13.5 (15)

Neville Bishop6497980
Simon Noton2636941
Gael Bueno Ware 3759941
Stu Macferson2291571
Alex Beck1378675
Anthony Mara7648217
Pierre du Plessis1519133
Rommel Lopez9437202
Alan Looi7809393
Duane Barber6049297
Timothy Vaughan3108946
kelvin yong5584808
Stephen Li6374666
Craig Pullar 5846380
Jamie Holmes6461654

Touring Modified (10)

Neville Bishop9472875
Simon Noton5594125
Pierre du Plessis1519133
Colin Storey8181686
Alan Looi3766309
kelvin yong8213794
Murray Watson 8427314
Jamie Holmes6459052
Kasey Dawson3596914
Gavin Dawson1

Touring Fwd (22)

Daniel Yorke3899174
Neville Bishop8334127
Simon Noton2499061
warwick jaine6288683
Darryl Maslin5013303
Stephen Roys7797791
Robin Upton2667179
Alex Beck2240662
Anthony Mara7340972
James Anderson7808211
Colin Storey8307604
Eddie Fowke6241119
Simon Jorgensen1486654
Duane Barber7293411
kelvin yong5067573
Murray Watson 5799194
Darryn Nagle1286557
Stephen Li8313133
Tamiya San8100796
Kristian Deianov4369609
Craig Pullar 4144451
Jamie Holmes9066458

Tamiya Gt (15)

Daniel Walker0
Jesse-Lee Upton2667179
James Anderson8735229
Flynn Nam1692764
Patrick Vaughan3667167
Ryan Powney5694014
Darryn Nagle9378817
Paul Helg 7505078
Rebecca Marris7066887
Trevor Thompson 1
Shane Miller7593919
Tamiya San4304541
Kristian Deianov4369609
Kasey Dawson6750324
Gavin Dawson4576862

Formula 1 (8)

warwick jaine5531259
Stephen Roys9803086
Simon Jorgensen4803755
Duane Barber2541620
Timothy Vaughan7375116
Patrick Vaughan8505488
Gavin Dawson3596814
Michael van der Haas3966876

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