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Friday 23 & Saturday 24 September 2022

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Entries close at 11:59pm 21st September, 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Full COVID plan will be updated as 2022 unfolds...

Please pit in your family bubble and keep a distance of 1m apart from others. Scan the QR code. The event has your contact tracing details. Hand washing is your personal responsibility. Sneeze in your own pit box.


  • The track is a 32 x 18m carpet track and we believe the layout is the fastest indoor track in New Zealand.
  • Race both Onroad and Offroad cars at a unique double championship event over one weekend.
  • Hours of timed practice available for visiting drivers to test and tune before qualifying.
  • Direct flights from as far as Auckland for as low as $89 one way. (book early)
  • Event timetable designed especially with travelling competitors in mind.
  • Our race venue has a commercial kitchen for all to use.
  • Warm, carpeted, modern pit area with stable pit tables and chairs onsite.
  • Venue stage provides excellent elevation and width for up to 10 drivers.
  • Livetime telemetry for drivers on the stand to see grid positions and instant results.
  • Already an event some of NZs best drivers return to year after year. We look forward to seeing you too.

Event information


Wallacetown Community Centre

Dunlop Street




Free offstreet venue parking available.


Welcome and free entry.


Friday 23 & Saturday 24 September 2022


Friday 23 September 2022

11:00 Site Meeting for Event Managers. Track Setup. Safety Checks.

13:00 Venue open to competitors.

Confirm your registration on arrival. Pay any outstanding entry fees. Pay before you play. Track available for practice after final inspection.

Southland Indoor Offroad Champs begins...

15:00 Timed free practice for all Offroad cars.

18:10 Track Closed (meal break)

18:15 Offroad Drivers Briefing

18:30 Offroad Qualifying starts

20:30 Estimated completion of Offroad qualifying


Saturday 24 September 2022
07:00 Venue Open.

07:15 Offroad free practice.

08:15 Track Closed

08:30 Offroad Finals Start

10:30 Estimated completion of Offroad Finals.

Onroad Track adjustment. Safety checks.

Southland Indoor Onroad Champs begins...

10:45 Timed free practice for all Onroad cars

12:45 Track Closed

12:45 Concourse for all cars. - Onroad Drivers Briefing

13:00 Onroad Qualifying starts

16:00 Estimated completion of Onroad qualifying

16:15 Onroad Finals Start

19:15 Estimated completion of Onroad Finals.

Track packup.

Prize Giving Presentation for both Championships.


Meeting organisers reserve the right to alter the timetable.

Venue is booked for the stated dates. Depending on entries, we are free to arrange when we come and go from the venue.

Event Information

Please accept this invitation to race at this unique carpet event for 1/10th Electric RC Cars.

A joint Championship for both Onroad and Offroad cars held successively over one weekend.


General Information
The Southland Society of Model Engineers are NZRCA affiliated.

The event will be run under the NZRCA code of conduct current at the time of the event.
Please respect the facilities and other competitors. Any behaviour considered unacceptable by the event organisers may result in the offender being excluded from the event. The safety of everyone is paramount.

Classes Offered


Minimum of 3 Cars for a class to run:

4WD Buggy - 8.5 Blinky

2WD Buggy - 10.5 Blinky

Short Course 2WD - 10.5 Blinky


Stock Touring (Under 17) - 21.5 Blinky or Silver Can

Tamiya TT02 - Strickly NZ Club Spec

Stock Touring - 21.5 Blinky or Silver Can

Super Stock Touring - 13.5 Blinky

Mini - Stock (Stock - 540 silver can)

Control Tyres

Offroad classes are open rubber tyres.
No mini pins allowed in onroad classes.
Rubber radials allowed in Mini.
All Touring Car classes to use foam tyres.

Payment Instructions

Payment details:
 Please make reference to who you are and "SL Champs"


Open practice will be timed.

Practice session between qualifying and finals will not be timed.


for both Offroad & Onroad Champs:

Three 5min. called staggered start heats for each class. Single fastest round determines your finals starting position. 


for both Offroad & Onroad Champs:

Three 5min. finals for each class. IFMAR points system used to calculate the final results.

Race Director

David Beck

Time Keeper

David Beck


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at


It is the competitors responsibility to ensure their car complies with the class rules for this event.

Prize Giving

Prize Giving Presentation for both Championships follow the conclusion of racing Saturday evening.

Lap Timing

The event will be run using computerised lap counting via LiveTime software and AMBrc4 system.
Decoder uses the latest firmware - older tranponders DO NOT WORK.
Invercargill RC Racers have 10 club transponders that can be assigned if required.
Indicate on your entry if you require a club assigned transponder.(You may need to share)


Every competitor must marshal the race immediately following their own, unless physically disabled or scheduled in back to back races. In these circumstances, the competitor must appoint a substitute marshal and advise the Race Director.


Please indicate on your entry if you will not be running a 2.4Ghz radio.


There is power available for general use during the meeting.
The venue has comprehensive kitchen and ablution areas. WE clean them before we exit.


The club will provide tea, coffee, savouries and drink, please bring a plate for a shared lunch on Saturday.

Wallacetown Dairy and Takeaways very close.

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Name Sponsors Paid

2WD Buggy 10.5

4WD Buggy 8.5

Short Course 2WD 10.5

Stock Touring 21.5


Stock Touring (Under 17)

Super Stock Touring 13.5

Tamiya TT02

James Beck
Joseph Beck
David Beck

Entries by class

2WD Buggy 10.5 (1)

Joseph Beck3511121

4WD Buggy 8.5 (1)

David Beck9

Short Course 2WD 10.5 (0)

Stock Touring 21.5 (0)

Mini (1)

James Beck7987088

Stock Touring (Under 17) (2)

James Beck10
Joseph Beck3511121

Super Stock Touring 13.5 (1)

David Beck4762045

Tamiya TT02 (0)

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