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2022 Indoor Offroad Round 6 6th August 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Please wear masks where appropriate, and if you are feeling unwell please stay home, we will arrange a refund.

Personal responsibility is key.

Event information



12pm- Gates Open

12.30pm - Track Set up
2.45pm - Drivers Briefing
 3pm -  Qual 1 starts

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Event Information

Please register, come and have some fun.

Club cars available to borrow for race day please contact a committee member to book one.

If you find on the day you cannot make it please contact the person in the contact information below.

If you require a Club Transponder please put a 0 in the transponder field.

Juniors are free when racing in allcomers.  Juniors racing in any other classes are normal costs.

Contact Information

Please contact one of the committee members below.

Bryan Jordan, Shaun Gregory, Brandon Hodge, Dean Evans, Shane Gollop, Aiden Gregory, Mat Clifford, Rory Smith, Bob Coleman

facebook message or phone.

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

Hamilton Radio Control Car Club
Account Number: 02-0454-0038740-000

Please use First and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.

Juniors are free when racing in allcomers.  Juniors racing in any other classes are normal costs.

Family Max cost is $50.00 for race registration


Open Practice from once track is set up and you are checked in. Reverse marshalling required for practice, ie marshal the session before your practice


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.

The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race. Juniors/Allcomers race is marshalled by Parents and volunteers.

A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


If you are a local or Club member please bring own tables , this is so any visitors or out of town racers have tables available.


Please check Facebook for Cancellations.

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd 10.5 Buggy

2wd 17.5 Buggy

2wd 10.5 Truck

2wd 17.5 Truck

4wd 17.5 Buggy

4wd 8.5 Buggy


Short Course Truck

Bryan Jordan Zombie, Hobbywing, Hazmat Racing, ASA Grafix
David West
Shane OConnor Outlaw RC, HB Racing, Yokomo, Sanwa, JConcepts, XTR
Alan Looi Hobbystation
Simon Roberts
Chris Gormanly Maclan racing.
Jacob Gormanly His father.
Sam Mitchell Quick installz
Mike Stratford Sworkz
Nick Moore
William Hargreaves Yokomo NZ, Team Zombie NZ, Reds RC, Virtuoso Racing
Duane Barber YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/Fantom/PowerHD
Drew Barber YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/FantomNZ/PowerHD/ONESEVENRC
Dalton Barber One Seven RC, XRAY, Fantom Racing, Sunpadow, 1up Racing, Nathobuilds, HUDY, PowerHD, AvidRC
Jeremy Cassells Reds,Sworkz,Highest,Silverback
Reid Clark
David Ward Schumacher, Jrp, Rc Speed Secrets.
kelvin yong
Braedon Clark Zombie. Crash Paints
Steven Sherborne
Zayne Sherborne
Hayden Moorhouse
Lawrence Nepe Dad
Billy Emery Bank
Kyle George Frankton Model Shop, Outlaw RC Developments
Matt Whitmarsh
Alex Whitmarsh
Shane Gollop TLR, Orca, Gens ace, Savox, Arrowmax, Graupner, Proline
tony kerkhof
Brent Miles
Logan Toia Yokomo ,HB Racing, Jconcepts, Hobbywing, Gens Ace, Savox, RMD Speed, Frankton Model Shop, Outlaw RC, H.O.T RC, Full Spectrum Designs
Ben Hansen
Jo Daniels Yokomo NZ, RC Banter
Graeme McDougal RMD Speed, Frankton Model Shop
Jeremy Cassells
Aiden Gregory
Jayden Grainger OUTLAW RC
brandon hodge
Cameron Mead
Hayden TheSavage Daddy
Evan Crighton RC lab racing
Mathew Clifford
Chris Lea
Scott Brownhill HOT RC - TLR - ORCA - Proline - Gens Ace
Jonathan Coluccio Hubersport, HOT

Entries by class

2wd 10.5 Buggy (20)

Shane OConnor8444805
Alan Looi2045911
Mike Stratford6969699
William Hargreaves4605633
Drew Barber3645477
Dalton Barber8355371
Jeremy Cassells8372572
David Ward6004865
kelvin yong5584808
Braedon Clark8128660
Kyle George4085645
Matt Whitmarsh6261428
Brent Miles6985795
Logan Toia2458228
Jo Daniels6089528
Graeme McDougal6716204
Jeremy Cassells2612538
Scott Brownhill4872532
Jonathan Coluccio1009812

2wd 17.5 Buggy (22)

Bryan Jordan9960875
David West9352044
Simon Roberts1
Chris Gormanly8463407
Jacob Gormanly2836420
Sam Mitchell5765778
Nick Moore 8897929
Reid Clark9144858
Steven Sherborne2638303
Zayne Sherborne7388217
Hayden Moorhouse5372919
Alex Whitmarsh3759643
Shane Gollop2465241
Ben Hansen8013111
Aiden Gregory3261058
Jayden Grainger9075952
brandon hodge7173747
Cameron Mead4204294
Evan Crighton3168108
Mathew Clifford2622699
Chris Lea2658565

2wd 10.5 Truck (7)

Alan Looi3766309
Jeremy Cassells123456
kelvin yong1560340
Shane Gollop5602737
Logan Toia7661720
Jo Daniels8799886
Jeremy Cassells7004006

2wd 17.5 Truck (13)

David West2919828
Simon Roberts1
Nick Moore 7018979
Duane Barber3753099
Reid Clark3756327
Zayne Sherborne7388217
Hayden Moorhouse1952564
tony kerkhof7335247
Jayden Grainger5321646
Hayden TheSavage4945508
Mathew Clifford8514852
Chris Lea5380952

4wd 17.5 Buggy (18)

David West3031720
Simon Roberts1
Chris Gormanly8185805
Jacob Gormanly7614499
Sam Mitchell6703466
Nick Moore 8381909
Reid Clark9489464
Hayden Moorhouse1079221
Alex Whitmarsh7028193
Shane Gollop4443979
tony kerkhof3535750
Ben Hansen4867631
Graeme McDougal5028445
Aiden Gregory4
Jayden Grainger2590961
brandon hodge7010717
Cameron Mead5693943
Evan Crighton7639600

4wd 8.5 Buggy (18)

Shane OConnor1300970
Alan Looi8686965
Mike Stratford6969699
William Hargreaves8609505
Drew Barber4154599
Dalton Barber1839649
Jeremy Cassells123456
David Ward6004865
kelvin yong5067573
Braedon Clark8632696
Kyle George6869188
Matt Whitmarsh9729959
Logan Toia7696063
Jo Daniels5691859
Jeremy Cassells1657160
Scott Brownhill3755468
Jonathan Coluccio5323410

Allcomers (7)

Bryan Jordan6150075
Lawrence Nepe6449761
Billy Emery 6236871
Hayden TheSavage4945508
Chris Lea0
Scott Brownhill7466159

Short Course Truck (2)

Bryan Jordan5093235
Duane Barber6049297

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