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2022 Indoor Offroad Waikato Champs
20-21 August 2022

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Event information


Large carpark outside the venue


Spectators are welcome and are free.


20-21 August 2022


Doors Open at 6am 

Practice from 6.45am

Drivers Briefing 8.45am

Race 1 9am SHARP


Doors open 6am


Drivers Briefing 7am

Finals begin  7.15am SHARP


The timetable is Firm, and not subject to change. Entries will be capped at 40 cars per buggy class (Mod, Stock, 2wd, 4wd), 30 cars per Truck class, and 20 cars for Short Course Truck for the Waikato Champs. 

Event Information

Every Entrant will recieve an automatic entry into the prize draw at the conclusion of the event.  There are no additional tickets available for purchase at any time.

To claim your prize you must be present at prize giving. Without exception, there will be no accepting of prizes on behalf of any other competitor.

Please advise prior to registration if you require a transponder for this event. Early registration will be made available to all racers that attend Friday night track set up.


Contact Information

Please contact one of the committee members below.

Jayson Stringer, Bryan Jordan, Shaun Gregory, Bob Coleman, Shane Gollop, Aiden Gregory

( via Facebook message or phone. )

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:
Hamilton Radio Control Car Club
Account Number: 02-0454-0038740-000
Please use First and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.


There will be 3 Qualifying rounds to be held on Saturday only. Round 1 will be done on a seeded heat basis, with grid positions done by marble draw prior to the event. Starting grids for consecutive rounds will be based on your finishing position of the race prior.

Your single fastest race time will determine your grid position for the finals. You will start each of the finals from the same position.

We will endevour to do a livestream of all Q1 grids in the week leading up to the event.  Date and time is to be confirmed.


You will start each of your 3 finals from the grid position as determind by your qualifying result. (e.g. if your qualify on P3 for the finals, you will start all 3 final rounds from P3).



Race Director

Darryl Maslin


All vehicles and batteries to be as per NZRCA


Scrutineering is compulsory. Cars will be randomly checked over the duration of the event for motor conformity, weight, blinky mode, and battery voltage.

All cars must conform to NZRCA indoor offroad regulations.

Please ensure that all cars are checked by the entrant during the event for any sharp edges or loose screws that may cause damage to the track surface.


Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held immediately after track pack up. All competitors are expected to attend.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race. A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.

Under no circumstances will a junior entrant be permited to marshall a race at any time during this event.


All local and Club members must bring your own table and chairs. This is to allow visitors to have tables available. Expect pitting areas to be tight due to numbers.

Toliets and catering are available on site. 


Kitchen will be open in limited amounts each day, timetable to be advised.

Dynamite dawgs will also be on site with hot food and more


Other info

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

2wd 10.5 Buggy

2wd 17.5 Buggy

2wd 10.5 Truck

2wd 17.5 Truck

4wd 17.5 Buggy

4wd 8.5 Buggy

Short Course Truck

Aiden Gregory hrccc Yokomo New Zealand, Frankton Model Shop, Hobbywing New Zealand, RCIS Race Cars In Sheds
Bryan Jordan hrccc Zombie, Hobbywing, Hazmat Racing, ASA Grafix
Braedon Clark hrccc Zombie. Crash Paints
Logan Toia hrccc Yokomo ,HB Racing, Jconcepts, Hobbywing, Gens Ace, Savox, RMD Speed, Frankton Model Shop, Outlaw RC, H.O.T RC, Full Spectrum Designs
Dylan Toia hrccc Yokomo, Frankton Model Shop, RMD Speed, Hobbywing
Mike Peck hrccc Bluerock Racing
Brett Hyslop mrccc WCS,Hyslop Plumbing,PR Racing
Gael Bueno Ware nhrccc Team Zombie NZ/Yokomo NZ/Frankton Model Shop/Bluebird Servos NZ
Georgia Hyslop mrccc WCS,Hyslop Plumbing,PR Racing
David Ward tirccc Schumacher, Jrp, Rc Speed Secrets.
Nick Moore hrccc
Chris Ware nhrccc
Cameron Rea boprccc
Ben Hansen counties
Luke Prattley crccc Mainland RC, Schumacher NZ, LRP, SRT
Willy Sloane crccc Hobby Station
Carl Acton tirccc
Kelvin Yong nhrccc
Chris Gormanly mrccc
Jacob Gormanly mrccc
Ross Martin crccc Hobbystation
Julian Hardy mrccc PR Racing NZ, We Cut Shapes
Gavin Davidson hbrccc OneSeven RC Parts and Accessories, Xray
Pangpang Zhi airccc SPC
Rudie Du Preez airccc
Jared Sorensen boprccc Hubersport, ASA Grafix, Surpass, RC Banter
Matt Wilmot airccc Hobbystation, Team Associated, Virtuoso Racing
Hayden Moorhouse counties Outlaw RC
David West hrccc
John Weir airccc
Alan Looi airccc Hobbystation
Sam Mitchell mrccc
William Hargreaves counties Yokomo NZ, Team Zombie NZ, Reds RC, Virtuoso Racing
Joe Daniels boprccc Yokomo NZ, RC Banter
Troy Mckinlay airccc
Corban Jamieson brccc Mum/dad
Stefan Fourie counties
Jayden Jamieson brccc Tekno RC, Endpoint RC, H.O.T Ltd, Tworks, Sloth Graphix, Full Spectrum
Graeme McDougal hrccc RMD Speed, Frankton Model Shop
Phil Sandford circcc Hobby Station - Team Associated
Jonathan Coluccio counties Hubersport, HOT
Ian Rickerby circcc Hobby Station, Team Associated
Zac Rickerby circcc Hobby Station
Caleb Yong nhrccc hobby station
Brandon Hodge hrccc
Zayne Sherborne hrccc
Jonathan Thompson counties
Steven Sherborne hrccc
Shane Gollop hrccc TLR, Orca, Gens ace, Savox, Arrowmax, Graupner, Proline
Colin Storey nhrccc Team Tekin. Maungi Rc. Tlr. Proline
Jamie Van de Laar circcc
Rory Smith hrccc
Gareth Lambert airccc
Kyle George a Frankton Model Shop, Outlaw RC
Wayne Shanks hrccc
Steve Loomes airccc Mainland rc
Ashton Witte warccc Hobbystation, Team Associated, Hobbywing, Virtuoso Media
Evan Crighton counties RC Lab virtuoso racing
Kenley Brown hblss One Seven RC, Xray, Fantom Racing, 1UP Racing, Sunpadow, Hudy, RC Speed Secrets
Dalton barber hbrccc One Seven RC, Xray, Fantom Racing, 1UP Racing, Sunpadow, Hudy, RC Speed Secrets
Jimmy Rodley counties Me myself
Brent Miles counties
Drew Barber hbrccc Fantom,NZ/OneSevenRC Yokomo,NZ/FranktonModelShop
Mathew Clifford hrccc
Jeremy Cassells counties Reds,Sworkz,Highest,Silverback
Duane Barber hbrccc YokomoNZ/FranktonModelShop/Fantom
Simon Jorgensen nhrccc Maungi RC
Jonty Taylor hrccc
Cohen Taylor hrccc
Flynn Venter mrccc PR Racing NZ
Alex Sweeney hrccc DAD
Mike Stratford hrccc Sworkz
Corban Jamieson brccc Dad
Harrison Scott counties Dad
Wayne Scott counties Still Me
Jackson Scott counties Still Dad
Paul Tayler mrccc

Entries by class

2wd 10.5 Buggy (32)

Braedon Clark8128660
Gael Bueno Ware4256230
Willy Sloane6422496
Carl Acton9189941
Kelvin Yong5584808
Ross Martin4003706
Pangpang Zhi8012381
Rudie Du Preez5427839
Jared Sorensen2248968
Matt Wilmot9105638
Alan Looi2045911
Joe Daniels6089528
Corban Jamieson2422979
Stefan Fourie2987694
Jayden Jamieson4872532
Graeme McDougal6716204
Phil Sandford8195813
Zac Rickerby2504891
Caleb Yong8100796
Jonathan Thompson1234567
Colin Storey3158121
Jamie Van de Laar7733131
Gareth Lambert2762832
Kyle George4085645
Ashton Witte9692489
Kenley Brown8541200
Dalton barber71717171
Kasey Dawson2177062
Brent Miles6985795
Drew Barber6267551
Jeremy Cassells2612538
Mike Stratford6969699

2wd 17.5 Buggy (41)

Aiden Gregory3261058
Bryan Jordan9960875
Dylan Toia1
Mike Peck102523515
Brett Hyslop1234
Georgia Hyslop1234
Nick Moore8897929
Chris Ware3067733
Cameron Rea7662453
Ben Hansen8013111
Luke Prattley1
Chris Gormanly3435946
Jacob Gormanly231234
Julian Hardy2548187
Gavin Davidson2327001
Pangpang Zhi8955666
Hayden Moorhouse5372919
David West9352044
John Weir4384211
Sam Mitchell5765778
Troy Mckinlay3350040
Brandon Hodge7173747
Zayne Sherborne7388217
Steven Sherborne0
Shane Gollop2465241
Rory Smith6276236
Gareth Lambert6093087
Wayne Shanks5179476
Steve Loomes4574525
Evan Crighton01234
Kasey Dawson6750324
Jimmy Rodley4403184
Mathew Clifford2622699
Simon Jorgensen5276603
Jonty Taylor1769863
Cohen Taylor7676103
Flynn Venter7721870
Alex Sweeney6003592
Corban Jamieson111111
Harrison Scott3600369
Wayne Scott4408803

2wd 10.5 Truck (16)

Logan Toia7661720
David Ward6004865
Willy Sloane2984553
Kelvin Yong1560340
Gavin Davidson1
Matt Wilmot4770889
Alan Looi3766309
Joe Daniels8799886
Phil Sandford4248838
Caleb Yong7274140
Shane Gollop5602737
Colin Storey6759411
Ashton Witte2379379
Kenley Brown8180236
Jeremy Cassells7004006
Simon Jorgensen7527392

2wd 17.5 Truck (19)

Dylan Toia1
Mike Peck4234234
Brett Hyslop6789
Nick Moore7018979
Cameron Rea7660803
Luke Prattley1
Hayden Moorhouse1952564
David West2919828
John Weir9578215
Troy Mckinlay3517577
Stefan Fourie7808636
Zayne Sherborne7388217
Rory Smith9564047
Wayne Shanks7309616
Mathew Clifford8514852
Duane Barber7293411
Jonty Taylor8082268
Alex Sweeney6003592
Jackson Scott6140732

4wd 17.5 Buggy (26)

Aiden Gregory4397687
Dylan Toia1
Georgia Hyslop6782
Nick Moore8381909
Cameron Rea1006735
Ben Hansen4867631
Luke Prattley1
Chris Gormanly8185805
Jacob Gormanly5245246
Julian Hardy7467324
Gavin Davidson2327001
Hayden Moorhouse1079221
David West3031720
John Weir4421356
Sam Mitchell6703466
Troy Mckinlay9772655
Graeme McDougal5028445
Caleb Yong2524695
Brandon Hodge7010717
Shane Gollop4443979
Steve Loomes6453537
Evan Crighton23456
Kasey Dawson4252957
Cohen Taylor2547790
Harrison Scott3473822
Wayne Scott2785741

4wd 8.5 Buggy (34)

Braedon Clark8632696
Logan Toia7696063
Gael Bueno Ware8404353
David Ward6004865
Carl Acton1633713
Kelvin Yong5067573
Ross Martin6720896
Pangpang Zhi8422777
Rudie Du Preez3997588
Jared Sorensen7925004
Matt Wilmot5526763
Alan Looi8686965
William Hargreaves8609505
Joe Daniels5691859
Corban Jamieson8298491
Stefan Fourie7972478
Jayden Jamieson111111111111
Phil Sandford3583846
Jonathan Coluccio5323410
Ian Rickerby3702201
Zac Rickerby7861502
Jonathan Thompson1234567
Colin Storey6147333
Jamie Van de Laar9362726
Gareth Lambert2171679
Kyle George6869188
Ashton Witte5245649
Kenley Brown6345240
Dalton barber71717171
Kasey Dawson5287782
Jimmy Rodley7763409
Drew Barber3645477
Jeremy Cassells1657160
Mike Stratford6969699

Short Course Truck (9)

Bryan Jordan5093235
Mike Peck3960076
Willy Sloane6607493
Julian Hardy7467324
Zac Rickerby1328274
Rory Smith4206078
Duane Barber6049297
Flynn Venter3576294
Paul Tayler2249561

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