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Winter Indoor Series R3 + Truck 2Hour Enduro
Sunday August 14 9am to 3pm

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Entries close at 11:59pm 11th August, 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Covid Safety Plan:  

We are committed to holding safe events, and rely on everyone to play their part. We are all fully aware of the situation, so in the meantime, if you feel unwell, please stay at home and use good hygiene practises while on site. 

Venue may have other requirements that we will advise on the day.

Event information


148 Park Road


Palmerston North


Venue is on Park Road. Look for the YMCA sign and Carpark. This is towards the Fitzherbert Avenue end of Park Road, past the main stone entrance and Lido pools. 


Heaps of onsite parking.


Free to spectate, come and see the greatest spectacle on offer for free in Palmerston North. Plenty of great people and kids having fun, feel free to be a part of it all.


Sunday August 14 9am to 3pm


Doors open at 9.

Track setup 9 - 9.15

Signin 9.15  to 9.30 Large entries mean you need to have pre entered please. Day entries accepted with $20 late fee. If you are going to be late or not sure, just enter and we can put you in rather than show up late and we have to rehash the schedule.

10:00 Race 1

14.30 Racing ends and track pack up for 1500 exit.

We have the option to merge classes if numbers are not large enough, as LIVETIME can sort results in classes even if we merge them together.



Event Information

Possibly the best day off Raukawa International Raceway in 2022. 5 Rounds of some super cool racing at a great venue means that we can accomodate circuit racing as part of our clubs activities.

Touring cars are open but we are now running 2 handicap start races to even out any performance advantages.

Our Popular SuperTruck class will again run a A and B Division for newer drivers, and this is then made even greater by the Annual 2 hour truck race at round 3.

17.5T Buggies now run 2WD and 4WD together with heats of 8, as do our 2WD SCT/ST class. 

Juniors are always on the cards for some action packed racing

Entry Details

Please try and get your entries in early so we can get them entered up to be able to start on time. 

Race Order will be:

Super Trucks B, Touring Cars, Super Trucks A, Junior, 2WD SCT/ST, 17.5T Buggy

Classes Offered

17.5T Buggy 2WD & 4WD Combined


SuperTrucks A & B


Touring Cars - Open


Contact Information


Call 0274 434343 Julian

Payment Instructions

Entry fee is 

Adults $30

Family $40

Juniors $10

We will have EFTPOS on site and accept cash on the day.

RIR Account 01-0755-0265226-01 Name Please

If you can pay to the bank account prior to the event is appreciated, or please pay via EFTPOS or cash on the day, but beware this eats into racing time. Late entry fee is an additional $20


If we have time, usually race 1 


New race formats for 2022 are as follows:

Juniors: R1 Computer generated random grid, R2 Finish order of R1, R3 Points

2WD ST/SCT and 17.5T buggy: Heat of 8, R1 computer generated grids, R2 finish order of R1 resorted and grid from fastest to slowest, R3 combined points of R1 and R2 for final grid order. 

SuperTrucks: R1 computer generated grid, R2 Reverse Finish order of R1, R3 Points, lowest to highest. Single file rolling starts for all 3 races

Race Director


Time Keeper

Julian Hardy plus assorted members


All Batteries must be charged in a Lipo bag.

17.5T Motor must be ESC blinky. 

Tamiya SuperTrucks. As per RIR rules, only Bearings and 2' option rear hubs allowed, Any Tamiya Body, WCS Front foams and rear wheel rings allowed, Body reinforcing straps allowed, Kit gearing 19/61 only, Torque tuned motors only.

Touring cars, anything goes, handicaps will sort the rest!!

NZRCA rules apply for the event except the race formats and those listed above. 

Lap Timing

AMB 4.3 so all AMB and MRT transponders work.


You must marshall the race following yours.


Power and toilets on site. Bring a table, be thoughtful of space as it is a limited sized area for us all to fit. 

YOU MUST charge in a lipo charge bag or a metal tin to ensure we have no issues.

Fire extinguisher on site.


No Food on site.

All rubbish must be taken away so please DO NOT use the bins, use the Bags that we provide so we can take this away. 

We will need to do a quick vacuum at the end of the day so if you have one please throw this in. 

There are limited power outlets, so make sure a multi box goes in first, and then put in extension cables.


Will be advised on Facebook on the morning of the event if any. 

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

I - Juniors

I - Super Trucks B

I - Super Trucks A

I - 17.5T Buggy 2/4WD

I - Touring Cars


I - Super Trucks B Drivers 80%EPA

Tommy Woods mrccc
Troy Woods mrccc
Morgan Plummer trccc
Morgan Plummer trccc
Louis Nijman mrccc
Paul Tayler mrccc
Warren Coles cmr
Chris Gormanly mrccc
Jacob Gormanly mrccc His father.
Julian Hardy mrccc PR Racing NZ, WCS

Entries by class

I - Juniors (2)

Tommy Woods4702207
Troy Woods9160901

I - Super Trucks B (0)

I - Super Trucks A (4)

Morgan Plummer 2973044
Louis Nijman9885870
Paul Tayler5327963
Warren Coles3869106

I - 17.5T Buggy 2/4WD (6)

Morgan Plummer 3552662
Louis Nijman9885870
Warren Coles1691780
Chris Gormanly8463407
Jacob Gormanly7614499
Julian Hardy7467324

I - Touring Cars (3)

Louis Nijman3559130
Warren Coles3847920
Julian Hardy

I - 2WD SCT/ST (5)

Tommy Woods4702207
Troy Woods9160901
Paul Tayler2249561
Warren Coles9424810
Julian Hardy7467324

I - Super Trucks B Drivers 80%EPA (0)

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