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2022 BOP Champs

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Entries close at 11:59pm 18th November, 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Our Covid-19 plan

(1) If you are feeling unwell - please stay at home

(2) Practice social distancing

(3) Please register and pay online

(4) Handsanitiser will be available on committee table

PLEASE NOTE - Covid-19 protocols are subject to change at anytime prior to the event. We (the organizers) will follow instructions and guidelines given to us by the governing bodys that the club (BOPRCCC) is required to follow

Event information


Te Matai Motor Sports


Whataroa Road, Ngawaro


TMMI is located approx 1.5km up Whatoroa road after you drive in from Pyes Pa road (S/Hway 36) 

Drive through the large double wooden gate - track is 200m on the left


We have a pit area prepared and ready for gazebos. There is to be no vehicals in the pit area. You can dirve in and unload your gear in the morning then park your vehicals in the designated area. A full map of parking will be released on on the clubs FB page closer to the event 

The main pit area is grass/dirt and we recommend a gazebo or similar to pit under. Please remember to bring ropes/pegs ect... to secure your gazebo should the wind pick up

For those wishing to stay on site, you will be required to be self-contained. There is a campsite near the entrance of TECT park. Please contact TECT park management directly for more info (07) 571-8008

Sorry no camping on the track grounds. Gate to the track will be closed after each day 


Spectators Welcome




7.00am Gates Open

8.05am Drivers Briefing

9.00-5pm P1, P2 - seeding, Q1


7.00am Gates open

8.05am Drivers Briefing

9.00-5pm Q1, Q2, F1, F2 (Finals for EP buggy and 4wd sct)


7.00am Gates open

8.05am Drivers briefing

9.00am - End EP and 4wd sct F3, Nitro finals, prize giving

The timetable is approximate and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers and other factors beyond our control. Please follow the clubs (BOPRCCC) facebook page for news and updates

Entering the event is deemed a contract between you the competitor and us the organisers. As such we have done the best we can to meet the expectations of you the competitor that we will run the event unless conditions of  force majure occur. As such we will not be offering refunds. should you wish to apply for a refund, we will only accept a formal withdraw via email at least 10 days prior to the event.

Once you enter the event, please make payment to the listed bank account within 3days so we can track payment.

entrys will not be accepted after the closing date

Entry Details

Entries close Wednesday 18th November, including payment to the supplied bank details

Entries will open at the publication of these regulations

Entry limit of 110 cars. Should we breach the limit, we'll keep the 111th car and above on a waiting list. if any non payments have occured after the entry close date - the competitors on the wait list will be notified of the available slot. We will communicate the cut-off point via the clubs facebook page

Entries will not be accepted after the the closing date of 18-11-2022

Contact Information

BOPRCCC Club President - Kayne Hughes 021 8166346

BOPRCCC Club Captain - Mikki Strong  021 773657

Payment Instructions

Please pay race fees via online banking before or on the 18/11/2022 registration closing date

Those who have not paid before the close of registration will be taken out and replaced with a waiting driver

First class - $60

Additional class - $30

Bank Details are




Particulars - Last name and initial

Reference - BOP Champs



2 rounds of practice for all classes, 7 mins. The 2nd round of seeding, 7 mins, all classes. 3 fastest consecutive laps will determine seeding for the quailifying round


EP buggy and 4WD SCT - 3 rounds of qual at 7mins + 1 lap

uncalled staggered start (drivers will be on the grid based on the seeding results) will be used for quailifying heats. Best 2 rounds based on points will count to your quailfiying position

Nitro buggy and truggy - 3 round of quailifying at 7 min + 1 lap. An uncalled start system will be used for quailifying heats. Best 2 rounds based on points will count to your quailifying postion

The number of qual rounds is subject to change (weather, daylight ect..) Race director reserves the right to change the shedule



EP Buggy and 4WD SCT - 3 rounds of finals, final heats will be run using a standing grid start. your grid position will be the same for all final heats. 10 min duration, best 2 final results will determine the overall result. In the event of a tie - the quailifying resultr will act as the tie breaker

Nitro buggy and truggy - TOP 5 DRIVERS after quailifying will automatically enter the A-MAIN race. everyone else will compete in the lower mains. Top 5 from B-MAIN will advance to A-MAIN. Only top 3 from the lower mains will advance

Top 5 quailifiers will get 15 min pre final practice on sunday morning

10 car finals

Running of the finals is subject to change (weather, daylight ect..) race director reserves the right to change the shedule

Race Director

Darryl Maslin. The directors decision is final. If you piss him off, you are out of the race.

Time Keeper

Darryl Maslin. If you piss him off, you are out of the race.


Please follow the NZRCA rules

Rules can be found at

Prize Giving

We aim to hold prizegiving directly after the last A-Main race on sunday afternoon

Lap Timing

Mylaps RC4 transponder


Drivers MUST marshal the race following there own. the first race will be marshalled by the drivers from the last race

A drive may arrange a competent substitute to marshall for him/her

If possible please register an replacement marshall with race direction. If a competitior has entered more than 2 classes or has back to back races they WILL need a replacement marshall


Please bring your own tables, chairs, gazebos ect...

Also please supply your own extension leads and powerboards - BOPRCCC does not have enough to supply everyone.

Please only use quiet generators - For the reason of noise. BOPRCCC will also supply a commercial generator for competitor use

There is NO SMOKING in the pits


BOPRCCC has an isolated track, participants should bring there own food and drinks for the duration of the event


For those who wish to stay at Tect Park - you must be self contained. sorry no camping at the track itself but there is a camp ground at the entrance to Tect Park. please contact Tect Park directly for more information (07) 571 8008


Event will only be cancelled in the case of "force Majure"

to be decided by the race director and present club commitee

Should we encounter another Covid-19 situation, the event will be re-sheduled

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

1/8th Nitro Buggy

1/8th EP Buggy

1/8th Nitro Truggy


Jared Sorensen boprccc Asa Grafix, Hubersport, Surpass, RC Banter
Kayne Hughes boprccc Reds Rc Sworkz
Aaron Allen boprccc ASA Grafix
Bernard Cristobal tirccc Outlaw RC, Building Ideas, RC Banter - HB Racing
Mike Kyle boprccc
Korbyn Watson boprccc Dad
Robert Watson boprccc Lion Breweries, HB Racing , Alpha Engines
Cameron Rea boprccc
Glen Clarke boprccc
Jayden Grainger counties OUTLAW RC
Danilo Reyes boprccc Sir Bird Cristobal
Zaskar Myatt boprccc Reds RC NZ
Michelle Myatt boprccc
Kevin Myatt boprccc Reds RC NZ
Michael Orme boprccc Big J, Mugen, Werks
Cole Wicks boprccc
Shane O'Connor counties Outlaw RC, HB Racing, Sanwa, JConcepts, XTR, OS Speed
Hayden Moorhouse counties Outlaw RC
aaron phillips counties Pfr perfomance outlaw rc
Roger van Dorsten counties Outlaw rc
Mike Russell tirccc
Robert Maskell counties Kyosho N.Z. GKR Pro Spec Fuels
Zac Paulin nrccc Cash money
Brent Miles counties
Jeff Birse counties KYOSHO nz
Simon Turnbull airccc
Alex Cordes airccc Kyosho NZ and Dad
Chris Cordes airccc Me
Brad Barton nrccc
Richie De Leon warccc Rich RC Wxk Racing🏁
Gavin Young warccc
Daniel Young warccc

Entries by class

1/8th Nitro Buggy (22)

Jared Sorensen2248968
Kayne Hughes666
Aaron Allen1111111
Mike Kyle8364248
Robert Watson1418347
Cameron Rea6682450
Glen Clarke1
Jayden Grainger2341092
Danilo Reyes9258020
Kevin Myatt6216547
Michael Orme8542163
Shane O'Connor3228084
Hayden Moorhouse5372919
aaron phillips5014383
Roger van Dorsten5643882
Robert Maskell4785186
Kasey Dawson4252957
Zac Paulin1999705
Jeff Birse7531836
Alex Cordes2059170
Brad Barton4873374
Richie De Leon9161718

1/8th EP Buggy (21)

Jared Sorensen7925004
Korbyn Watson7983119
Cameron Rea9218285
Glen Clarke1
Jayden Grainger8450720
Zaskar Myatt2923618
Cole Wicks1129005
Shane O'Connor7613275
Hayden Moorhouse1079221
aaron phillips9105607
Roger van Dorsten2435726
Mike Russell4759397
Robert Maskell4105671
Kasey Dawson6750324
Brent Miles6985795
Simon Turnbull1846219
Alex Cordes7589839
Chris Cordes5361117
Brad Barton8405282
Gavin Young8914947
Daniel Young4724032

1/8th Nitro Truggy (12)

Jared Sorensen2248968
Kayne Hughes666
Aaron Allen7777777
Bernard Cristobal6603093
Cameron Rea9552779
Jayden Grainger5321646
Shane O'Connor5549197
Hayden Moorhouse1952564
aaron phillips9593397
Zac Paulin2311425
Jeff Birse2970485
Simon Turnbull5026653

4WD SCT (8)

Bernard Cristobal4424983
Danilo Reyes6948182
Zaskar Myatt3929898
Michelle Myatt6942634
Kevin Myatt6119466
Cole Wicks9730998
Shane O'Connor3039029
Mike Russell9724581

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