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Winter Series 2
13 August 2022

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Just don't be a dumb ass and turn up when you're sick.

Event information


Action Indoor Sports Waitakere

133 Central Park Drive



Plenty of offroad parking at the venue.


13 August 2022


11:00 am Track setup commences

12:00 pm Car registration and payments open

1:00 pm Track is open for practice

2:00 pm Drivers briefing

2:15 pm Racing begins

9:30 pm Finish racing

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change.

Event Information

Race format includes an open practice, 2 rounds of qualifying and 1 round of mains.

All comers is limited to 1 heat and intended for juniors so entries may be restricted.






Payment Instructions

Account Number: 01-0495-0368666-00
Please use Initial and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.  Please do not pay via online after Friday before the event.


Open practice is run after the track has been setup. 

Lap Timing

MyLaps timing system used. Older RC2 transpoders are not supported.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


The venue provides a number tables and chairs available for us to use.  These can be all used if numbers are high so always a good idea to bring a table as a backup option.

Power is provided but may require extension cables.


There is an onsite bar selling drinks and snack foods.  eg. chips, chocolate bars and microwaved pies.  Fast food outlets are only a few minutes drive away,

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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd Open Buggy

4wd Open Buggy

Tamiya TT02B Buggy

2wd Stadium Truck

All Comers / Novice


Vintage Pre 95 Silver Can

2wd Stock 17.5 Buggy

4wd Stock 17.5 Buggy

Bryan Jordan Zombie, Hobbywing, Hazmat Racing, ASA Grafix
Tommy Goodman
Alexsey (8yr) & Hamish (Papa) Mark DDFC (Dear Daddy Finance Company)
Gael Bueno Ware Team Zombie NZ/Yokomo NZ/Frankton Model Shop/Bluebird Servos NZ
Chris Ware
Alan Looi Hobbystation
David West
Kenley Brown One Seven RC, XRAY, Fantom Racing, 1UP Racing, Sunpadow, Tekin, PowerHD, AvidRC
Dalton Barber One Seven RC, XRAY, Fantom Racing, Sunpadow, 1up Racing, Nathobuilds, HUDY, PowerHD, AvidRC
Darren Johnston Replay Hobbies, Mayako,Team Tekin, J Concepts
Haydn Gordon
Daniel Yorke Schumacher, Rush, Savox, GensAce, Hobbywing
Stu Macferson
Anthony Mara Team Zombie NZ / Yokomo NZ / Frankton Model Shop
Dean Wishnoski
Neville Bishop Team Zombie NZ
Simon Noton Team Zombie NZ / Hobbywing
Adrian Shepherd Team Zombie NZ

Entries by class

2wd Open Buggy (11)

Tommy Goodman8588711
Gael Bueno Ware4256230
Alan Looi2045911
Kenley Brown8541200
Dalton Barber8355371
Haydn Gordon1847409
Stu Macferson2291571
Anthony Mara5146735
Neville Bishop6415134
Simon Noton2499061
Adrian Shepherd 9413104

4wd Open Buggy (11)

Gael Bueno Ware8404353
Alan Looi8686965
Kenley Brown6345240
Dalton Barber1839649
Darren Johnston2682117
Haydn Gordon8043835
Stu Macferson2895899
Anthony Mara4286491
Neville Bishop3968787
Simon Noton8471085
Adrian Shepherd 2460561

Tamiya TT02B Buggy (3)

Bryan Jordan6150075
Daniel Yorke9163888
Dean Wishnoski5262193

2wd Stadium Truck (3)

Alan Looi3766309
David West2919828
Kenley Brown8180236

All Comers / Novice (1)

Alexsey (8yr) & Hamish (Papa) Mark0

Juniors (1)

Alexsey (8yr) & Hamish (Papa) Mark0

Vintage Pre 95 Silver Can (1)

Bryan Jordan7247784

2wd Stock 17.5 Buggy (8)

Bryan Jordan9960875
Chris Ware3067733
Alan Looi7809393
David West9352044
Daniel Yorke9359010
Stu Macferson2895899
Anthony Mara6736558
Neville Bishop7321262

4wd Stock 17.5 Buggy (2)

David West3031720
Dean Wishnoski6689630

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