2024 1/10 EP On Road Nationals Powered By DM Media
29-31 March 2024

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Our COVID-19 Plan

If you get sick, Stay home, don't be a Sausage, Unless you are a sausage!

Event information


Westlake Girls High School Covered Courts

2 Wairau Road




Free Onsite parking, Other events maybe taking place over the weekend, you maybe required to park in the lower carpark.


Free to watch track side or online via youtube channel (TBC)


29-31 March 2024


Gates Open 0730

0730 - 0930 Track Build

0930 - 1030 Pits open for pack-in.

1000 - 1130 Scrutineering. 

1140 - 1150 Day 1 Event Breifing

1200 - 1630 Practice

1630 - 2030 Round 1

2035 Track Closed.


0700 Gates Open.

0730 - 0740 Drivers & Event Briefing Day 2

0745 -  Round 2,3,4,5

1800 Track Closed


0700 Gates Open

0730-0745 Drivers / Event Briefing Day 3

0800- Round 6,7,8

1500 Track Pack Down

1600 Prize Giving 

Timetable is indicative only,

Once entries are confirmed this could change.

Event Information

2024 Edition of  EP On Road Electric Nationals.

The event is held over 3 days on a unique to all racers "street" style track.

Day one is track build and 2 x 4 minute rounds of open practice. There will be no further practice available over the weekend.

The event will then move into race mode for end of Day 1 where a minimum of 1 round will be completed. With Days 2 and 3 following on with the balance of the race rounds. All competitors are racing for points, This is widely termed the "Reedy Race" format.

All Heats are grid start

The weekend will consist of a maximum of 8 rounds of racing, with 2 worst rounds being dropped.

Each heat will score points with 1 point for a win to 10 for 10th place. (Maximum of 10 car heats, should a class not have enough to run multiple heats of 10 cars, the field will be split evenly)


In the event of a tie break then the following will happen - Counted Rounds Combined Laps / Times, The tie breaker is combined laps/times of counting rounds.

Super GT Class is exempt from maximum car heats.

Racing Details.

8 Rounds of heads-up racing per class.

Each heat per class is randomly selected by Live Time.

All Heats are grid starts of single file format.

Race time is 5 minutes plus time to complete last lap, those cars that fail to finish the minimum last lap time will count as a DNF (45 Seconds)

Entry Details

Entries Close 1159pm 25/03/2024

No Late entries will be accepted.

All Payments are due 25/03/2024 also.

Classes Offered

The following NZRCA classes are on offer.

These classes must have aminimum of 5 entries to proceed by the close of entries.

M Chassis

Formula 1


21.5 Touring

13.5 Touring

Mod Touring

Non NZRCA Class on offer.


Control Tyres

This event will be a control tyre event for the following classes**

TCR FWD  - Rush V24X On Spoke Rim (2 Sets)

21.5 Touring - Rush V24X Dish Rim (2 Sets)

13.5 Touring  - Rush V28X Dish Rim (2 Sets)

Mod Touring - Rush V32X Dish Rim (3 Sets)

One set of control tyres is included with your entry, additional sets up to the class maximum, must be ordered prior to the event, Payment will be via direct bank payment. Please use the link below to order the balance by 20/03/2024 The Price per additional set is $50.00

All control tyres will be marked with the entrant's race number, all tyres must be returned to Parc Ferme at the end of each day.

M Chassis -  (1 set) Drivers must provide their own tyres for this class, they can be new in the packet or used but must be presented for marking before practice on day one. These tyres must be handed to Parc Ferme at the end of each day's racing in a suitable packet for storage.

Formula 1 - Tyres insert and wheels are open within the rules of NZRCA, but they are limited to 2 set's for all eight rounds. They can be new or used tyres but must be presented for marking before practice on day one. Tyres must be handed into Parc Ferme at the end of each day's racing in a suitable packet for storage.


** NHRCCC takes no responsibility for crash damage to tyres or rims, or seating onto the drive hex. It is the competitors' responsibility to check the factory glueing. 

Replacement sets will be available for purchase. 

Tyre Order Form

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

North Harbour Radio Control Car Club INC




Please follow the references below for payments

Particulars - First Initial / Surname

Reference 2024 Nats



Particulars - First Initial / Surname

Reference Tyres 2024


Practice will run in group heats, over a 4-minute run time, with a 2-minute turn around between each heat.

We aim to do a minimum of 2 rounds of practice per class—numbers dependant.

Tyres are open for practice, control tyres will be made available to competitors during practice. Control/mark tyres must be returned to Parc Ferme at the end of practice.


Reedy Points format, no qualifying is used. Heads up racing from race number 1.


No Finals Reedy Points format, heads up racing from race number 1.

Race Director

Darryl Maslin

Time Keeper

Darryl Maslin


All cars must meet NZRCA Rules as of 1st january 2024

 With the exception of Super GT which must meet NHRCCC Club Rules.


All cars must meet NZRCA Rules as of 1st january 2024.

Lipo Voltage checks will be carried out prior to your race heat.

Intial Tech will take place Friday morning post track build. no car will be allowed on the track without going through tech.

Please note: Chassis and Motors (Where a control or spec motor is used) will be marked.

21.5 Touring has two control motors for this event, the motor you present at scrutineering is the motor you will use for the race meeting, you cannot change motors post scruiteering.

Prize Giving

Track Side, Post track pack down.


Marshalling is the race following your own. All endvours to limit back to back races will be done, but it is up to the competitator to ensure thier spot is being marshalled should they be back to back, and they must advise Race Control of this.


Entrants must bring their own tables, and power cables. 

NHRCCC will supply power and junction boxes to plug into.

NHRCCC will have a limited amount of tables and chairs available for those flying to this event, please contact us with your requirements. nhrccc@outlook.com

It is up to the entrant that their power boxes and cables are of a good condition and safe.


Tables and power supplies can be left at the track over night.

Cars, Electronics , Lipos and chargers must be removed each night.


Saturday Evening we will be holding a social event,

Please see the link below, Closer to the time we will ask competitors and families for numbers who will be attending.

We will be having some prize draws throughout the evening.  More details later.

7:30PM - 10:30pm

The Backyard




We are almost all weather, 


Keep and eye on our offical Facebook page, Link Below



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Name Club Sponsors Paid


ONE 7 RC Formula 1

H.O.T TCR Touring

SCHUMACHER NZ 21.5 Touring

ORCA RC 13.5 Touring



Daniel Yorke nhrccc HOBBYWING, Schumacher, Rush, Savox, GensAce, Hobbystation
David Beck irccc Beck Industries Limited
Joseph Beck irccc Beck Industries Limited
James Beck irccc Beck Industries Limited
Regan Carter irccc
Willy Sloane crccc Hobby Station, Stadium Finance
Bryan Jordan hrccc Hazmat RC, Xray, Hudy, Hobbywing, Zombie, Savox, JConcepts, Rush
Daniel Burrows trccc INFINITY SMJ
Logan Toia hrccc Yokomo, Frankton Model Shop, Hobbywing, Sanwa, Outlaw RC, H.O.T Ltd, Crash Paints
Gael Bueno Ware nhrccc Team Zombie NZ/Yokomo NZ/Frankton Model Shop
Matthew van der Haas nhrccc vdhdesign.co.nz
Martin Irawan nhrccc
Robin Upton nhrccc Gracegte
Jesse-Lee Upton nhrccc Gracegte
Alex Beck nhrccc Maungi Rc's, Tekin
Scott Wells nhrccc
Lauren Wells nhrccc
Rohit Ranjit nhrccc
Mark Harling circcc
Stephen Li nhrccc Speedi Models, Xpress, Muchmore
Scott Kendall trccc E & M Motorsports
Oliver Roberts hbrccc
Rob Stephens nhrccc Speedi models NHRCCC
Novak Kendall trccc
Chris Stephens nhrccc Team Stephens Racing Speedi models
Simon Noton nhrccc Awesomatix Hobbywing Team Zombie NZ
Hugo Noton nhrccc
Ricky Field trccc LIGHTYEAR RC
Jamie Holmes nhrccc Awesomatix Hobbywing Zombie NZ
Ross Wilton trccc
Bradley Monahan nhrccc
Neville Bishop nhrccc Team Zombie NZ
Craig Pullar airccc Mainland rc, maungi rc
Patrick Vaughan nhrccc
Haydn Gordon airccc
Barry Vujcich nhrccc
Simon Turnbull nhrccc
Ainsley Howitt nhrccc Techmall.co.nz
Ainsley Howitt nhrccc Techmall.co.nz
Eddie Kim trccc E&M Motorsports, LIGHTYEAR RC
Richard Pease nhrccc Visa
Jacques Fourie airccc
Richard Price gkrraceway Kyosho NZ A1CRM Zoho
Karl Ellis nhrccc No speed racing
Colin Storey nhrccc Team Tekin-Maungi Rc-Xray-Rush
Rebecca Marris nhrccc
Anthony Mara nhrccc Team Zombie NZ/ Yokomo NZ / Frankton Model Shop
Wade Turner nhrccc
Peter Field nhrccc Glowlab
Ryan Powney nhrccc Pressure Solutions
Dillenger Rawiri nhrccc
Amber Kendall trccc

Entries by class


James Beck4063610
Bryan Jordan7054378
Stephen Li8313133
Oliver Roberts8294551
Chris Stephens8679158
Bradley Monahan 9134263

ONE 7 RC Formula 1 (10)

Daniel Yorke 2007418
Willy Sloane2984553
Matthew van der Haas7330015
Martin Irawan2930391
Robin Upton0
Simon Noton8493849
Jamie Holmes8559167
Neville Bishop4938397
Richard Price1234565
Gavin Dawson3596914

H.O.T TCR Touring (26)

Daniel Yorke 3899174
James Beck7987088
Bryan Jordan7247784
Logan Toia7696063
Gael Bueno Ware8957132
Martin Irawan4776284
Robin Upton6607036
Alex Beck6170511
Rohit Ranjit3399708
Luke Duthie6881947
Stephen Li4558284
Simon Noton2499061
Hugo Noton2636941
Jamie Holmes9066458
Bradley Monahan 8856743
Neville Bishop8334127
Craig Pullar4144451
Simon Turnbull3476705
Richard Pease8585331
Jacques Fourie8868876
Gavin Dawson9465218
Karl Ellis6697643
Colin Storey8307604
Anthony Mara7340972
Wade Turner1788551
Dillenger Rawiri2403654

SCHUMACHER NZ 21.5 Touring (27)

Daniel Yorke 1912336
Regan Carter4511369
Willy Sloane6607493
Bryan Jordan9721499
Robin Upton1419302
Alex Beck3845603
Scott Wells9043169
Rohit Ranjit4842195
Mark Harling4830306
Stephen Li9392929
Scott Kendall5872095
Oliver Roberts9035779
Chris Stephens9793811
Hugo Noton8471085
Ross Wilton4051794
Bradley Monahan 6285644
Patrick Vaughan3799542
Haydn Gordon1847409
Barry Vujcich6446054
Eddie Kim1862803
Jacques Fourie7506784
Richard Price9274111
Karl Ellis4069669
Rebecca Marris5013890
Anthony Mara9283086
Peter Field4443318
Dillenger Rawiri7925905

ORCA RC 13.5 Touring (17)

Regan Carter1823757
Daniel Burrows1
Gael Bueno Ware3759941
Mark Harling9222638
Stephen Li8374666
Oliver Roberts2867344
Ricky Field3975293
Neville Bishop6497980
Craig Pullar2024117
Patrick Vaughan2452095
Haydn Gordon8043835
Simon Turnbull5026653
Ainsley Howitt7345338
Eddie Kim9468152
Richard Pease8453481
Jacques Fourie7576722
Karl Ellis9255431

LIGHTYEAR RC Mod Touring (13)

David Beck4762045
Joseph Beck3511121
Daniel Burrows1
Logan Toia4101517
Gael Bueno Ware9323594
Martin Irawan4547380
Luke Duthie9342154
Rob Stephens8633677
Simon Noton5594125
Ricky Field6011956
Jamie Holmes6459052
Ainsley Howitt8492979
Colin Storey6759411


Joseph Beck9456322
Bryan Jordan6464562
Robin Upton1
Jesse-Lee Upton2667179
Scott Wells7243007
Lauren Wells4682242
Novak Kendall5872095
Bradley Monahan 6500530
Richard Price7289389
Gavin Dawson4676861
Rebecca Marris3539341
Wade Turner1788551
Ryan Powney5694014
Amber Kendall2155237

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