November points meeting

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Our COVID-19 Plan

All race entrance / registration must be via NZRCA website.

Track venue opens approx 4.30pm for setup and racing will commence approx 6.45pm.


Event information


Christchurch Kennel Centre

701 Mcleans island Road



Doors open 16:30 for setup.

Track will be posted earlier on facebook for those there for setup.

Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the new club bank account:
Account Number: 03-0767 0067438-00.


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Name Sponsors Paid

2wd Buggy

4wd Buggy

2wd Sct

2wd Stadium Truck


Matt Paulin STR Fabrication
Ross Martin Hobby Station / Willspeed
Alex Bright
Daniel Thompson
Michael Thompson
Ben Thompson
Keith Morgan
Keith Morgan
Zachary Morgan His Mum
alan cook
Dean Wong
Damon Moffitt-Wong
Willy Sloane Hobby Station, Stadium Finance
Sammy Sloane
Jamie Van de Laar
mike maskill
Ian Rickerby HobbyStation, Team Associated
Zac Rickerby HobbyStation, Team Associated
Mark Harling
Dave Klaver
Jack Klaver
Chris Taylor
Blair Hammond
Todd Meikle
Thomas Gastaldo
James Berryman
Harley Berryman Dad
Gary Houliston
Henry Houliston

Entries by class

2wd Buggy (20)

Matt Paulin 7865906
Ross Martin4003706
Jon Cunard9755485
Alex Bright
Daniel Thompson9136314
Keith Morgan8206425
alan cook3215714
Dean Wong2715679
Willy Sloane6607493
Jamie Van de Laar7733131
mike maskill5001699
Ian Rickerby8526687
Zac Rickerby2504891
Mark Harling9311677
Jack Klaver2568460
Chris Taylor4446749
Blair Hammond6744728
Todd Meikle477652
James Berryman3527176
Gary Houliston 5100315

4wd Buggy (8)

Ross Martin5527367
Alex Bright
Willy Sloane5812464
Jamie Van de Laar9362726
Zac Rickerby7861502
Mark Harling5948652
James Berryman1041955
Gary Houliston 3082173

2wd Sct (2)

alan cook9783617
Dave Klaver2931337

2wd Stadium Truck (1)

Jon Cunard2223266

Novice (9)

Michael Thompson5946611
Ben Thompson6288860
Keith Morgan3388617
Zachary Morgan6008905
Damon Moffitt-Wong2784861
Sammy Sloane2984553
Thomas Gastaldo
Harley Berryman3839157
Henry Houliston 3130973

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