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Counties RC



2-5:30pm Open Practice
5:30-7:00pm Reedy Style Qualifying x3 Rounds
7:00-8:00pm Finals

Event Information

x3 Quali heads up racing then highest 10 cars race off for final A, then next Final B etc...

Line start heads up racing ( No grids each race ) Will be better explained on the night. Everyone races everyone over the 3 races.

2 Min warm up, 7 Minutes races, Electric and Nitro run together you choose.

4 Main prizes per round, TQ , A Main Winner, D**k of the day, B Main Winner to be done after each day.

Limited to 30 Buggies Only

Run nitro or electric you choose!

Classes Offered

8th Buggies Electric or Nitro

Payment Instructions

Twilight Buggy Series

030355-0325373-25 - Westpac

Please use Initial and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.

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Name Sponsors Paid

Nitro/Electric Buggy

Ross Webster
Alec Webster
Evan Crighton Ladyboy racing
Ben Boyt HB Outlaw RC
Jamie Neeves
ben young
Jason Blick
Bill Hartigan
Logan Toia HB Racing, Frankton Model Shop, Hobbywing, Sanwa, Outlaw RC, H.O.T Ltd, Crash Paints
Dylan Toia Frankton Model Shop
Roger Van Dorsten Outlaw RC
Jonathan Thompson
Paul Fey HOT
Mike Stratford Sworkz, Reds, Tpro
Jonathan Coluccio H.O.T
Will Pieters
Andrew Birdsall
Jeff Birse
Jeremy Cassells
Alan Looi
Oscar Looi
Josh Buxton Outlaw rc development , weld craft engineering ltd ,shallow pocket racing

Entries by class

Nitro/Electric Buggy (22)

Ross Webster 4572511
Alec Webster001
Evan Crighton7571647
Ben Boyt7723316
Jamie Neeves9442200
ben young5418892
Jason Blick5408196
Bill Hartigan9571709
Logan Toia1
Dylan Toia1
Roger Van Dorsten123456
Jonathan Thompson8982795
Paul Fey8750574
Mike Stratford 4447069
Jonathan Coluccio1009812
Will Pieters5664615
Andrew Birdsall3090874
Jeff Birse909090
Jeremy Cassells3855990
Alan Looi2063172
Oscar Looi7809393
Josh Buxton9094324

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