Counties Cup 2024
2nd-3rd March

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Event information


Station Road, Pukekohe


2nd-3rd March


7:00am – 8.00am: Gates open
8:00am – 8.30am: Drivers Briefing
8.30am – 5.00pm: Practice Seeding 5 Minute run. Qualifying Round Q1, Q2, Q3


7:00am – 8.00am: Gates open
8:00am – 8.30am: Drivers Briefing
8.30am – 5.00pm: Finals all classes
Prizegiving at conclusion


Event Information

Pro Nitro Buggy – 1 Hour A-main, 20 Min Lower Finals

Sportsman Nitro Buggy – 45 min A-main, 20 Min Lower Finals

E Buggy – 10 Min Finals

E Truggy – 7 Min Finals

Rules for Classes. This year anyone can enter either or class. If you want to run Sportsman or Pro Nitro Buggy it’s your choice. E Buggy and E Truggy is all in.

Contact Information

Shane O'Connor -

Payment Instructions

Counties RC - 01-0403-0133465-000

Please use name as Reference


One 5 Minute Seeding Round on the Saturday morning


E Buggy / E Truggy – We will have three rounds of qualifying at 7 minutes duration plus last lap.

A staggered called start system will be used for qualifying heats and your two best rounds based on points will count to your qualifying position.

Nitro Buggy – We will have three rounds of qualifying at 7 minutes duration plus last lap. An uncalled start system will be used for qualifying heats and your two best rounds based on points will count to your qualifying position.


E Buggy / E Truggy classes – We will have three Rounds of finals. Final heats will be run using a standing grid start. Your grid position will be the same for all final heats as the result of your qualifying position. Your two best final results using finishing position points will determine your overall result. In the event of a tie, your qualifying results will be used to break the tie.

Nitro Classes – Top 8 Drivers after Nitro qualifying get an automatic direct qualification into the A-main on Sunday ( No Semi bump needed ) Everyone else goes into the lower mains. Top 2 out of each final will Bump to the next.

10 Car Finals

A,B,C Finals

Race Director

Richard Price

Time Keeper

Richard Price


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


We encourage you to bring your own chairs, tables and/or shelter to the event. If you are from out of town please contact us and we will do the very best to arrange something for you.

We are also encouraging everyone to stay on site with this being a long event, Stay at the track, Live and breath the experience and just have enough time to sleep! Details on how to book here its only $ 15-20 a night!

There is water and mains power (limited to RC use only) onsite for racers to use. There are also ladies and men’s toilets onsite for your convenience.

We also request that you please take any rubbish with you when you leave the track.


Plenty of food options accross the road from track

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

Nitro Buggy Pro

Nitro Buggy Sportsman

Electric Buggy

Electric Truggy

Shane O'Connor counties Outlaw RC, HB Racing, Sanwa, JConcepts, XTR, OS Speed
Roger van Dorsten counties Outlaw RC
Ben Boyt counties Outlaw RC
Bill Hartigan counties
Villie Pieters counties
Alan Looi warccc
Oscar Looi warccc
Josh Buxton counties Mum dad weld craft engineering ltd
Lorenzo Faithfull counties Mum dad weld craft engineering outlaw racing developments
Jason Blick counties
Cameron Rea boprccc
Evan Crighton counties Kraftworx Architecture, RC Lab Racing
Alan Croft counties
Richard Harwood counties Don't tell the wife where i am
Neil White cmr
Ben Hansen counties
Ian Morecraft counties
Jonathan Thompson counties Hot rc Hobbystation
Hayden Moorhouse counties
Kelvin Yong counties hobbystation
Tyler Dobbs counties Dad
Warren Brougham cmr Semog raccing
Jason Lilley counties Rlfabricator’s, outlaw rc
Ashton Lilley counties Rlfabricator’s, outlaw rc ,Mum&Dad
Dominic, Lilley counties Rlfabricator’s, outlaw rc ,Mum&Dad
Paul Fey counties HOT
matt ewards warccc TPD
sam wong warccc HB
Cooper Hall counties
Jayden Grainger counties OUTLAW RC
Barry Hibberd cmr
Graeme McDougal hrccc RMD Speed
Carl Simmonds counties
Thomas Hechter counties
Matt Stewart boprccc Blushield nz
Basil Weyers counties
Simon Roberts counties
Logan Toia hrccc HB Racing, Jconcepts, Hobbywing, Sanwa, Gens Ace, Frankton Model Shop, Outlaw RC, Kraftworx Architecture, Crash Paints
Ben Young counties
Jamie Neeves hrccc
Robert Maskell counties Kyosho N.Z. GKR Pro Spec Fuel.
Jonathon Gillham counties
Jamie Gillham counties
Levi Young counties
Ethan Young counties
Robert Minifie gkrraceway Kyosho NZ, Muchmoore, Hobbywing, Speedi Models, Frankton Model Shop, GKR
Mike Stratford boprccc Sworkz, Reds, Tpro, Tworks, Highest servos, 6mik,
Jeff Birse counties Sworks, reds rc, 6mik
Neville Bishop nhrccc Team Zombie NZ
Scott Dudley trccc
Richard Price gkrraceway A1CRM Ltd / Zoho
Gavin Dawson gkrraceway KYOSHO HPI Maverick Enrichpower
Gavin Clements airccc Nil
Anthony Mara nhrccc Team Zombie / Team Yokomo NZ / Frankton Model Shop
Scott Keegan trccc
Jonathan Coluccio warccc H.O.T
Dylan Toia hrccc Frankton Model Shop, Yokomo, RMD Speed, Outlaw RC
Nathan Toia hrccc
Stefan Fourie counties
Russell Mahony counties
Luke Tappenden counties Mum & Dad
Craig Kelly counties

Entries by class

Nitro Buggy Pro (15)

Shane O'Connor5549197
Roger van Dorsten123456
Ben Boyt7723316
Alan Looi7809393
Neil White6076419
Jonathan Thompson8982795
Paul Fey7213693
Graeme McDougal9616613
Logan Toia4247610
Ben Young9885387
Kasey Dawson8020706
Robert Maskell4785186
Mike Stratford4447906
Jonathan Coluccio5573225
Dylan Toia7483758

Nitro Buggy Sportsman (25)

Bill Hartigan0
Villie Pieters9891564
Oscar Looi7809393
Josh Buxton9094324
Cameron Rea6682450
Evan Crighton7571647
Richard Harwood2193161
Ben Hansen8013111
Hayden Moorhouse5372919
Kelvin Yong5584806
Jason Lilley8662170
Dominic, Lilley5925739
matt ewards9837335
Jayden Grainger2341092
Barry Hibberd9953878
Matt Stewart5437218
Basil Weyers8208988
Simon Roberts1
Jamie Neeves8290818
Jonathon Gillham6709862
Jamie Gillham8854639
Jeff Birse5684408
Scott Dudley22
Scott Keegan9164861
Craig Kelly5599948

Electric Buggy (54)

Shane O'Connor7613275
Roger van Dorsten123456
Ben Boyt4555839
Bill Hartigan0
Villie Pieters5664615
Alan Looi4400525
Oscar Looi3766309
Lorenzo Faithfull1222826
Jason Blick5408196
Cameron Rea9218285
Evan Crighton9078064
Alan Croft2317201
Richard Harwood6884736
Ben Hansen4881019
Ian Morecraft4282078
Jonathan Thompson6383884
Hayden Moorhouse1079221
Kelvin Yong5283316
Tyler Dobbs4619871
Warren Brougham6069027
Jason Lilley7825073
Ashton Lilley5012573
Dominic, Lilley2366634
Paul Fey9834121
matt ewards9617521
sam wong6984127
Cooper Hall4650495
Jayden Grainger8450720
Graeme McDougal5028445
Carl Simmonds8704223
Thomas Hechter1327480
Matt Stewart1289869
Basil Weyers1815914
Simon Roberts1
Logan Toia1650766
Ben Young3091495
Jamie Neeves5610369
Kasey Dawson4252957
Robert Maskell4105671
Jonathon Gillham6709862
Jamie Gillham8854639
Levi Young1279281
Ethan Young5418892
Robert Minifie4710379
Jeff Birse5093833
Neville Bishop6415134
Richard Price1234567
Gavin Dawson9469218
Gavin Clements8830602
Anthony Mara8632696
Dylan Toia8333679
Stefan Fourie1234
Russell Mahony2371919
Luke Tappenden1965013

Electric Truggy (17)

Ben Boyt5769303
Jason Blick6069721
Alan Croft1993803
Ian Morecraft7304924
Tyler Dobbs2590961
Warren Brougham5483564
Ashton Lilley2
Thomas Hechter4987349
Simon Roberts1
Ben Young8206725
Robert Minifie4091843
Neville Bishop4337134
Gavin Dawson4676862
Jonathan Coluccio5754448
Nathan Toia1
Stefan Fourie1234
Russell Mahony4797569

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