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Our COVID-19 Plan


All entries are made online via NZRCA website.

All payments to made online into NHRCCC bank account, see details below.


No on the day entries will be taken.


Please allow for a little longer to check in on the day.

Event information


Westlake Girls High School Covered Courts

2 Wairau Road




Due to other events running at the same time, we maybe required to park in the lower carpark, It will be first come first served.




07:00 - Track setup

08:15 - Track open for Practice (at the completion of track setup)

08:45 - Drivers Briefing

09:00 - Racing commences

1500 (approx) racing completed, track break down and pack up.



Event Information

Race day has 2 qualifiers and a single final.

Qualifier 1 is based on point series  results.

Qualifier 2 is based on your overall finishing position.

A Single Final will be run for all classes. your overall class finishing result will determine your points for the round. TQ gets a single bonus point.


Race Duration,

All Touring car / Super GT will have 3 x 5 minute race heats.

Clubmans / Mini / Trucks will have 3 x 4 minute race heats

Formula 1 will have 3 x 5 minute heats 

All races will be single file grid position standing starts, and the first lap across the loop will be discarded.


No Entry Caps but you must be able to marshal or have a substitute for the race following yours.


Payment Instructions

Please make all payments to the following bank account:

North Harbour Radio Control Car Club INC



Please use the following when making payment.

In your online back please fill in the statement details as follows.

Particulars: Surname

Code: Onroad

Reference: Round #

Payments need to be made by 5 pm the day before the event.


 2x seeded rounds of qualifiers.

Fastest Qualifier will set the Finals grids


1 x single final for all classes.


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at www.nzrca.co.nz/rules.

Super GT rules can be found at www.nhrccc.org.nz or on our Facebook Page.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own. The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race, with the exception of Clubmans which is marshalled by parents/caregivers.

If you cannot marshal your race for whatever reason then you must organise a suitable substitute and let the Race Director know.


You must bring all your own neccesary pit equipment including tables, chairs, power leads etc.

Toilets are just outside the court area in the building with the deck, opposite the track.


No food sold on site, however there are food outlets nearby.

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Name Sponsors Paid


Touring Stock 21.5

Touring Stock 13.5

Touring Modified

TCR Touring

Super Gt

Formula 1

M Chassis

Daniel Yorke HOBBYWING, Schumacher, Rush, Savox, GensAce, Hobbystation
Bradley Monahan
Darryl Maslin DM Media, Montech, PowerHD, 1UP
Alex Beck Maungi Rc's, Tekin
Colin Storey Team Tekin-Maungi Rc-Xray-Rush
Haydn Gordon
Chris Stephens Team Stephens Racing Speedi Models Xpress
Martin Irawan
Jamie Holmes Awesomatix Hobbywing Zombie NZ
Kasey Hawkins Team Snikwah, Dad
Simon Jorgensen Maungi RC
Scott Wells
Lauren Wells
Neville Bishop Team Zombie NZ
Jason Helg
Stephen Li Speedi Models, Xpress, Tamiya, Muchmore
Robin Upton Gracegate
Jesse-Lee Upton Gracegate
Jamie Upton Gracegate
Andrew Monahan
Gael Bueno Ware Team Zombie NZ Yokomo NZ Frankton Model Shop
Chris Monahan
Michael Game Gracegate
Shayne Nam CreateIP
Flynn Nam CreateIP
Rommel Lopez
Barry Vujcich
Wade Turner
Antonio Noblejas Tui Tattoo and Art studio
Mark Richardson PROTECTIT LTD
Ryan Powney
Patrick Vaughan
Greg Powney
Michael Hawkins Team Snikwah, NHRCCC
Simon Turnbull
Hunter Monahan
Richard Pease Visa
Matthew van der Haas
Michael van der Haas Maungi R/C
Peter Field
Richard Wihongi
James Anderson ACS
Drew Miller Drew Miller
Adam Wyndham
Blake Wheeler
Adam Croy Kyosho, GKR ProSpec
Richard Price A1CRM
Dillenger Rawiri

Entries by class

Clubmans (16)

Kasey Hawkins741774237
Jamie Upton098
Andrew Monahan9134263..
Chris Monahan 0.
Michael Game00
Shayne Nam973393986
Flynn Nam169276468
Mark Richardson842550240
Ryan Powney5694014
Greg Powney1185388
Michael Hawkins6959998
Hunter Monahan0.
Peter Field873602115
Drew Miller851157335
Blake Wheeler425429296
Adam Croy5092302

Touring Stock 21.5 (20)

Daniel Yorke191233669
Bradley Monahan6285644000
Darryl Maslin21288315
Alex Beck384560335
Haydn Gordon184740954
Chris Stephens9793811
Simon Jorgensen480375471
Jason Helg 875737680
Stephen Li939292977
Robin Upton141930275
Rommel Lopez215478962
Antonio Noblejas461996219
Patrick Vaughan37995424
Michael Hawkins6959998
Michael van der Haas831844313
Peter Field444332315
Richard Wihongi537749424
Richard Price 7289389
Dillenger Rawiri7925905275
Gavin Dawson 217706250

Touring Stock 13.5 (11)

Haydn Gordon804383555
Neville Bishop649798007
Jason Helg 304635680
Stephen Li837466677
Gael Bueno Ware375994111
Rommel Lopez943720262
Patrick Vaughan24520954
Richard Pease8453481100
Michael van der Haas453740313
James Anderson402468748
Adam Wyndham368648021

Touring Modified (5)

Colin Storey67594113
Martin Irawan454738027
Jamie Holmes645905230
Gael Bueno Ware932359411
Simon Turnbull112847187

TCR Touring (22)

Daniel Yorke389917469
Bradley Monahan8856743000
Darryl Maslin50133035
Alex Beck617051135
Colin Storey83076042
Chris Stephens8679158
Martin Irawan477628427
Jamie Holmes906645830
Kasey Hawkins741774237
Simon Jorgensen148665471
Lauren Wells982275325
Neville Bishop833412707
Robin Upton660703675
Gael Bueno Ware895713211
Barry Vujcich768246143
Antonio Noblejas623570119
Simon Turnbull347670587
Richard Pease8585331100
Michael van der Haas125797013
Richard Wihongi537749424
Dillenger Rawiri2403654275
Gavin Dawson 946921850

Super Gt (21)

Bradley Monahan6500530000
Scott Wells724300722
Lauren Wells468224225
Stephen Li455828477
Robin Upton178855175
Jesse-Lee Upton 266717929
Andrew Monahan9134263.
Michael Game00
Shayne Nam973399786
Flynn Nam169276468
Wade Turner018
Mark Richardson842550220
Ryan Powney5694014
Simon Turnbull937627487
James Anderson873522948
Drew Miller851157335
Adam Wyndham880981221
Blake Wheeler425429296
Adam Croy5092302
Richard Price 4493138
Gavin Dawson 467686250

Formula 1 (8)

Daniel Yorke200741869
Martin Irawan293039127
Jamie Holmes855916730
Neville Bishop493839707
Jason Helg 800749580
Matthew van der Haas733001549
Richard Price 9054535
Gavin Dawson 359691450

M Chassis (1)

Drew Miller851157335

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