Gizzy RC Champs
1-3 March 2024

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Event information


269 Waingake rd.



1-3 March 2024


 12:00pm till 6:00pm

 Open Track Practice 



7:30am Gates open

9:00am Drivers Breifing

9:15am Controlled Practice/Seeding

11:00am Qualifing Round One

1:00pm Qualifing Round Two

3:00pm Mains Round one


7:30am Gates Open

9:00am Drivers Breifing

10:00am Mains Round two

12:00pm Mains Round Three

2:00pm Prize Giving


The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Event Information

We have no mains power but we will have generators available to use for charging batteries.

Entry Details

To race with us you need to be a member of the Gizzy RC Club or a NZRCA licence holder.

Control Tyres

No Control tires. 

Tires that work are Sprinters, Goosebumbs, holeshots, Double Dees.

Our track is pretty similar to the Hawks Bay club track as a refrence. 

Contact Information

Matthew Spackman 0224017489

Payment Instructions

Please Bank transfer to 

Gizzy RC Club 



Friday afternoon is open practice

Saturday morning is practice and seeding for Qualifying


Two rounds of 5 minute Qualifying

Best overall race result from the two rounds counts


Points taken from best two results per driver 

Race Director

Matthew Spackman

Time Keeper

Matthew Spackman


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at

Prize Giving

Tropheys for top three finishers in each class


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify the Race Director of such arrangements.


Bring plenty of food, water and energy drinks 

Other info

This will be our first major race meet for our club. We hope that lots of out of town racers will join us for an awesome weekend of racing!

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Sutherland Automotive & Gas and Gear

JT Contracting

Pro Build

Elite Hobbies

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Name Club Sponsors Paid


2wd Buggy

4wd Modified Buggy

2wd SCT

4wd SCT

4wd Stock Buggy

1/8 Buggy

2wd Stadium Truck

Mark Headley gizzyrc
Dave Brew gizzyrc Savage Performance team whyh8 racing
Shane Preston gizzyrc Elite Hobbies, Norwood Ltd
Lance Sutherland gizzyrc Elite hobbies , tekno rc , Sutherland automotive, Gas N Gear
Matthew Spackman gizzyrc & Tekno RC
Julian Hardy mrccc PR Racing NZ, WCS Ltd
Jeremy Pope gizzyrc Kramp NZ, Power Farming NZ, Elite Hobbies,
Michael Palmer hbrccc PCR
Shaun O’Connor gizzyrc Elite hobby’s/pending
Edward Rustad gizzyrc
Perry Field hbrccc
Mason Field hbrccc
Ben White gizzyrc
Joseph white gizzyrc
Dylan Saywell gizzyrc
Paul Farmer gizzyrc Sutherland Automotive Gas & Gear
Matthew Evans mrcraceway
Daniel Contreras-Rojas gizzyrc Elite Hobbies, TeknoRC, InfinityIT
Brett Hyslop mrccc
James Paton hbrccc
Donovan paton hbrccc
Kenley Brown hblss One 7 RC, XRAY NZ, Fantom Racing, FX Engines, Hyper Performance Products
Josefa Contreras-Rojas gizzyrc Elite Hobbies, TeknoRC, InfinityIT
Isaiah Brenchley gizzyrc
Tomas Contreras-Rojas gizzyrc Dad
Sebastian Rogers gizzyrc
Scott Brownhill hrccc HOT RC - TLR - ORCA - SAVOX - GENS ACE - JETKO
John Mead hbrccc Aged Concern
Gus Hopkins gizzyrc
Shane Gollop counties H.O.T. LTD TLR-Proline-JetKo-Gensace-Orca-Savox-Arrowmax
Jamie Roberts gizzyrc
Bentley Chapman gizzyrc More FM
Chris brooking gizzyrc Gizzy rc

Entries by class

Juniors (9)

Mason Field4730261
Joseph white7589784
Josefa Contreras-Rojas
Isaiah Brenchley9991038
Tomas Contreras-Rojas
Sebastian Rogers 1
Gus Hopkins
Jamie Roberts3168116
Bentley Chapman

2wd Buggy (13)

Matthew Spackman9441280
Julian Hardy7467324
Michael Palmer9095112
Shaun O’Connor1040526
Perry Field9210966
Dylan Saywell4065749
Matthew Evans9889135
James Paton4706704
Donovan paton8277828
Kenley Brown17
John Mead2358670
Shane Gollop2465241
Chris brooking8200713

4wd Modified Buggy (11)

Lance Sutherland8460113
Julian Hardy7817157
Jeremy Pope4534763
Shaun O’Connor7807708
Perry Field6206037
Dylan Saywell3030709
Daniel Contreras-Rojas4899163
Brett Hyslop6782
Kenley Brown17
Josefa Contreras-Rojas
Scott Brownhill4778877

2wd SCT (11)

Dave Brew2162492
Shane Preston1269825
Matthew Spackman7133016
Julian Hardy7467324
Jeremy Pope9153738
Ben White7589784
Dylan Saywell7588836
Daniel Contreras-Rojas9535872
James Paton5674021
Donovan paton8879578
Chris brooking3329278

4wd SCT (10)

Mark Headley9451982
Dave Brew2162492
Shane Preston1269825
Lance Sutherland8990026
Jeremy Pope7137622
Edward Rustad6098170
Paul Farmer7783580
Daniel Contreras-Rojas9192818
Isaiah Brenchley9991038
Scott Brownhill3028044

4wd Stock Buggy (11)

Dave Brew2162492
Shane Preston7745388
Lance Sutherland6028080
Shaun O’Connor7807708
Dylan Saywell2955328
Paul Farmer8088758
Matthew Evans8584388
Brett Hyslop5678
Kenley Brown17
John Mead6822577
Shane Gollop3755468

1/8 Buggy (10)

Mark Headley9451982
Dave Brew6754036
Julian Hardy7654321
Paul Farmer1891299
Matthew Evans6137388
Daniel Contreras-Rojas4899163
Brett Hyslop98767
Josefa Contreras-Rojas
Scott Brownhill5602737
Shane Gollop4443979

2wd Stadium Truck (5)

Shane Preston7745388
Matthew Spackman
Mason Field7351658
Dylan Saywell4868756
Josefa Contreras-Rojas

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