2024 Doin' It! In the DIRT! On the CITRUS BOWL. Check our FB page for all the details R5
Sunday 19 May 2024

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Entries close at 11:59pm 19th May, 2024

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Covid Safety Plan: 

We are committed to holding safe events, and rely on everyone to play their part. We are all fully aware of the situation, so in the meantime, if you feel unwell, please stay at home and use good hygiene practises while on site. 

Event information


21 Raukawa Road, RD10


Leave Palmerston North via Napier Road, Heading towards Ashhurst.

Raukawa Road is on your right approximately 6km from the 100kph sign.

Turn left in approx 250m to Innerwell lane then into the track at the sign. Park in the field.


There is ample onsite parking. We recommend you park on the track perimeter, with the row closest to the track being no closer than 3m for pedestrian movements. 

Power is available on site, there are 3 access points. 1 is beside the timing shed, the next is behind Mt Raukawa and the third is on the workshop 


Spectators entry is free and encouraged.  Spectators can also drive into the park, and go through to the second paddock to park. Please be careful of cars racing and listen to marshalls at the entry for safe passage.


Sunday 19 May 2024


Gates and track open at 0730am

Any late registrations are required to be in by 0815 at the latest. If you are running late, and have not entered, just give us a quick ring/message/text well sort you out.  Track closes at 0900am. Heats will be posted, and a quick welcome to the event.

0910 Welcome

0925 Juniors first race

Amazing new RIR track is certainly a technical beast and offers a great deal of speed for those who are prepared to throw the gauntlet and give it a real crack. We cannot control the weather and all updates regarding the meeting will be on the facebook page. 

Event Information

Welcome to Raukawa International Raceway, - the best International rc track in Ashhurst. We pride ourselves on making sure you and your team have a great day racing. With our workshop and store on site, we will do our very best to ensure that once you start racing, you will be able to finish your day with us.

We run our own unique designed race formats, 3 rounds, 1 Marble draw, next Reverse finish order, 3 race points. 

As you enter LiveRC will randomly put you in a qualifier race. You will be resorted into new heats after race 1, and from slowest to fastest.

Feature races also have more cars in them, up to 15 cars.

Race 1 is a marble draw. 5 Minutes

Race 2 start is reverse of finish order of round 1 in your heat. 5 Minutes

Race 3 is based on points earned from H1 & H2. Lowest points to the front. Up to 15 cars per heat (maybe more depending on numbers) and 5 minutes duration plus last lap. Make sure you have your batteries fully charged and ready to go for the final. 


Entry Details

If you enter late, you cause the meeting to run late. Be a helpful kiwi and enter during the week so we can load the heats early and get the day into racing when the track is at its best. 

Classes Offered

We offer the following classes on all our race days. 

Juniors, 17.5T 2WD Buggy, 17.5T 4WD Buggy, Stadium Truck, 2WD Short Course Truck, Modified Buggy, Juniors 2 (a second race in the round for juniors with a single car) Novice Buggy, 1:8 E-Buggy, 4WD SCT. If you are unsure or new to the club, get in touch we will advise the best option for you.

Control Tyres

In all classes we recommend JConcept Goosebumps or JConcept Sprinters.

We have stocks of tires on site.

It is not a requirement, and we are aware that other tires do work better in some circumstances, but this is our preference. 

Contact Information

Julian Hardy

0274 434343

Payment Instructions

Race fees are fixed at $10 first car and $10 for every additional class. $40 family if more than 4 cars entered accross the family and, $10 Junior regardless of number of classes you enter.

Once you have entered, you may pay your entry fee in the following ways:

EFTPOS available on site 

Direct to bank account. - Please bring proof at sign in



Practise is available to all drivers from when gates open to 0730 to 0845am


Points are earned on every race of the Kingz of Dirt Series. Each round has 3 races and the points are tallied every round. Best 4 rounds of 11 will count towards the annual points series in 2023.

Time Keeper



None at club days. If you want to win a club trophy really badly, get in touch with Hulio for a replica.

Lap Timing

Live RC and AMB.

We run AMB 4.3 meaning all MRT and AMB transponders can be read. 


You must marshall the heat after your race. If you have a double up please get soemone else to cover that race.

Marshalling is the most important part of racing and if no-one does it, then the day drags. Just get out there, you do learn lots of lines and techniques if you are sharp. 


Mowen grass pit area, 240V Power, air compressor. Bring your own tables, chairs, ezups. Ezups must be pegged - this is the Manawatu afterall.


P&B Snacks will have a small stall running. 

All rubbish brought to the track needs to be picked up and taken away. A single rubbish bin will be behind the drivers stand.


We will advise on our facebook page any updates.

Should this also be wet, the event will be cancelled.

Alternative Venue



Advised on the FB page. 

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

O - Juniors

O - 17.5 2WD Buggy

O - Short Course Trucks

O - Modified Buggy

O - Juniors2

O - Novice

O - E-Buggy

O - Vintage 540 / Brushed RM

O - 17.5 4WD Buggy

O - Stadium Trucks

O - 4WD Short Course Truck

O - 20 Lapper

Darren Wickham mrccc DW DESIGN
Scott Waite cmr Capital RC
Julian Hardy mrccc WCS, PR Racing NZ
Craig Dooley cmr SQN Consulting
Stephen Humphries mrccc Air Conditioning&Plumbing
Jack Humphries mrccc Air Conditioning&Plumbing
Warren Coles cmr
Corban Coles mrccc
Charlie Grocott mrccc
Matt Lester mrccc
Flynn Ventor mrccc PR Racing NZ
Mason Job mrccc
Graham Job mrccc
Mike Toxward mrccc
Paul Tayler mrccc
Michael Harkness mrccc
Jason Harkness mrccc
Jacob Flynn mrccc n/a
Nicolas Flynn mrccc n/a
Kyle Flynn mrccc n/a
Glenn Coles mrccc
Shannon Meyer mrccc
Luca Meyer mrccc
Austin Calder mrccc Parents
James Blackley mrccc Parents
Alex Bennett mrccc

Entries by class

O - Juniors (9)

Darren Wickham
Charlie Grocott7665054
Mason Job6897053
Mike Toxward
Jacob Flynn7039058
Luca Meyer
Austin Calder3734116
James Blackley4574477
Alex Bennett123

O - 17.5 2WD Buggy (6)

Scott Waite1
Julian Hardy7467324
Craig Dooley1477945
Corban Coles1822499
Flynn Ventor1234
Kyle Flynn7125478

O - Short Course Trucks (11)

Darren Wickham7595607
Scott Waite1
Matt Lester
Flynn Ventor1234
Paul Tayler
Michael Harkness
Nicolas Flynn9342507
Kyle Flynn8698058
Shannon Meyer
Austin Calder3734116
James Blackley4574477

O - Modified Buggy (3)

Stephen Humphries3581757
Flynn Ventor1234
Jason Harkness

O - Juniors2 (7)

Charlie Grocott7665054
Mason Job6897053
Jacob Flynn7039058
Luca Meyer
Austin Calder3734116
James Blackley4574477
Alex Bennett123

O - Novice (1)

Jack Humphries2423748

O - E-Buggy (6)

Julian Hardy7654321
Stephen Humphries3795675
Warren Coles
Matt Lester
Paul Tayler
Alex Bennett123

O - Vintage 540 / Brushed RM (4)

Graham Job3794466
Jason Harkness
Kyle Flynn3433021
Glenn Coles1

O - 17.5 4WD Buggy (9)

Scott Waite1
Craig Dooley5899702
Jack Humphries8915308
Corban Coles2512272
Matt Lester
Graham Job3624077
Michael Harkness
Jason Harkness
Nicolas Flynn2800540

O - Stadium Trucks (3)

Scott Waite1
Warren Coles
Corban Coles4859921

O - 4WD Short Course Truck (4)

Warren Coles
Corban Coles3915185
Paul Tayler
Alex Bennett123

O - 20 Lapper (0)

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