Targa Touring and Baja Buggy Rally
Friday 1 November 2024

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Tay Street



Friday 1 November 2024

6:30pm Track Build followed with open practice.

7:25pm Drivers Briefing.

7:30pm Racing Begins. 

Entry Details

Please enter through this events registration page.

Classes Offered

We typically run a 12 race programme on a Friday night.

The classes that are most popular are Touring Stock 21.5, Mini, and 2wd Buggy.

On occasions we have run an additional class such as Short Course Truck and Tamiya TT02.

Class variations are easy to make through the portal and can be updated as the season progresses.

Control Tyres

Mini - Rubber Radial

Buggy - Open

Touring Car - Foam 

Tamiya TT02 - Foam/Rubber Radial

Payment Instructions

We accept cash payments on race night.


Each class will have two 5 minute qualifying rounds.

Q1 - Grid start format.

Q2 - Reverse grid start format.


Each class will have one 5 minute final.

Final - Grid start based on your fastest race time from Q1 or Q2.


Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at https://www.nzrca.co.nz/rules

Lap Timing

Mylaps decoder with Livetime software. 

If you do not have a personal transponder, you may use one of the clubs 10 transponders available. You may select a free number available from 1 to 10 when you register online.

Otherwise please enter your Pt. number when you register online.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.

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Touring Stock 21.5

Indoor Buggy / Short Course

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