2024 TIRCCC Open Championships
12th-13th October 2024

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Entries close at 11:59pm 4th October, 2024

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Our COVID-19 Plan

If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home. Please pay online on the dated indicated below Handsanitiser on committee Table Please note that this Covid Protocols are subject to change anytime before the event as we received instructions and guidelines from governing bodies that the club is required to follow.

Event information


Mount Sports Complex

Maunganui Road corner Hull Road

Mount Maunganui


Parking around the venue, please come early as close parking becomes scarce as other sports in the area


12th-13th October 2024


7:00am - Doors Open and track build P1, S1 Seeding, Q1, Q2, Q3 07:00 Gates Open 08:00 am Driver Briefing 8:30am-6pm Racing


Sunday F1, F2, F3 07:00 Gates Open 08:00 am Driver Briefing 8:30am-4pm Racing

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change at the discretion of Race Director/Control in consultation with Club Committee if needed.

Entry Details

Entries Close 6pm Friday 4th October 2024, including Payment to the supplied bank details. Entries will open at the time of publication of these regulations. Entry limit of 140 cars. Should we breach the limit, we’ll keep the 141st cars and above as wait list, and after checking for non-payment on the 4th-October, we’ll notify those in wait list that will have a slot for them. We will communicate the cut off point via Clubs Facebook Page. Entering the event is deemed a contract between you the competitor and us the organiser. As such we have done the best we can to meet the expectations of you the competitor and that we will run the event unless conditions of force majure occur. As such we will not be offering refunds. Should you wish to apply for a refund, we will only accept a formal withdraw via email at least 10 days prior to the event for this to occur. Entries will not be accepted after the closing date.

Classes Offered

A minimum of 5 entries is required for a class to run. Any class with less than 5 entries will be removed from the event schedule. Note that Junior Sportsman 2wd Buggy 17.5t - is open only those 16 years old and below and who have not won any National or Major Event in NZ or abroad. Juniors who enter here are allowed to enter the general 2wd Buggy 17.5t class.Note that Vintage Pre-95(brushed - silver can only. Follow NZRCA Rules. Johnson 540s or Mabuchi 540s or Kyosho G27 540, closed can, sealed end bell, brushed, with non-replaceable brushes and bushes.)

Contact Information

TIRCCC Club President - Thomas Deelstra 021 650 054

Payment Instructions

TIRCCC Westpac Bank 03-0435-0002777-000 (use your name as Reference and Code , "TGA Champs" as Particulars) Race Fees for the event are:-$55.00 for the first car$35.00 for each additional car


1 round Seeding Practice All Classes. 4 mins. 3 fastest consecutive laps will determine seeding for the Qualifying Round.


3 rounds of Qualifying 5 mins ,All Classes. Top 2 qualifying result to determine Finals Grid.


Rounds of finals. Your grid position will be the same for all final heats as the result of your qualifying position. 5 Minute Duration, Your two best final results using finishing position points will determine your overall result. In the event of a tied position, the driver with the single best finishing position in either of the best two (2) finals that counted, will be awarded the tie, in the event of a continuing tie, then the laps and times from the best finishing position will be compared and the one with the fastest laps and time total will be awarded the tie. If still continuing, then times from the second best position will be compared.

Race Director

Darryl Maslin -If you piss him off, you are out of the race.

Time Keeper

Darryl Maslin


All drivers must be a current financial member of an NZRCA affiliated club and hold a current NZRCA licence. Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at https://www.nzrca.co.nz/rules.


Be in the Scrutineering table 2 mins before start of your race. Straight after your race place cars on scrutineering table.

Prize Giving

We are aiming to have Prize Giving following completion of the finals and pack up of the track on Sunday Afternoon.

Lap Timing

Mylaps Lap Scoring System


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.A driver may arrange a competent substitute and notify race control of such arrangements.


Racers are adviced to bring their own tables. Chairs available in Venue. No Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking and vaping (Mount Sports Centre is a non-smoking area)


New World and the Central Parade in Mount Maunganui is a 5-minute walk from the venue.


Event will only be cancelled in the case of "force majure" to be decided on by Race Director along with present Club Committee. Should we encounter a further COVID issue or similar event, we will postpone to a future date.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

2wd Buggy 17.5t

2wd Buggy 10.5t

2wd Truck 17.5t

2wd Truck 10.5t

4wd Buggy 17.5t

4wd Buggy 8.5t

2wd Shortcourse

Vintage - Pre-95

Junior Sportsman 2wd Buggy 17.5t

4wd buggy 17.5t

Allan Buchan tirccc Send-it RC, Mugen Seiki NZ, Sweep, Surpass
Bernard Cristobal tirccc Outlaw RC, Building Ideas, Send It RC
Matthew MacCormick tirccc
Jamie Neeves hrccc
Thomas Deelstra tirccc
David Sweeney hrccc Frankton Model Shop, Team Zombie NZ
Timothy Warner hrccc
Thomas Warner hrccc
Vincent Warner hrccc
Dwayne Fletcher boprccc
Craig Snowdon tirccc Building ideas
Tyler Fletcher boprccc
Doran Simon tirccc
Jared Sorensen boprccc Send it RC, Asa Grafix, Mugen Seiki, Sweep, Surpass
David West hrccc
Simon Roberts counties
Doran Simon tirccc
Jared Coombes tirccc Frankton Model Shop Yokomo Crash Paints
Jackson Coombes tirccc Frankton Model Shop Yokomo Surpass Crash Paints
Ben Young counties Ben Cable Electrical LTD
Ethan Young counties Ben Cable Electrical LTD
Tyler Fletcher boprccc

Entries by class

2wd Buggy 17.5t (20)

Allan Buchan8601124
Bernard Cristobal7810290
Matthew MacCormick9725063
Jamie Neeves8486813
David Sweeney8486117
Timothy Warner1019946
Thomas Warner1295258
Vincent Warner4404082
Tyler Fletcher4013308
Doran Simon4216393
Jared Sorensen5225928
David West9423162
Ethan Lilly3529145
Kaleb Lilly3314646
Michael Lilly2794498
Simon Roberts1
Doran Simon4216393
Jared Coombes2995809
Jackson Coombes4387177
Ethan Young2295127

2wd Buggy 10.5t (3)

Dwayne Fletcher8575887
Jared Sorensen7925004
Ben Young9341248

2wd Truck 17.5t (5)

Jamie Neeves1286557
Thomas Deelstra5493153
David Sweeney3055378
David West2919828
Simon Roberts1

2wd Truck 10.5t (1)

Allan Buchan7730706

4wd Buggy 17.5t (11)

Allan Buchan2894065
Bernard Cristobal4424983
Matthew MacCormick6579510
Jamie Neeves5932975
Doran Simon2396977
David West5039088
Michael Lilly2794499
Simon Roberts1
Doran Simon2396977
Jared Coombes4694959
Jackson Coombes4745800

4wd Buggy 8.5t (1)

Ben Young8206725

2wd Shortcourse (2)

Bernard Cristobal8624187
Thomas Deelstra7945823

Vintage - Pre-95 (2)

Matthew MacCormick4683896
Craig Snowdon1

Junior Sportsman 2wd Buggy 17.5t (7)

Thomas Warner1295258
Vincent Warner4404082
Ethan Lilly3529144
Kaleb Lilly3314645
Jackson Coombes4745800
Ethan Young2295127
Tyler Fletcher4013308

4wd buggy 17.5t (1)

Ben Young1279281

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