New Zealand 1/8th off-Road Nationals
26th April - 28th April 2024

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Our COVID-19 Plan

If your feel sick practice social distancing or stay home.

Event information


Race Track is situated at the north end between the estuary and the Nelson A&P showgrounds on Queen st Richmond. Entry is through gate Nextdoor to Crocket Club. Richmond side of grounds. Please respect speed limits as this is a shared facility with nelson Harness Racing.


Plenty off parking at track. Please concider others when choosing your pit site. Main parking to be at south end of Site between entry gate on grass adjacent and parallel to fence line. Please keep immediate pits free from passenger vehicles.


All spectators encouraged and welcome


26th April - 28th April 2024


Track open for uncontrolled practice on Thursday 25th April from 9am onwards.

This will be Monitored by the time keeper so please obey the rules, 1 x 10 minute session followed by 10 minutes marshalling

Friday-Gates open 7am

Drivers briefing 8am.

8.15 Concourse and competor photo's

Concours will be judged buy a vote balet. People's Choice! Please have votes in at end of Fridays scedule.

First rounds @ 8.30am

2 x Rounds of controlled practice, 

3 x rounds Qualifying

all classes.

5 minute heats with 8 minutes turn around.

Track closes @ Dark

If Qualifing runs to scedule and time is left prior to dark then track will open for uncontrolled practice. A.K.A fill your boots! As per Thursday Rulz will apply.

Any Questions please contact

Zach Paulin 0211045732 Before 9.30pm

Mark Johnston 021496606 Before 9pm


Gates open 7am

Round 4 Qualifying starts 8.30

1 x Round of Qualifying

Results into mains will be best 2 x qualifying result.

Tree mains for nitro as per Nzrca 2024 Rule Book

Triple 10min mains E-Buggy A B C Zero Bumps

Truggy A main 45 mins.

Mains Sructure as per NZRCA Rules 2024 but maybe subject to change if approved by NZRCA.

And subject to change based on entry numbers and/or race Organisors discretion.

Any Questions please contact

Zach Paulin 0211045732 before 9.30pm

Mark Johnston 021496606 before 9pm



E buggy mains

Nitro buggy mains

Special Mains. 45+ and or Junior Final. 16yrs and under. 15 minutes.

Prize Giving at completion of event.

Trophies awarded.





The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on weather, entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control

Entry Details

Due to circumstances with corresponding events late entries will be considered.

Final shut of will be....... Depends how good your story is!!!

Contact Zach Paulin


Contact Information

Zach Paulin 0211045732

Mark Johnston 021496606

Brad Barton 0221326947

Payment Instructions

Please make payments to

Kiwi bank

Nelson branch


Please use initial and surname


Track is open from 9am Thursday the 25th april 2024 till dark. Uncontrolled practise. 10 minute session followed by 10 minute + marshall session. This will be monitored!


As per NZRCA Sanctioned event Rules 2024.

Subject to change upon NZRCA Approval


As per NZRCA Sanctioned event Rules 2024.

Subject to change upon NZRCA Approval

Race Director

Matt Banks

Time Keeper

Tina Harris


 Rules follow the NZRCA, which can be found at

Prize Giving

Prize Giving held at end of event.


Drivers must marshal the race following their own.
The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.
A driver may arrange a competent substitute if and only they have prior racing experience and is agreed upon by race director, they must notify the Time keeper of such arrangements.


Nelson club is an unpowered site. The club does have solar power for important devices. There will be Generators on site and should be plenty of pwer to go around. Please bring what you can and prepare the best you can. Plenty gazebo's and tables too go around.... Chairs are a limited supply so please contact race organisor to arrange anything that you can not organise for yourself. Happy to help and find a solution to suit any special needs.


Please cater for yourself. There will be a bbq onsite for you to fry up a mean feed. Mcdonalds and NPD fuel station with food accross the road on Queen street within 5 minutes of the track. They will provide you with as much food as your heart desires.


A quick google search will provide you with more than enough options. At least 1 x person will be staying on site at track through out the night to manage security.


The weather will be perfect with amazing track conditions as April brings the Hero Dirt.


Any Cancellations and/or timetable changes will be announced on NRCCC Facebook page.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

Nitro Buggy

Electric buggy

Nitro Truggy

Neil White cmr
Zachary Paulin nrccc Reds Rc, Zm Design & Engineering
Alex Bright circcc
Brad Barton nrccc
Mark Johnston nrccc
Bevan Burney brccc
Jeff Stone harewood Hobbystation Nova
Kent Perry nrccc
Dontae Anderson brccc
Barry Hibberd cmr
Scott Davis cmr
Matt Paulin harewood Basik Transport
Liam Meikle harewood
Todd Meikle harewood
Alexander Isaksson cmr
Gary Houliston crccc
Henry Houliston crccc
Ayden Stallard nrccc EndpointRC, One7RC
Riannon Brougham cmr Semog raccing
Warren Brougham cmr Semog raccing
Adam Palmer harewood
Hayden Palmer harewood

Entries by class

Nitro Buggy (15)

Neil White6076419
Zachary Paulin2311425
Alex Bright9463203
Brad Barton0000
Mark Johnston-1
Bevan Burney10
Jeff Stone9246708
Jayden Jamieson4061799
Kent Perry7902054
Dontae Anderson00
Barry Hibberd9953879
Scott Davis9220743
Matt Paulin 6856164
Liam Meikle4818955
Ayden Stallard6549833

Electric buggy (14)

Zachary Paulin9316820
Alex Bright2536760
Brad Barton0000
Mark Johnston1
Jayden Jamieson9011099
Dontae Anderson0
Matt Paulin 8450715
Todd Meikle3067156
Alexander Isaksson3705298
Gary Houliston4515239
Henry Houliston2900653
Riannon Brougham7729081
Adam Palmer5173428
Hayden Palmer2907855

Nitro Truggy (10)

Neil White1577560
Zachary Paulin6417702
Brad Barton0000
Mark Johnston-1
Bevan Burney1
Jayden Jamieson3453890
Barry Hibberd3842797
Matt Paulin 2814078
Ayden Stallard4369158
Warren Brougham5483564

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