Mainland RC Auckland Astro Masters 2024
29-30 June 2024

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Just don't be a dumb ass and turn up when you're sick.

Event information


Action Indoor Sports Waitakere

133 Central Park Drive




Plenty of offroad parking at the venue. Additional parks at the rear.


Free entry for spectators.


29-30 June 2024


Track will be setup on Friday night so ready to go come the morning.  Times based on maximum entries, so subject to change.

0700 - Doors Open
0745 - Drivers Briefing
0800 - Two rounds of controlled practice followed by three rounds of Qualifying
2030 Racing Finishes – Track Closed 


Times based on maximum entries, so subject to change.

0800 - Doors Open
0845 - Driver Briefing
0900 - Three Rounds of main start
1700 - Prizegiving

The timetable is approximate only, and subject to change. Dependant on entry numbers, other factors. At the discretion of Race Control.

Event Information

The third annual Mainland RC Auckland Astro Masters for 1/10th cars hosted by AIRCCC.  Will be EPIC! 

Entries to be at 10 cars per mod and stock truck class, 20 for Vintage.  Limited to 200 cars and 20 heats max.

Entries will not be accepted after the closing date. 

Send it.

Entry Details

No limit of number of cars per person.

Classes Offered

2WD Stock 17.5t

2WD Mod 10.5t

4WD Stock 17.5t

4WD Mod 8.5t

Stadium Truck Stock 17.5t (10 Max)

Stadium Truck 10.5t (10 Max)

Vintage Pre95 G20 (20 Max)

Control Tyres

Open tyres

Payment Instructions

Online Payments Only

Payment must be received before midnight of the 26th of June.

Account Number: 01-0495-0368666-00
Please use Initial and Surname as reference and 'masters' as code so we can ensure your payment has been received.  


2 rounds of controlled practice to be offered. Best consecutive 3 laps to count towards seeding for Qualifying rounds  


3 rounds of Qualifying to held on Saturday. Qualifying to be done via a staggered start system. Your single best qualifying round is to be counted towards your finals position.


Finals to be run over 3 races with points awarded for each race based on placings. Your two best final results will determine your overall result.
Final starting positions to be based on the results from Qualifying, with the fastest/highest qualifier on Grid 1 descending in qualifying order to the maximum number of racers in the heat. The grid order is fixed for remainder of meeting regardless of race results. 

Race Director

Darryl Maslin

Time Keeper

Darryl Maslin


All vehicles and batteries to conform to NZRCA indoor offroad regulations. 

Vintage class allows brushed silver can motor (include Torque Tune, G27, G20 and G2X.


Cars to be checked randomly of the course of the event to ensure they comply with NZRCA rules.

All place getters will also be checked.

Prize Giving

Prize giving will be held at the end of the event on Sunday,

Lap Timing

MyLaps RC4 transponder required


Drivers must marshal the race following their own. The first race will be marshalled by the drivers of the last race.


Pit area available inside main building on one of the additional courts. No pitting allowed in the main foyer area or upstairs (reserved for committee and race director). You must provide table and chairs. AIRCCC will have a few spares for those that are travelling, please reach out to the club. 


A food truck will be on-site (TBC).  Snack food available from the inhouse bar.  Fast food outlets nearby.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

2wd Stock 17.5 (Closed)

2wd Mod 10.5 (Closed)

4wd Stock 17.5 (Closed)

4wd Mod 8.5

Stadium Truck Stock 17.5 (Closed)

Stadium Truck Mod 10.5 (Closed)

Vintage Pre95

Logan Toia hrccc Yokomo, Frankton Model Shop, Jconcepts, Hobbywing, Sanwa, Outlaw RC, H.O.T Ltd, Crash Paints
Steve Loomes airccc Mainland rc. Lrp nz. Srt.
Daniel Yorke nhrccc HOBBYWING, Schumacher, Rush, Savox, GensAce, Hobbystation
Dylan Toia hrccc Yokomo, Hobbywing, Frankton Model Shop, Outlaw RC
Craig Snowdon tirccc Building Ideas
Craig Pullar airccc Mainland rc, maungi rc
Colin Storey nhrccc Team Tekin-Maungi Rc-Tlr-Proline
Tayla Yorke airccc Dad
Matthew Fitness airccc Maungi RC
Mark Gregory hbrccc schumacher
Mike Hunt airccc Hobby Station, Team Associated NZ, JC Racing Products
Nathan Toia hrccc Frankton Model Shop
Shane Gollop counties HOT-Gens ace-Orca-R1-TLR-Proline-Arrowmax
Adrian Lorenzen gkrraceway Maungi RC
Rhys Kerrigan airccc
Kasey Hawkins airccc Team Snikwah, Dad!
Dan Bone airccc Bone racing
David West hrccc
Gareth Lambert airccc
John Fitness airccc MainlandRC, JC Racing Products
Stefan Fourie counties
Gael Bueno Ware nhrccc Team Zombie NZ Yokomo NZ Frankton Model Shop
Michael Hawkins airccc Team Snikwah
Brandon Hodge hrccc
Ryland Lambert airccc
Jamie Woolright airccc MItsubishi, Pirelli, BP
Luke Prattley mcr Mainland RC, Schumacher NZ, LRP, SRT, Elceram
Stu Macferson airccc
Jonathan Thompson counties
Gavin Clements airccc
Rick Bone gkrraceway Bone Racing. Mr Fulla
Lincoln Shepherd airccc
Rudie Du Preez airccc Xray RC / One 7 RC
David Sweeney hrccc Frankton Model Shop
Vince Gee airccc Building Ideas Speedi Models MainlandRC
Shayne Nixon airccc
Alex Sweeney hrccc Team zombie nz, Frankton model shop, Yokomo, crash paints
Adrian Shepherd airccc Team Zombie NZ
Justin Shepherd airccc Team Zombie NZ
Scott Brownhill hrccc HOT RC - TLR - R1 Wurks - ORCA - Proline - Gens Ace - SAVOX
Ross Martin circcc Hobby Station, Team Associated, Fyrework Fido Batteries
Pita Rowe airccc
Jamie Neeves hrccc
Robert Tonks airccc
Luca Mckinlay airccc
Troy Mckinlay airccc
Ben Young counties
Andrew Birdsall counties
Alex Beck nhrccc Maungi Rc's teken
Chris Gormanly mrccc ONR7RC
Ethan Young counties
Thomas Goodman gkrraceway
Julian Hardy mrccc WCS, PR Racing NZ
Kelvin Yong counties hobbystation
Murray Watson warccc
Anthony Mara nhrccc Team Zombie NZ/ Yokomo NZ / Frankton Model Shop
Simon Jorgensen warccc Maungi RC
James Vercoe airccc
Craig Kelly counties
Doran Simon tirccc Me
Neville Bishop nhrccc Team Zombie NZ
Jared Coombes tirccc
Jackson Coombes tirccc Yokomo Franktonmodelshop Crash Paints
Jonathan Coluccio warccc HOT-Gens ace-Orca-TLR-Proline-Arrowmax
Chris Ware nhrccc
Alan Looi counties HS
Daniel Edwards airccc Supercity Electrical Ltd Ben Cable Electrical ltd
Gavin Dawson gkrraceway Kyosho NZ
Martin Irawan nhrccc
Evan Crighton counties
Jonathan Coluccio warccc H.O.T
Derrick Yao airccc HOBBY STATION
David Ward tirccc Schumacher Racing, MSP Rc accessories, Jc Racing products
David Ward tirccc Schumacher Racing, MSP Rc accessories, Jc Racing products
Stuart Grant airccc
Oscar Looi counties
Mike King nhrccc
Kelvin Yong counties hobbystation,TEAM ASSO,Hobby Wing
Karim Sadykov airccc
Samuel Messiter airccc
Alan Looi counties HS
Simon Roberts counties

Entries by class

2wd Stock 17.5 (Closed) (54)

Steve Loomes6453537
Daniel Yorke 9359010
Craig Pullar2024117
Tayla Yorke4144451
Matthew Fitness1226877
Mike Hunt9596155
Nathan Toia1
Shane Gollop2452961
Adrian Lorenzen8101073
Rhys Kerrigan9912533
David West9423162
Gareth Lambert2792832
John Fitness7788259
Brandon Hodge7173747
Ryland Lambert4532090
Jamie Woolright3184963
Luke Prattley1
Stu Macferson2447504
Jonathan Thompson4874010
Gavin Clements8830602
Rick Bone7428649
Lincoln Shepherd1455367
Rudie Du Preez5427839
David Sweeney8486117
Vince Gee9855480
Shayne Nixon1692449
Alex Sweeney6003592
Ross Martin6720896
Pita Rowe5130596
Jamie Neeves8486813
Robert Tonks5809830
Luca Mckinlay0
Troy Mckinlay0
Andrew Birdsall1
Alex Beck1527934
Chris Gormanly1
Ethan Young3938798
Thomas Goodman8588711
Allan Buchan8601124
Julian Hardy4406783
Anthony Mara6736558
Craig Kelly1553814
Doran Simon4216393
Neville Bishop4938397
Jared Coombes2995809
Jackson Coombes4387177
Chris Ware3067733
Daniel Edwards1878913
Martin Irawan2930391
Evan Crighton3168108
Oscar Looi7809393
Karim Sadykov4578707
Samuel Messiter3591343
Simon Roberts1

2wd Mod 10.5 (Closed) (31)

Logan Toia4101517
Steve Loomes6453537
Dylan Toia1
Matthew Fitness1226877
Mark Gregory1
Adrian Lorenzen3458476
Stefan Fourie123456789
Gael Bueno Ware4112312
Jamie Woolright3184963
Luke Prattley1
Stu Macferson2898599
Jonathan Thompson6963803
Shayne Nixon4286491
Adrian Shepherd9413104
Justin Shepherd6415522
Scott Brownhill12345
Ross Martin4003706
Ben Young9341248
Jon Cunard 9755485
Kelvin Yong5584808
Murray Watson5276603
Anthony Mara6736558
James Vercoe7447494
Kasey Dawson1
Neville Bishop4938397
Alan Looi2045911
Jonathan Coluccio1009812
Derrick Yao6518928
David Ward6004865
Mike King124
Samuel Messiter8646657

4wd Stock 17.5 (Closed) (51)

Steve Loomes6453537
Daniel Yorke 9163888
Craig Pullar4028882
Colin Storey8101073
Tayla Yorke2007418
Mike Hunt4223583
Nathan Toia1
Shane Gollop4186007
Kasey Hawkins4027215
Dan Bone1
David West5039088
Gareth Lambert4033795
John Fitness7647145
Stefan Fourie123456789
Michael Hawkins6615094
Brandon Hodge7010717
Ryland Lambert2171679
Luke Prattley1
Stu Macferson2291571
Gavin Clements8830602
Rick Bone7733494
Lincoln Shepherd3947413
Rudie Du Preez3997588
Vince Gee9855480
Alex Sweeney4230224
Pita Rowe2462374
Jamie Neeves5932975
Robert Tonks3483892
Luca Mckinlay0
Troy Mckinlay0
Ben Young3938797
Andrew Birdsall2
Alex Beck3835494
Chris Gormanly1
Ethan Young8206726
Thomas Goodman8179971
Allan Buchan2894066
Simon Jorgensen5816628
Craig Kelly2300046
Doran Simon2396977
Jared Coombes4694959
Jackson Coombes4745800
Alan Looi8484920
Daniel Edwards1878913
Martin Irawan4547380
Evan Crighton7639600
Derrick Yao7274141
Stuart Grant4547030
Oscar Looi3766309
Kelvin Yong5283316
Simon Roberts1

4wd Mod 8.5 (28)

Logan Toia7696063
Dylan Toia1
Colin Storey6147333
Mark Gregory1
Gael Bueno Ware8404353
Luke Prattley1
Jonathan Thompson6674484
Rudie Du Preez6962447
Adrian Shepherd2460561
Justin Shepherd9435958
Scott Brownhill12345
Ross Martin5527367
Ben Young2295127
Jon Cunard 1234
Julian Hardy123
Kelvin Yong5067573
Murray Watson5799194
James Vercoe4628423
Kasey Dawson1
Alan Looi8686965
Daniel Edwards1878913
Jonathan Coluccio5323409
Derrick Yao7274141
David Ward6004865
Stuart Grant4727868
Oscar Looi2369102
Mike King123
Samuel Messiter8850226

Stadium Truck Stock 17.5 (Closed) (14)

Craig Pullar2024117
Rhys Kerrigan7058086
David West2919828
Gareth Lambert6093087
Stefan Fourie123456789
Ryland Lambert4532090
Jamie Woolright3184963
David Sweeney3055378
Alex Sweeney7340940
Jamie Neeves1286557
Alex Beck9213421
Daniel Edwards1878913
Stuart Grant9671619
Simon Roberts1

Stadium Truck Mod 10.5 (Closed) (13)

Logan Toia1
Dylan Toia1
Luca Mckinlay0
Andrew Birdsall3
Allan Buchan7730706
Kelvin Yong5067573
Murray Watson7527392
James Vercoe1000421
Kasey Dawson1
Jonathan Coluccio4443979
Stuart Grant9671619
Mike King123
Alan Looi8445893

Vintage Pre95 (20)

Steve Loomes6453537
Craig Snowdon6387714
Matthew Fitness7964867
Mark Gregory1
Mike Hunt6736558
Adrian Lorenzen2847711
Rhys Kerrigan6102889
Kasey Hawkins2741050
Dan Bone1
John Fitness6064913
Stefan Fourie123456789
Rick Bone6156900
Vince Gee2436441
Chris Gormanly1
Thomas Goodman7404574
Julian Hardy5953554
Kasey Dawson1
Gavin Dawson1
David Ward1
Samuel Messiter1

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