Nelson Off-road club day - Sat May 18th

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Race Track is situated at the north end between the estuary and the Nelson A&P showgrounds on Queen st Richmond. Entry is through gate Nextdoor to Crocket Club. Richmond side of grounds. Please respect speed limits as this is a shared facility with nelson Harness Racing.


Plenty off parking at track. Please concider others when choosing your pit site. Main parking to be at south end of Site between entry gate on grass adjacent and parallel to fence line. Please keep immediate pits free from passenger vehicles.



SCT added, bring your SCT or any other Basher RC Car/Truck down for a go on the track.

Qualifying and Heat lists are decided based on numbers.

Junior Racers fees are under 12 years.

Event Information

Nelson RCCC (Radio Control car club)

Is a stress free family friendly organisation where we race and play with R/c cars in a safe and controlled enviroment.

Come down, Enjoy the sport "Scale Motorsport" or hobby on our purpose built track with drivers stand. None members welcome and anyone wanting to just check it out.

Payment Instructions

Please make payments to

Kiwi banks

Nelson branch


Please use initial and surname

Race Director

Zach Paulin

Time Keeper

Tina Harris

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Name Sponsors Paid

Nitro Buggy

Electric Buggy

SCT (Short Course Truck and Bashers)

Dontae Anderson Cuzzy Customs Racing
Joshua McKay

Entries by class

Nitro Buggy (1)

Dontae Anderson

Electric Buggy (3)

Dontae Anderson
Daemyn Ireland9755485
Joshua McKay 1604098

SCT (Short Course Truck and Bashers) (0)

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