2024 Doin' It! On the ASTRO! R2 SUNDAY JULY 14

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Our COVID-19 Plan

Covid is still around. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend. Use good hygiene practises and think about all the other drivers.

Event information


148 Park Road


Palmerston North


Venue is on Park Road. Look for the YMCA sign and Carpark. This is towards the Fitzherbert Avenue end of Park Road, past the main stone entrance and Lido pools. 


Heaps of onsite parking.


Free to spectate, come and see the greatest spectacle on offer for free in Palmerston North. Plenty of great people and kids having fun, feel free to be a part of it all.




Doors open at 9.

Track setup 9- 9.20

Signin 9.30 -10.10  Large entries mean you need to have pre entered please. Day entries accepted but we will run out of time

10:00 Race 1

14.40 Racing ends and track pack up for 1500 exit.

We have the option to merge classes if numbers are not large enough, as LIVETIME can sort results in classes even if we merge them together.


Event Information

After the Summer of Doin It in the Dirt we have booked 6 rounds of some super cool racing at a great venue means that we can accomodate circuit racing as part of our clubs activities.

Touring cars are now restricted to Torque Tuned Brushed motors or 21.5T brushless. Tires are also open, rally block or any kind of mini-pin are best. Track has large "step" so dont run them to low.

Our Popular SuperTruck class will again run a A and B Division for newer drivers, and this is then made even greater by the Annual 2 hour truck race at a later round. We have heaps of trucks in stock if you want to join the fun!!!

17.5 Buggy is now reverted to seperate classes. 2WD or 4WD or both depending on your preference. Start order is based around fastest lap times after R1. 

Outdoor trucks are back with SCT/ST class back in action. Only 17.5T only. Tire are open.

And of course our Juniors are always our mainstay and we have races included for you as well.

Entry Details

Please try and get your entries in early so we can get them entered up to be able to start on time. 

MAXIMUM of 3 Classes per DRIVER.

Race Order will be:

SCT/ST Trucks, 17.5T 2WD Buggy, Juniors, Touring Cars, Super Trucks A, Super Trucks B, 17.5T 4WD Buggy.

Classes Offered

As listed.


Contact Information


Call 0274 434343 Julian

Payment Instructions

Entry fee is 

Adults $30

Family $40 1 Adult upto 3 Kids

Juniors $10

We will have EFTPOS on site and accept cash on the day.

RIR Account 01-0755-0265226-01 Name Please

If you can pay to the bank account prior to the event is appreciated, or please pay via EFTPOS or cash on the day, but beware this eats into racing time.


Depends on Time. 


Race 1 will be a order LiveRC.   5 minutes

Race 2 will be Finish order of Race 1, your heat may change after this reshuffle.  5 Minutes

Race 3 will be Lowest points on Pole. Your heat maybe re-shuffled. 5 Minutes


Race Director

Julian and members

Time Keeper

Julian Hardy plus assorted members


All Buggy/SCT/ST classes are around the NZRCA rules for safety.

Supertrucks are to be built to kit spec. You may add the following items only: Bearings, 2' Rear hubs, Alloy Driveshaft, Alloy motor mount, HD Servo saver. You may not change pinion ratio from kit, or spur gear. ESC maybe a 1060 or similar esc, with no external tuning options. Man bodies maybe cut 10mm lower around the base of the cab to end up as similar height to the Merc body. Foam bumpers maybe added/changed. Kit servo savers maybe glued together. 

Touring cars:

Geared to be similiar to TT02 kit ratio. Sakura are to be 83 spur/20t pinion. Motors are either Torque Tuned motors or maximum of 21.5T brushless, geared to the above. We will assist you to get close to this overall speed. Tires are free.

Lap Timing

AMB 4.3 so all AMB and MRT transponders work.


You must marshall the race following yours.


Power and toilets on site. Bring a table, be thoughtful of space as it is a limited sized area for us all to fit. 

YOU MUST charge in a lipo charge bag or a metal tin to ensure we have no issues.

Fire extinguisher on site.


No Food on site.


Will be advised on Facebook on the morning of the event.

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Name Club Sponsors Paid

I - Juniors

I - Super Trucks B Drivers

I - Super Trucks A Drivers

I - 17.5T Buggy 4wd

I - Touring Cars

I - 2WD SCT and Stadium trucks

I - 17.5T Buggy 2WD

I - Stadium Trucks

Darren Wickham mrccc DW Design
Warren Coles cmr
Julian Hardy mrccc WCS, PR Racing NZ
Myles Newman mrcraceway
Chris Hewer mrcraceway
Jaxon Pollock mrccc
Brendon Pollock mrccc
Corban Coles mrccc
Glenn Coles mrccc
Finn Darling trccc
Chris Gormanly mrccc
Mark Pilbrow cmr TopShelf-RC www.topshelf-rc.co.nz
Graham Job mrccc
Llyal Brown mrccc
Matt Young mrccc
Louis Nijman mrccc
Troy Woods mrccc
Jack Humphries mrccc
Stephen Humphries mrccc
Mike Toxward mrccc
Charlie Newman mrcraceway
Ashley Gloyn mrccc
Michael Harkness mrccc
Jason Harkness mrccc
Tommy Woods mrccc
Matt Lester mrccc
Brook Lester mrccc
Luca Meyer mrccc
Shannon Meyer mrccc
Jake McKenzie mrccc
Finley McQuade mrccc dad
Cameron Flynn mrccc
Rob La Pouple mrccc
Rhys Punler mrccc
Austin Calder mrccc Parents
James Blackley mrccc Parents
Patrick Calder mrccc

Entries by class

I - Juniors (5)

Darren Wickham
Jaxon Pollock3911072
Finn Darling
Mike Toxward
Luca Meyer

I - Super Trucks B Drivers (4)

Darren Wickham
Jack Humphries
Luca Meyer
Rhys Punler

I - Super Trucks A Drivers (15)

Warren Coles3869106
Julian Hardy5873355
Corban Coles4859921
Glenn Coles3890655
Llyal Brown5551247
Matt Young7043571
Louis Nijman
Stephen Humphries3581757
Ashley Gloyn
Michael Harkness
Jason Harkness
Matt Lester
Brook Lester
Shannon Meyer
Rob La Pouple4961878

I - 17.5T Buggy 4wd (11)

Brendon Pollock2169260
Corban Coles2512272
Chris Gormanly3435946
Mark Pilbrow5164338
Graham Job3794466
Llyal Brown3778756
Troy Woods
Tommy Woods
Brook Lester
Jake McKenzie6171876
Cameron Flynn7125478

I - Touring Cars (11)

Graham Job3794466
Llyal Brown2367667
Matt Young2850553
Louis Nijman
Jack Humphries4995705
Stephen Humphries7595191
Ashley Gloyn
Michael Harkness
Jason Harkness
Rob La Pouple4961878
Patrick Calder

I - 2WD SCT and Stadium trucks (12)

Chris Hewer9660558
Troy Woods9160901
Mike Toxward
Charlie Newman4183831
Ashley Gloyn
Tommy Woods4702207
Matt Lester
Finley McQuade1234
Cameron Flynn4752045
Rhys Punler
Austin Calder3734116
James Blackley4574477

I - 17.5T Buggy 2WD (17)

Darren Wickham
Warren Coles2790286
Julian Hardy
Myles Newman5696510
Brendon Pollock8244308
Corban Coles1822499
Chris Gormanly8938162
Mark Pilbrow5956255
Louis Nijman
Jack Humphries2423748
Stephen Humphries4552046
Charlie Newman4183831
Matt Lester
Brook Lester
Shannon Meyer
Jake McKenzie6171876
Finley McQuade1234

I - Stadium Trucks (5)

Warren Coles3847920
Julian Hardy
Glenn Coles3890655
Mark Pilbrow8325867
Jason Harkness

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