NZIOC Dirt Edition'19 Media Release

24th May, 2019

NZIOC Dirt Edition'19 was a revival event of the Original NZIOC ran at the CRC Speedshow. This event was Hosted by Little Forest Raceway in Hawera New Zealand. This is the 3rd year the club has hosted an Indoor Off-Road Dirt Event and the only one of its kind in the country. Previous years they help the National Champs. In 2019 the Club decided to shake things up and Hold the Countries first NZIOC Dirt Edition 'Reedy' Format event. 


Video & Media Report produced by 
Taranaki eRiQ

We had arrived at the A&P Showgrounds in Hawera, Taranaki and could hear the spectators’ excitement in the distance as the RC cars speed past them. The children yanked on Mum’s bag wanting them to hurry up and enter where the race with the RC cars was being held. You could see the smiles on people’s faces whilst cheering for their favourite team. What got me thrilled was seeing all the colourful cars racing around their 1/10th scale racecourse, jumping over their obstacles and every now and then they would go off track and a standby would quickly put them back on course.


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