NZIOC Dirt Edition'19 Race Report

24th May, 2019

Race Report for NZIOC Dirt Edition'19 

Scott Kendall

WOW - what a week/weekend. NZIOC '19' Dirt Edition - we wanted it to be something different to the norm.....try the Reedy style format of heads up racing, and also open up tires so we can get a "true" picture of what works best for the future if we do it again.

The tire side of things worked and we know what works best now. The format - it kinda worked but unfortunately as you all know, the term random didnt quite work out as planned. So if we try that again in future, we will look to get it right from the start and not just trust the computer. In my defense, the original order created on Wednesday night was a lot more random, but with a handful of late entries, it was easier to delete the original rounds and recreate the meeting which also meant I had run out of time to check how "random" it now was.

On to my thanks list (I know I thanked most at prize giving but here we go again)

Amber - thank you for always supporting me and giving me the guidance for the small things I tend to forget about. Most of the track layout was your ideas and I think we can all agree it was a pretty good track.

Matthew- I cant thank you enough for all the work you put in. I cant do this event without you and your skills at turning my piece of paper into reality. Thanks as always for your efforts at race director too. Its not an easy job especially when people get mad at you (sorry again). Also thanks to your family for allowing you to give up your time to run the meeting.

Rex - Thanks for running the computer all weekend - we actually stuck to our plan on Sunday and finished on time. Sorry I missed giving you a certificate for your results......and biggest thanks for drawing Novaks ticket in the raffle - highlight of the weekend for sure 🤣🤣

Darryl - thanks for letting us use the NZIOC name.....but more importantly, thanks for all your words over the mic. Its what has been missing from the previous 2 years and you are welcome back anytime.

Peter- thanks for giving up your weekend to make sure our cars were all legal....hopefully we can get you racing on dirt in future

Patricia - thanks nana for looking after Neo all weekend so Amber & I could be at the event.

Ross, Keryn, Evan, Michelle, Koby, Richard- thank you all so much for your support and assistance both before the event and after. We have had a lot of laughs, lots of meetings, but most important of all, we got everything done. We have a very cool small group and as we look to our clubs future, it will be our attitudes that keep LFR a success.

To all the sponsors - thank you so much for your support. Events like this dont happen without businesses coming on board:
TSB Community Trust
Cameron Scaffolding
Collingwood Contracting 
Pace Engineering
Primo Wireless
We Cut Shapes
Sloth Graphics
Hardy Packaging

Outlaw RC
H.O.T (thanks for the wicked tool set 😁🤩)
Frankton Model Shop / Yokomo NZ 
Mainland RC

And finally, thanks to all the competitors who came are the reason a meeting like this is a success or failure.

Sorry for the super long report - its taken almost 30mins to write due to all the dust and dirt in the keys of my laptop 😂


Till next year........maybe......



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