16th March, 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

Now that we have this awesome new website, lets start using it to its full potential. When you get a chance have a look through everything.

Each club now has log ins (supplied to club contacts that were given to us) those club contacts can now use the website to set up online entry to events (including club-days) using the newest feature 'Event Entry". Take a look and set up your clubs next race day (it will take you 5-10mins the first time) and then you can duplicate for all future events making online entry setup as simple as. Clubs can then download the CSV. file for uploading into Livetime making the whole process very simple and fast.

Competitors can now enter any event setup online using a few very simple steps. Online entry has never been easier for both clubs and competitors

We are also working on a 'Wall of Champions" please bare with us while we source all the information needed. 

NZRCA licences are now done online by your club contacts. At your clubs next committee meeting as your clib contacts what they have been up to and they will be able to tell you all about what they can now do for your club.

A huge thanks to everyone behind the scences and keep checking back for more updates and featuers :)


Amber Kendall
NZRCA Publicity Officer

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