Online Voting Process

1st October, 2019

Here is information regarding the online voting process which is Open as of the 1st of October 2019

Hi Everyone,

Online voting for remits that passed the first stage at the 2019 NZRCA AGM will open tomorrow.  

Here's how the election process works. On the launch day, an email will be sent out to all NZRCA members who have supplied email address details with their licences.  This email will contain voters' usernames and passwords so that they can log in to the ballot. The email will also contain a hyperlink (it'll say Click Here) that will automatically log them in without needing to type in their credentials. Voting will proceed until the close date (31stOctober 2019). 


If any of your members are having trouble logging in or voting, they can reach out to us at That's the best way for them to receive help given the time difference. As long as they include their name, the election, and NZRCA in some manner, we'll be able to find them and help them out.


If a member does not receive the email from EBallot containing their username and password, this can easily resent to them. If for some reason they cannot be seen on the NZRCA licence list (or email address is missing), Eballot will redirect them back to NZRCA Secretary to confirm their licence/membership status.   Updates to the list will be done on a weekly basis (if required) only.  


Please distribute this information to your members.  It will also be posted on the NZRCA website and Facebook page.


If you have any issues, please contact or myself.  


Kind regards


Scott Kendall

NZRCA Secretary

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