Auckland RC Stockcar Club established 2017.

We race in the clubrooms of the Auckland Stock & Saloon Car Club (ASSCC) at Waikaraka Park, located in Onehunga, Auckland.

Located about 3 minutes from the Onehunga exit off SH20 & about 5 minutes from the South Eastern Arterial exit off SH1. 

Race days are held about once a month over the speedway off-season with a mixture of local and national championships. We usually get in about 5 or 6 meetings a year. 

At Auckland we run all NZRCS classes throughout our season.

Classes Raced...






Membership Fees...

Auckland Club Fee = $10 per person

NZRCS License = $10 per person (if not already a licensed competitor through another club)

Club Day Race Fees...

One Class = $5

Two or More = $10 max

Championship meetings = $price change

Club Day Race Times...

Doors Open - 8am

Scrutineering dependant on meeting and entries

Drivers meeting - 9.45am

Racing - 10am

(Times vary for major events)

RC Speedway Auckland

Waikaraka Park Speedway
175-243 Neilson Street, Onehunga


Track Surface - painted concrete

Straight Length – 9m

Overall Length – 24m

Straight Width – 1.5m

Corner Width – 1.5m

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